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346  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Re: Transfer Switch Manual on: January 24, 2014, 11:25:44 am
I'm not sure where ours is in the 2552. We pulled the bed boards out to finish them and there was all this stuff I didn't understand so I took pictures of it as seen below. Now I know what some is but not all. Best guess is that black block under the drivers' side bed though it doesn't look much like the pic in the manual. Does anyone have any idea where the transfer switch is in the 2552?
347  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Introduce Yourself! on: January 22, 2014, 09:41:31 am
We own a 2552, live in it full time, work in it part time and tow a Subaru Forester. We never RVd before, never towed anything before, and we owned small vehicles so navigating this baby was a new experience all the way around. We took a 4,000 mile trip last July with just the PC since our Toad was not ready. We could pull over at roadside stands (sometimes) and could park in a double head to head space or a normal space where we hung our tail over the grass as Tom did. We DID almost slam our stabilizer jacks on a parking bumper this way so you have to be careful with the maneuver and have your spotter back there. We easily parked at malls, Home Depot, Walmart, Cracker Barrel, etc. We took at least two or three spaces street side so if there is room, it can be done. You have to feed ALL the meters. We are still not comfortable maneuvering on some of those cute little walkable town streets but weve done it. Some of the corners do not give room to swing anything bigger than a sedan without invading someone elses road space. What we found on that trip is that we would opt to stay in camp and skip a dinner out or a nearby trail or exploration site to avoid having to batten everything down and unhook everything before we went. Its not a big deal but doing it day after day gets old. Coming back late all warm and mellow from a nice dinner then having to strap on your headlamp and drag hoses is not something we wanted to do repeatedly. Note that it can be done, we just choose not to. The July trip took our 2552 from Maryland to: Mammoth Cave Kentucky; St. Louis Arch and through St Louis (no problems); hopping through several Midwestern states stopping pretty much wherever we wanted; all through the Black Hills; Wall Drug; the Badlands; more states, more visitor centers, more campgrounds; the Amish market near the factory complete with horses and buggies (a little tricky parking but most tourist areas have RV parking areas and were MUCH smaller than most of those parked there); and then on back to Maryland with very few issues due to the size of the rig.

John refers to the PC as our Mother Ship and the Subaru as our shuttle. We dock the Mother Ship and easily wander the universe in our shuttle.

With the Phoenix, Subaru and Swing Daddy bike rack all strung together gas stations and parking become a little more of a challenge but we manage. We have skipped very few things due to our set up. In towns we tend to park at the far back of large store lots. Our solution to most parking problems is Google Maps. Pull it up on your phone and eyeball the places you want to go. I have navigated John through a lot of tight spots and side streets to get us where we want to go and to determine if we should even attempt to go there in the first place. It is a good way to find a safe turn-around spot when you are unexpectedly forced to travel in the wrong direction by divided highways or road construction.

We will be in southwestern Florida at least part of the first week of February and are happy to show you our rig and set up if you like. It is always better to go with someone local so you can go back again if you need to (as we did with Tom thank you Tom) but if there are no 2552s nearby that you can see, ours will be rolling through and well be happy to show it to you. Gradygal (Judi and George) live in Punta Gorda and are PC pros so even if you check out our rig to get a feel for the 2552, you still might want to visit with them for the full Phoenix scoop.
348  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Florida Travelers Winter of 2013-2014 on: January 22, 2014, 08:34:47 am
Yes Jack and Tom, Maryland has it all! Even a foot of fresh powder... POWDER? In Maryland? I was amazed. We were only about 40 degrees last night but it beats the heck out of your 5 degrees. Eagle Alaska has warmer weather than you. I'd pack up that PC and run for it.
349  Main Forum / General Discussion / Wet Dometic Awning on: January 21, 2014, 10:10:53 am
Has anyone had their awning get wet while stowed? We havent had a lot of rain yet but have a recurring problem. First time we stowed the awning dry, it rained, we opened the awning after all was dried out and the awning was dripping wet. The next time it rained while in transit and we wondered if it was getting in at the front somehow. This last time it happened when we stored the PC in an uncovered space over the holidays. It was totally dry when we put it away but was dripping water off the bottom surface when we opened it. I cant imagine this is normal or it would mold and rot when stored. Ours looks kind of puckered. Im hoping it stretches out when the sun hits it.

Has anyone else had this problem? If yes, what should I be looking for when I belly crawl on the roof? Our Dometic Awning was in the recall but it was repaired before we ever picked it up so I dont know what was done to it that may or may not affect the water issue.
350  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Florida Travelers Winter of 2013-2014 on: January 21, 2014, 09:53:33 am
Syd and Margo, and Deb and Roger - It sounds like we will be very close to you at some point. We will definitely give a shout when we head for your area. We'd love to meet all of you.

Pax, we'll see who we can rustle up out your way when we get there next year. We hope to meet you... if you haven't run east just when we've run west. We are doing the Northeast US this summer then heading to Colorado Springs for the September Intervec/Phoenix Travel Club Rally. After that, it's westward ho... at our slow gypsy pace. We're bound to reach California eventually.

