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3 thoughts on “Ask the Experts

  1. ok were is the transfer switch for gen. on a 2009
    pc 2551 cant find gen runs but dose not transfer.

    have a nice day

  2. I’d like to know where & when, if you come to southern California to show your PCs, especially the Los Angeles area?
    What milage I can expect on your different models?
    Do you take used models as trade in and resell them?

  3. Your other message site is out of order, both my messages disappeared. Hope to hear from you on when & where you come close to Los Angeles, CA, mpg on your different models and whether you take your old models in trade & resell to those unable to buy the latest model.
    PS I had never heard of you, fell in love with 2013 PC 22910D and it sold before I could visit the lot. The sofa/lazy boy innovation looked terrific for my needs.

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