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Title: Winegard Carryout Satellite Dish
Post by: mtownsen on October 10, 2010, 06:03:57 pm
Recently purchased one of these and looking to setting it up. It will need to wait until we are out and about, as I don't think we have a clear enough view of the southern sky from the driveway to set it up. On reading the manual, they are fairly insistent that the satellite receiver shoul dbe directly connect to the television via coax, and not to use the cable in port of the side of the coach, as the dish doesn't work through any distribution system the cable TV connection is set up for.

Of course, being neat, I wanted to make use of the cable port, and I am not looking forward too much to having to run wires or poke holes in the coach to direct connect it. Supposedly you can require the cable port somehow to accommodate the dish, another possibility is that the coach has a port (somewhere - roof ?) for a satellite in feed. If I can get the satellite connection working correctly I am will to forgo a permanent park setup.

We have the 2007 29' with dual slides. Has anyone been down this path before, and can offer suggestions/advice ?
Title: Re: Winegard Carryout Satellite Dish
Post by: grimes34 on October 12, 2010, 06:51:46 pm
Take the dish, enough cables to hook the thing up "without" using the motorhome wires. to a place where you can point the dish, once you get the thing working, try it with the motorhome wires. I am guessing you will be using a receiver from home? if you have never set up a dish before, bring someone who has or you will look like these guys (WH) >( :help :'( :beg >( (WH)   
Title: Re: Winegard Carryout Satellite Dish
Post by: billy on December 10, 2010, 10:20:21 pm
We have a King Dome (never buy one again, never) the first little rain we lose our picture. After several months of fighting and still fighting they had us do all kinds of tests. We found no difference in the picture if ran direct to the tv or thru  the box from Thor plus I installed an a-b box to bypass all to go to an out side dish. Go Figure, billy
Title: Re: Winegard Carryout Satellite Dish
Post by: lmichael on December 11, 2010, 11:32:58 pm
Instead of purchasing an expensive satellite dish, I obtained an abandoned dish (free) and constructed a low profile base out of pvc pipe that makes storage and setup easy.  It's wasn't very difficult to run a coax cable to the front cabinet where I have the directv receiver.  I did this on my first 2007 2700 PC by replacing the existing external telephone connector with a coax cable connection box, and running the coax cable under the carpet along the wall from the back to the front-then fishing it up the wall by removing the generator control and pushing a clothes hanger down to pull the cable up(this took quite a few trys to get by the cross supports), drilled a hole in the left cabinet floor, ran the cable under the shelf (remove the buttons and unscrew the shelf) into the hole around the back of the tv to the right cabinet.  On my  current 2350, I drilled a hole in the right cabinet and ran the coax under the right shelf, down the wall - through the floor- along the underside of the chasis to the back- up through a hole drilled under the bed- outside through a hole drilled in the side- and connected with a coax cable box.  I like the outside connection on the right side because it's easier to hear the setup signal from the satellite receiver through the open door that tells me when I've found the satellite.  I have a 100' cable that allows me to move the dish around to avoid trees and other obstacles.  I bought a meter to help find the satellite, but gave it away after the first try.  I was told to simply point the dish toward Texas from wherever you are, and move it slowly up and down to the right or left until the satellite receiver signal beeps rapidly.  Usually takes me less than 5 minutes to find the satellite (helps to notice the direction other dishes are pointed first).  The low profile pvc stand doesn't need to be staked or weighted down, and the wind has never been a problem.  The dish slips out of the base, and I have replaced the nuts on all the dish parts with wing nuts making it easy to break down and store in my limited storage space.
Title: Re: Winegard Carryout Satellite Dish
Post by: billy on December 12, 2010, 03:21:18 pm
Very interesting Imichael, I should have said the King Doom was added at no charge when we purchased the rig. Can't remember! At any rate on my trailer I used a manuel crank-up Winegruad and worked very well. Only problem, when the wind blew the antenna would "rock back and forth" But with the King Dome just the slightest bit of rain, or bird and we're done. Maybe sometime you could post some pictures? I dearly love to see what everyones ideas are. billy