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Title: Aerobed
Post by: Simple Song on September 08, 2009, 09:58:18 am
We took delivery of our PC2400 in July and LOVE the coach. Currently in MI about to leave for New England (fall) then down to DC.

Had an interesting experience with our airbed today. It would not deflate. Called Aerobed and was notified of a complicated system (FAX receipt, Emailed instructions, returrn bed, new one shipped, etc.) - which would take a week.

To the rescue - Paul's Seating Inc. who made the sofa. They are shipping me a new airbed (as short as one day service from IN to MI) and I will return the other after deflating it. (Will not use a knife - probably take the pump apart). 

Kudos to them for great service !!!!
Title: Re: Aerobed
Post by: Simple Song on September 11, 2009, 05:48:14 pm
 The Saga continues. Paul's Seating  contacted Aerobed and requested they send a replacement. I got a very pleasant phone call from an Aerobed Customer Service representative stating a new (even better) bed was being shipped to me in MI 2 day UPS.  This morning I started looking for the truck. (WH)

Being anxious (departing Sunday) I called Aerobed. After the usual 15 minute recorded message I got a different customer service representative who told me that "the shipping department had failed to ship it." I asked them to ship over night (volunteered to pay for shipping) and call me back with a tracking number. :help

Two anxious hours later I called for the tracking number and a different rep told me it  was shipped two days ago and should arrive any minute. I asked the rep to check her information. :beg

She called back an hour and a half later and said they did not have one in stock to ship today (assume she also met two days ago) and the shipping department was closed for the weekend. They could ship me one on Monday - where did they get it.  I gave them a New England forwarding address and asked them to ship it there.  :'(

Tomorrow I got shopping for a "spare" Aerobed mattress (probably $150-$200). It is probably best to have one. >(

For those of you with inflatable mattresses in your coach be aware of the following/

Aerobed will ask for a mattress invoice faxed to them then email you instructions on how to destroy your mattress by cutting a square out of and sending it to them.  This must all be done before they will honor the warranty and send you a new Aerobed. I suggest Paul look for a better supplier. (exactly)
Title: Re: Aerobed
Post by: aimee on September 11, 2009, 06:30:41 pm
I'm so sorry to hear that Aerobed gave you such poor customer service.  >(   I'm going to forward this on to some people at Phoenix and I'll see what I can find out.

Thanks so much for letting us know!
Title: Re: Aerobed
Post by: Simple Song on September 13, 2009, 09:29:42 am
The Aerobed saga is ending with some interesting lessons learned.   heartshower

#1.  I should have called Phoenix Cruiser first; let them solve the problem. They have offered to pay for the mattress we purchased.

#2 Phoenix builds a wonderful quality coach.    A supplier problem does not detract from that.   

#3  Aerobed will honor their warranty - it just takes a lot of pain. Again work with PC.

# 4. Make the "factory supplied Aerobed" your spare.  Puncture or pump failure can spoil a good trip (especially in a 2400). 

# 5. Buy a Aerobed Luxury Collection Mattress Style Pillowtop Queen 14" high instead of eight.  It is absolute luxury. 

    Phoenix Cruiser should  equip their Hershey show coaches with the  Luxury Collection Mattresses.
    It will  "wow" their customers who see  a 14" pillow top mattress instead of an 8" airbed.


Title: Re: Aerobed
Post by: aimee on September 15, 2009, 07:33:53 am

 2o2 What a relief!  Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us.
Title: Re: Aerobed
Post by: jwhyt10 on October 05, 2009, 06:03:07 pm
I just took delivery of a 2010 PC-2400 and have been experimenting with the bed.  I looked on line at bed bath and beyond for the queen size pillowtop mattress and they seem to be out of stock.  The question that came up is that the mattress in the coach is 74" long and the pillowtop seems to be 78" long.  Does it fit and still leave room to walk around the foot of the bed on the 2400?
Title: Re: Aerobed
Post by: jwhyt10 on November 06, 2009, 08:57:13 am
Update on Aerobed, I purchased the luxury collection mattress from Bed Bath & beyond.  I was concerned that it might be too long as the specifications state it is 78" long, it actually measures about 75" and you can still walk around the foot of the bed in the 2400.  It fits perfectly and is much more comfortable than the original.  As a plus this mattress pumps up and deflates on its own with just the push of a switch.  you can then adjust the firmness as well with a seperate control.