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Fuse and Breaker Labeling

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Fuse and Breaker Labeling
« on: April 09, 2012, 08:15:38 pm »
This winter I had to look at the 12V fuse panel on our 2012 2551 and found it a little hard to read.  Once we got home I verified and labeled each fuse.  The original labeling was done with water soluble ink and was very easy to remove by just wiping it with a damp cloth.  Also, did the same thing for the 120V circuit breakers.  Sure makes it a lot easier to read and find the right circuit and it was very esy to remove the door panel to work on it.  The attached photo shows the 12V fuse panel before and after labeling.  I just used an old label maker but it could have been just as good to write them in neatly with a permanent felt tip.  Also, if you are going to rewrite yours, verify them first since they may not all be wired the same.  For instance, we had a 12V outlet installed in the bath and it is fuse number 8.

Note: Fuse 9 label has been corrected.
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Re: Fuse and Breaker Labeling
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2012, 11:47:09 am »
Oh, I like this.   2o2 I live in a very old 3-story Victorian home with two giant boxes full of breakers.  I am a big fan of easy-to-read panels. I printed mine onto small address label sheets, but a label maker makes quick work of it.