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151  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Re: Solved Chronic Microwave Oven Loosening Then Rattling on: September 22, 2016, 08:21:39 pm
Nice job Ron! (as usual) I am ever in awe at your improvements. We have a little rattle at our microwave and I thought it was because a screw was missing from the light cover on the bottom BUT it is only designed to have one screw so the other side jiggles and rattles. It is a home style microwave, not an RV one so the manufacturers weren't worrying about the rolling earthquake effect. Bobby at the factory suggested a thin bead of silicone caulk to "glue" down that edge of the metal. It can always be removed later if we have to get the cover off but it will stop the jiggle. HOWEVER, we are not Ron Dittmers so it may be awhile before we motivate and actually caulk the thing.
152  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Eat What You Love cookbook - URGENT on: September 22, 2016, 09:01:18 am
Hit an Amazon deal a few minutes ago. Expected to pay $16-18 for this book. It is listed for $3.20. hardcover cookbook for $3.20 I have a copy here from the library and weve tried a couple recipes we really like and found several more were trying today (the breakfast cheesecake is yummy and easy to make). I have her first Eat what you love cookbook and like it a lot. These cookbooks are reduced salt, reduced fat, reduced sugar (with sugar substitute options). Many recipes are two or four servings so perfect for the RV couple.

I dont know why it is only $3.20 or how long it will be this price but it might be worth scooping up. I tried to buy more than one to use as gifts but it is one per customer. If you are interested, I suggest buying right away.
153  Main Forum / Adventure Anywhere / Re: New England Fall Colors & Shores on: September 21, 2016, 07:06:56 am
Hershey is over. They should all be home.

There is a whale watching company in Bar Harbor that is worth a look. They have a store right on the waterfront so there is probably someone there most days that could answer questions if you call them. We went out with them and had a great time. One item we noted is that they tell you pretty early on the tour that a certain type of dolphin is actually a whale (thus getting you the guaranteed whale sighting). We did see several other types of whales but that was in the summer. I see from their site that they are getting sightings now. We did the puffin and whale tour so it included a "visit" to sit offshore of an island with lots of puffins on it and we watched them for a bit. Take binoculars if you have them. I don't know the season for the puffin either but the cruise company can answer all those questions.

I also recommend Diver Ed tours - for another time. I checked their website and they only run Memorial Day through Labor Day. Store this away for future reference though. The tour we went on was more kid oriented (though we, as adults, had a blast and saw lots of critters). Acadia teamed with them and offered a Ranger Led tour that went more down the coast and was more likely to see whales and covered the park from the ocean but also included the usual diving stuff with Ed and Captain Evil (his wife). I don't know if this runs off season or not (Ed is a scallop fisherman in the winter and dives for those). Once in place on the water, Diver Ed goes down in the full dive suit with helmet and video camera. You sit topside and watch the video feed as he finds and brings up sea creatures. You can hear Ed and Captain Evil narrates and talks with the passengers. Ed brings up sea stars, lobsters, urchins, etc. and puts them in a touch tank where the passengers and check them out... and kiss them if desired.

Take water shoes that grip rocks. Acadia has so many areas you can rock scramble and check tide pools and the BAR in bar harbor is walkable at low tide (driveable even for some people). You can cross over to Bar Island and do a hike there. Just make sure you are back before the tide rolls back in. Check at the Acadia visitor center for the best times to hit the different locations around the island. Thunder Hole is unimpressive until the tide is blasting in THEN you get the water booming into the crevice and shooting into the air. The carriage roads are great for hiking and biking and all those gorgeous stone bridges are different and named. Again, the map is at the visitor center. They have so many different brochures that you kind of have to know what to ask for - or keep going back like we did.

So much to see and do in the White Mountains AND at Acadia. If you like food and your route takes you nearby, stop at the King Arthur Flour factory. They have a nice store, dining area and you can watch them bake through large glass windows. We went two or three times when we were in the area. I was wishing there was room in one of their classes for Chloe and me, but no such luck. If you want to get into a class, check the schedule now. We stayed at the Queechee KOA and visited Queechee Gorge, Marsh - Billings - Rockefeller National Historical Park and Billings Farm, VT, as well as Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site, NH. We then stayed at Crawford Notch State Park and went up Mount Washington.

If you are into baseball, we stayed at Glimmerglass State Park which is near Cooperstown and the baseball museum (which we didn't hit).

Lots of wondrous things to see and do. Enjoy the trip!

154  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Cablw TV doesn't work on: September 18, 2016, 07:08:58 pm
I know someone will come in with a better explanation but my recollection is that there is a button next to the red light that has to be pushed to switch from TV to cable. Have you remembered that (we seldom do since we seldom hook to cable)? That is in addition to the on screen selections for cable that you probably already ran through.

