Thanks For a Great Year

On behalf of Phoenix Cruiser,  I want to thank all of our customers for a great year in 2014.

We introduced our 2015 model with new colors and upgrades mid-summer, and we are excited to show off these changes in our new brochure coming out the beginning of the year.  This year we are bringing the Phoenix Cruiser innovation to our brochure with interactive QR (Quick Response) codes so that customers may access additional information and even video walkthroughs with an easy scan with their phones. See something you are interested in while thumbing through the brochure? Within moments you can be watching a video walkthrough of a floorplan or learning how a feature works without having to search for the information on the internet or our site.  I am also trying to make the information as accurate as possible by updating the actual length on each model.

We’ve worked hard to give you the most informative walkthroughs of floor plans, how-to’s, feature explanations, and virtual factory tours on our YouTube channel as well.

We at Phoenix Cruiser work hard to manufacture the best quality and design for your lifestyle, and at the same time we try to keep our price in line so that we can offer a great product at a reasonable price.

Some manufacturers boast about doubling their production year to year. However, they don’t tell  anyone about the sacrifice that they make to quality and workmanship.  We want to make sure that we are building the highest quality motor home that we can, and give our owners the best service that we can…every time.
I have met several of you at the various shows we have participated in, and I appreciate each and every one of you and your kind words and support. I am always confident when I introduce a potential customer to one of our owners, because I know you will have good things to say about your Phoenix Cruiser.  You, our owner group, are the real experts, because you are the ones that use and enjoy the RV lifestyle in your Phoenix Cruiser day and night.  So thanks for your support and keep making every day an adventure in your Phoenix Cruiser.

Earl Robbins, and the Phoenix Cruiser team.

8 thoughts on “Thanks For a Great Year

    1. I have a 2010 2400 PC that my wife and I love, but we need more space for long term travel. Have been looking at a used 2910T unit but with the love for the PC, we have decided to buy a new 2910D unit instead. Won’t need anything else. All needs in this unit, meet our every need. Can you helpus out? Will be ready for it come spring 2015. Love the Phoenix Cruiser and will not buy anything else. Outstanding product, service and customer service. My recommendation……don’t look elsewhere, as Phoenix Cruiser has the best, without question.

  1. Back in 2007 we bought our one & only Phoenix Cruiser, model 2350. Coming up in May 2015, we will have owned our PC for 8 years. Phoenix USA’s customer service and it’s products combined makes it very easy for me to steer prospective buyers to a Phoenix Cruiser.

    If anyone in the market for a new or used motor home finds one of the many PC models fits their needs & budget, then……

    “You Found It, Just Buy It (or order it) And Sleep Well. You won’t be disappointed.”

    Thank You Phoenix USA for your continued quality of product & service.

    Ron Dittmer

  2. We have owned our 2007 2350 since we bought it new in May of 2007. Our experience with our motorhome and the company makes it very easy for me to steer prospective buyers to a Phoenix Cruiser.

    Anyone in the market to purchase a new or used motor home, finding that one of the many PC models meets both their comfort needs and their budget, can stop looking any further. You just found the right motorhome. No worries over product reliability or service. And owner networking is also great.

    Thank You Phoenix USA for continuing to offer a great product with great service…..even for us long time owners with warranties that expired many years ago.

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