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Title: slide problems
Post by: Mike on March 19, 2014, 02:28:13 pm
Has anyone had an issue with the slide out?  I have a 2551.
Title: Re: slide problems
Post by: Pax on March 19, 2014, 04:44:18 pm
None here yet.  What kind of issues are you having?  Only thing I can contribute at this point is that you have a PC that is a few yrs old....has the maintenance been accomplished....visual inspections, lubrication, etc?

  - Mike
Title: Re: slide problems
Post by: dickreid1 on March 19, 2014, 06:10:29 pm

Based on past 100,000 miles I expect problems with slides, steps and batteries. 

With our Phoenix, water intrusion from the front slide has been the only problem so far. The situation where a slide will not come in I will handle by by-passing the coach and controlling the motor directly from battery. Otherwise, to do it the hard way I estimate maybe 300 cranks based on 6 turns per inch and 24 inches to go.

The steps only have had only switch and spontaneous deployment issues so far. When the steps eventually will not come in I have installed pull-pins to free the control arm.

The engine battery was replaced under warranty last month.  That is unusual.  The coach batteries are the usual problem.  I am ready for that with a desulfation and equalization type of charger and the battery tray having been changed to hold golf cart 6v kind.

Title: Re: slide problems
Post by: GeorgeB on March 19, 2014, 08:55:32 pm
Not sure if this is useful, but we traveled from 8/26/2013 to 10/16/2013, putting on about 9,500 miles.  Without a tow vehicle.  So almost every day we ran the slide in and out, and the pop-out worked like it was supposed to every time.  Our rig is a 2007 2551/s.

From Aug 2012 to May 2013, we lived full time in the rig, traveling some, but staying put for a lot of that time, except for the period of mid-Jan 2013 to late Mar 2013, and during that time, the pop-out was exercised regularly.

When we were originally shopping for a motorhome, we really didn't want a pop-out because of all the supposed problems, but we fell in love with this rig, so decided to chance it.  Haven't regretted it yet.  (Knocking on wood vigorously!!!)

Hopefully your problem is just a minor inconvenience.

Title: Re: slide problems
Post by: Dutch on March 20, 2014, 01:55:49 pm
Probably don't have enough experience with our 2551 having not yet made any trips with it since purchasing 2 weeks ago but I did notice a potential problem. While it may be normal for the PC slide to move very, very slowly (batteries good and attached to shore power) I noticed that when at the end of fully extended, there is a popping sound and a definite drop of the slide what seems like an inch or so. When bringing the slide in, it first rises and then slowly comes in with the motor ratcheting just at the closed position. Maybe I've held the close position switch too long.
Title: Re: slide problems
Post by: TomHanlon on March 20, 2014, 02:35:22 pm
The racketing is normal at the end of going out and coming in. You should let go of the button when you hear it. We generally hear three or four clicks before we can react to it. The slide is slow. You will be ok as long as you don't hear any strange grinding noise.  You should get some WD40 water proof silicone spray and spray the rubber seals as much as you can. Do it to both the inside and outside. You will not be able to spray the outside top, just inside.
Title: Re: slide problems
Post by: Barry-Sue on March 20, 2014, 03:22:03 pm
Tom is correct that what you hear is normal.  When we first got ours we talked to Kermit about the way the slideout works and he confirmed that it should drop and rise as you describe. 

Enjoy your 2551!!!!!

Barry and Sue