155  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Flourescent Bulbs don't fit on: September 17, 2016, 05:16:25 am
One of the guys at the rally gave me a couple of the bulbs out of his rig as he had converted his fixture to LED. IT didn't fit. I had to unscrew the fixture from the ceiling to get it in. Once the fixture was partially free and no longer flexed to the curve of the ceiling, the bulb went in. The GE bulbs still would not. They are visibly longer than the ones Phoenix used even though they are all clearly labeled as the same size. I will go through the box and see if it is a quality control problem and maybe I got some normal size ones I can use.

On a second note, the light still didn't work. It's possible the gifted bulbs are burned out but they don't "rattle" like my burned out ones. Next move is to test the gifted bulb with a bulb that is currently lighting. If the bulb is good, I'll have to trouble shoot the fixture. OY - all I want is a little light.

We were at the rally so I was lazy and packed all the bulbs away and went out to play. There's always another day for this stuff. We aren't totally in the dark yet.

156  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: New King Bed for 2552 on: September 16, 2016, 06:57:42 am
Wonder if this stove needs matches to start.. I had nice one you push the knob and it starts as you turn it on... finding a match these days takes some doing... although I do have an antique collection in big snifter at home. Patricia

2016 and earlier - need to light stove. We keep long BBQ lighter in drawer. Use for stove, grill and campfires.
2017 has electronic ignition and glass top.
157  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: About Dinettes, Why A Dinette Is Bigger When Not In A Slideout on: September 16, 2016, 06:39:15 am
Henry J, what am I looking at behind the right side of your dinette? It appears to be a wooden wall where the wing wall or  driver seat would be.
158  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Flourescent Bulbs don't fit on: September 16, 2016, 06:28:54 am
We are sitting here at Cherry Hill waiting for the rally to wake up. Are you referring to the store in the campground or a different one nearby?
159  Main Forum / General Discussion / Flourescent Bulbs don't fit on: September 10, 2016, 06:22:37 am
Our fluorescent bulbs have been burning out gradually over the years and we have reached the point I have to actually replace them or live in the dark (I told you in previous posts we aren't fix it people, besides, all the fixtures have two bulbs plus the soft light so it wasn't critical). I measured the fixture and ordered these bulbs and they don't fit. They seem to be a hair longer than the fixture has space to slide them into. You can't flex a thin glass rod so we're stumped. Do we have to buy special bulbs to fit the fixtures?
160  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: New King Bed for 2552 on: September 10, 2016, 06:09:07 am
Drawers under the driver side bed? What happened to the Gray Water tank?
The grey and black tanks are in the back in the 2552. The driver's side bed has a narrow passage that is closed off between the outside wall and inside storage. The water lines, power lines, outside shower box etc. that connect the rig to the outside world run through that built in "conduit". The rest of the space is storage and Phoenix has a hinged bed board that you lift to access the space (with little hydraulic type lifter things to hold it up). The bass/woofer/whatever piece of the sound system takes up a piece of that space at the rear but the rest is all storage. We emulated someone here on the forum (Sue and Barry I think) and had cabinet doors installed so we can access the space without raising the bed board. My thought was that the drawers would keep me from using a lot of the space under that bed. I cram a lot in there, even using the space behind the sound system for seldom used items.

The passenger side bed has the fresh water tank, inverter, furnace and other "mechanicals" but no storage and no easy access hinged board (but you can take out the screws and get in there when needed).
161  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Re: Side storage locks on: September 10, 2016, 05:54:29 am
I remember an older post about switching this type of lock and am wondering how they fare over time. I've had bike locks with similar number dials and the weather tends to make them bind and become stiff and difficult to work. I assume you can squirt grease or something in there. Anyone online have an older dial type lock that can give feedback? It would be nice to reduce the keys but not if I'm going to have to punch out a lock somewhere down the line.

Also, can the numbers be reset? We had to cut a dial type bicycle lock off the electric post once. We use it to secure our Progressive Industries electrical box to the post and apparently accidentally changed the number while it was still attached (or someone changed it for us). Murphy's Law helped out and it was one of the times we broke camp minutes before we were supposed to vacate the site... except we couldn't. We had to get out my Dremel and cut the lock off.
162  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: New King Bed for 2552 on: September 09, 2016, 05:46:01 am
I agree about the bed. The "bolsters" aren't big enough to lean on or make it a day bed and one of the reasons we picked the 2552 is to have a permanent bed that keeps the sheets on it (as well as that bathroom access Tom commented on. AND we can switch up where people sleep so one of us doesn't have to share a bed with "Great Aunt Martha". We also have a Sofa Butler tucked between bed and wall and slide our books and such down there too. We'd have to move all that out when the bed was closed in with bolsters. The new set up does not seem like the ideal "nap" configuration but I know it will appeal to those that need to sleep side by side or the taller people that want to sleep more diagonally. If the bolsters aren't attached, you could just leave them home and use the beds as twins. Since we full time when we're on the road, we'd be hard put to find a place to stash them. I'll have to remember to ask Kermit about it at the Phoenix Reunion in DC next week. He usually brings a 2910 or 3100 so maybe he'll have the new beds in there for us to check out. Nineteen rigs coming so if anyone out there is in the area and has been browsing the forum and thinking about a Phoenix, Kermit always hopes to sell his "model" unit. Give Earl a call to see what's coming and if it's what you want. Also, these rigs are coming in from every direction so you might be able to arrange to meet one of them on their way through your area. Several units will be up at the Hershey show about the same time and they try to sell those before the end of the show also. September is a good time to find a Phoenix on the east coast this year.

