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Title: Awning leak revisited
Post by: skipper on June 04, 2014, 09:28:59 pm
I sealed the hole for the awning wiring and the 3 lower screw holes that hold in the wedge and thought I was good to go.  We traveled to Biloxi last weekend and camped in a major rain.  The next morning there was a puddle to the left of the door (when exiting).  Once home, I resealed the awning power wiring hole and tested.  A puddle formed again with water coming out from under the vertical carpet panel and from under the cabinet. 

I took off the carpeted section between the passenger chair and door and dried out everything.  Once dry, I put my wife in the rv with a flashlight and I started spraying water at the base of the awning channel and worked my way up.  On the third set of screws, I hit pay dirt.  Copious amounts of water came in the rv.  This set of screws, the ones above the wedge, were the only ones I hadn't previously sealed.  I resealed all the screws and noted that at the top of the rv where the rain gutter is supposed to guide the water off the rv, it actually channels the water through the awning channel so almost all the water coming off the roof flowed down the awning channel.  This causes about a hundred times more water to flow over the leaky screws.  With a little sealant, I was able to re-channel the water away from the channel and off the side of the rv.

None of the awning screws had been sealed so I pulled the screws from other side of the awning.  None of the screws were sealed on this side either.  If one side was leaking, I'm sure the other side was leaking too so I sealed those screws.  I worked my way around the rv and sealed the awning over the side out on the other side (no sealant here either) and also the ladder on the back of the rv (no sealant here). 

I recommend everyone examine their rv and put sealant on any screws that haven't been sealed.  I've owned boats in the past and we always sealed any screws that were subject to water spray, I am surprised the rv industry doesn't do the same.  The water comes in and eventually finds the floor and over time the wet floor rots.  Mark
Title: Re: Awning leak revisited
Post by: TomHanlon on June 05, 2014, 06:04:34 am
Mark what did you use to seal with?
Title: Re: Awning leak revisited
Post by: skipper on June 05, 2014, 07:52:59 am
I used a clear adhesive sealant.  I think it is made by liquid nails.