Back to the new designs: I was just commenting on how awesome the solid counter in the Phoenix is compared to other brands and now it's gone. I hope the options are still there to have things the old way. I don't see any drain holes in the cook top which is a plus and it is rounded so it might be easier to clean if you dump a lot while cooking (not admitting anything here, just saying.)

I also liked the fact they shifted the faucet to the corner of the sink a year or two back. I was jealous and was hoping the next logical step was putting in a sink with a corner drain so all the pipes and things tucked back behind and between the drawers and hot water tank and could be accessed by removing the drawers. I noticed the faucet moved back to center. I wonder if anyone had problems with it being to the side. It seemed to me it would be easier to fill a pot on the stove with the corner configuration as well as that plumbing access underneath.

Ah well, to each his own. I like what we have way better than the new models so we'll just have to take really good care of her so she lasts. That said, I'm sure that new bed will be a selling point for a lot of people.

163  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Re: Side storage locks on: September 09, 2016, 05:18:30 am
Embrace getting old, Ron... Senior Discounts, extra perks AND people expect less of you. "Oh, sorry, missed that. Eyes aren't what they used to be, you know" or "OOPS, Senior Moment, totally forgot we talked about xx" (fill in OMG,-I don't-want-to-do-that-with-this-person activity.) AND the big one - retirement. "Oh, that sounds awful. Thank goodness I don't have to worry about that anymore, I'm retired Smile  "

Speaking of senior discounts. I don't know if I've mentioned that we finally figured out Outback Steakhouse gives a 15% discount to AARP members. You need your card and it doesn't cover alcohol. My brain clicked when we were dining there once and I realized every head in the place had "silver" hair... hmmmm. Checked for discounts and hit it. Can you say Bloomin' Onion?

G'day mates!

164  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Kicken' the tires on: September 06, 2016, 07:29:22 am
We walked the 2350 and 2552 at the Hershey RV show then added Phoenix to our list of 5 finalists to research further. We linked up with Tom Hanlon here on the forum and walked his 2552 twice (thank you Tom!) Tom made us stand in the shower, sit on the toilet, lay down on the beds, sit on the couch and so on. We went back to measure space and take pictures. We then drove to the factory and walked the assembly line asking questions about the installation of our cell phone booster, potential options we wanted, and so on. We ordered that same day. Note that when you visit the factory, you may not see the model you want but you do see every step of the assembly. They usually have a unit at each station from the bare frame with heat shields being installed (where we talked to the installer), through the plumbing and electric (where we talked with the electrician), on through four or five more stops where the cabinets, bath fixtures, TV's and sound systems, refrigerators, slides, etc. are installed. If the installer is on site, you can talk to him/her. We were able to tour several units in the finishing area that were being picked up in a day or so plus any trade-ins on the lot. Besides seeing many of the interior and exterior colors in person waiting pick up, we sat in the customer lounge and checked out the sample boards for each color scheme offered before selecting ours. I agree that you should tour the factory if at all possible and if you can find the unit you want, check it out. Earl might be able to help you. He contacted us directly to ask if wed show ours to a couple of potential buyers that wanted to see a 2552 in person and we were happy to oblige for one of them but were out of the area for the other so Tom jumped in and showed his rig. Most Phoenix owners are happy to show off their baby.
165  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Anyone Else With This Stove Related Problem? on: September 06, 2016, 07:08:42 am
When we order our new PC I am thinking of specing this style stove.  This should eliminate the burned knob problem.

The Phoenix stoves are inset so the matching counter covers can go over it. That is one of the awesome things everyone notices when they compare their rigs to ours. They are seriously jealous of our potential counter space. My suggestion is to make sure you would still be able to have the stove covers with the new configuration. Many rigs have metal caps that fold down over the stoves. The feedback I've had is the caps rattle, get in the way and are downright ugly. Our counter is gorgeous and multi-functional. We would never go the other way.
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