Holly and John
351  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Awning Support on: January 20, 2014, 07:22:06 am
Call the factory. Our 2013 2552 has a center support on the side wall. We didn't order so it must be something they started to install at some point. It might be from Dometic but I don't really know. It was just there. You can see it in the pictures of the new 2552's on the inventory page. I'm sure you can order through Phoenix or they can tell you where to order one.
352  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Florida Travelers Winter of 2013-2014 on: January 18, 2014, 05:53:57 pm
Jack, that's excellent! We are excited to get to see you guys again.
353  Main Forum / Links and Contacts / Re: Phoenix Cruiser Owner's Club on: January 18, 2014, 08:02:29 am
New Owners - Phoenix covers your first year's membership in the Owner's Club. They used to put the paperwork in the glove box but we found ours on the last page of the Phoenix Cruiser's User Manual. Membership year starts March 1st and the annual reunion will now begin in the second week in September. Registration for that will probably start soon. The west coast owners have a local chapter type group and frequently list gatherings that are open to all members so if you are out California way, you may be able to meet up with them. The club is always looking for a suitable campground to host the reunions. I hope to post the requirements soon. One is that it is between the two mountain ranges. That area is then split in quadrants and they try to move it around to make the drive more equitable.
354  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Florida Travelers Winter of 2013-2014 on: January 18, 2014, 07:45:15 am
Judy, will do. It will be awesome to meet you both. I saw your schedule somewhere else on the forum but with our unplanned and extended trip to Maryland, we missed the fun at the shows and the locks and will be back north before your April trip. We look forward to meeting you soon.
Holly & John
355  Main Forum / General Discussion / Florida Travelers Winter of 2013-2014 on: January 17, 2014, 09:53:42 pm
I've seen comments in different discussions telling where and when people will be in Florida. I'm hoping anyone that wants to try to meet other Phoenix Cruiser owners will drop their info here in one post or put their link in for the original post. We have made it back south and will be in Florida in a few days and will probably be wandering around until early March (when we have to head north for a wedding). We've even booked a few places so we can pinpoint our location for part of the time.

John and Holly will be: Departing Fort McAllister State Park near Savannah GA on Monday, 1/20; Manatee Hammock Campground in Titusville, FL the night of Monday 1/20 departing Sunday 1/26; Larry and Penny Thompson Park in Miami FL the night of Sunday 1/26 departing Friday 1/31; Friday 1/31 through night of the 2/8 is unknown - we think we'll slide over to the Gulf coast and spend the week wandering our way to...; Lake Kissimmee State Park for the night of Monday Feb 9 departing Friday Feb 14. After that we head northeast to hit the panhandle to hopefully get our drive shaft balanced. We'll probably aim North after that.

I've gone over all the dates that I could find from other posts and never seem to be in the same place as other owners. We hope to change that and meet lots of happy Phoenix Cruiser owners soon.

Side note: when at the Fort McAllister Marina my phone popped up with a wifi named "Phoenix Cruiser". There aren't any PCs at the campground and it could just be a coincidence like a boater from Phoenix but I thought I'd ask if anyone was in the vicinity last night.
356  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: SMI Brake Assist on: January 10, 2014, 06:59:45 am
We have the SMI Duo on our Subaru Forester. After a few hiccups after install (bad fuse and user error on sensitivity setting), weve been very happy with it. NOTE: We have not used it in the Rockies so do not have experience with it on miles and miles of steep roads. We did run through the Appalachians and had a few decent downgrades where it kicked in and worked beautifully. We are in the coach full time and move frequently so we wanted simple and idiot proof with no extra parts to move or store and we got it.

As for the unit, it does have the break-away switch and cable. The components we can see are a control box under the hood (mounted wherever your installer can fit it for your model toad), wiring harness with fuse, cable that passes through the fire wall to your brake pedal, very small canister that attaches to the top of your brake pedal, box under the dash against the left wall of the foot well (on/off switch and sensitivity knob) and, for us, a little LED strip with wiring that we pull out and attach to the back of the toads rear view mirror (it comes with stick on Velcro strip but that fell off within hours in the summer heat we now use a hair band). There is also the break-away switch mounted under the front bumper and the coiled cable with little carabiners to attach it when you hook up.

The ready to tow set up for the SMI is: outside: clip on the break-away cable when you are clipping on your tow safety cables; inside: pull the cabin notification light strip out and stick it on the rear view mirror, flip the on/off switch in the foot well - done.

To test the system I step on the toads brake and hold my hand behind the LED strip to make sure I see a red glow and we keep the driver door open while testing lights so we can hear the unit to make sure it isnt engaging when any of the lights go on. It should not engage on a flat surface when you brake.

If you opt for the in-coach notification lights (we should have), you can skip the LED steps. We can usually see the LEDs in our back up camera while driving, however, sunlight reflecting on the toads window can make it so you cant tell if the LEDs are on. I personally do not like having to stare into the monitor watching for the lights when I want to check if the system engaged. Its super easy to see at night but we dont drive much at night. We will eventually have them add the in coach light.

One more item ask in advance if the system works with your toads standard lights. For whatever reason, it does not work with our Subaru. The installer put an LED inside each of our taillight assemblies and that LED is what lights up for turns and braking when under tow. I dont know if it is due to wiring or the ignition switch position or something else but the SMI couldnt be used to control the existing brake lights and turn signals. Manufacturer website has pic of the tiny canister that attaches to your brake pedal  

I do not know the answer on the trickle charge.
357  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: At long last - Our PC arrives! on: December 24, 2013, 07:28:29 am
Awesome! I'm sure you'll fall in love with your PC on your first long trip. It's good to hear that all is well and ready to roll.
358  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: FMCA Rally Brooksville Florida Jan 30 - Feb 2 2013 on: December 24, 2013, 07:24:40 am
We would love to attend and meet everyone but are stuck in Maryland indefinitely. We were back for Christmas with the granddaughter and got rear ended the first day. Took out the bike, bike rack, rear window of the Subaru (with an impressive shower of glass bits) and cracked the rear lift gate panels. The bike broke the window but the rack took most of the hit and saved most of the rest of the car. Air bag did not deploy and I wonder if that is because the hitch receiver took the hit instead of the bumper. Luckily the place we stored the rig is flexible and we just have to call and extend its stay. Other than a sprained neck, no injuries. However, it was the granddaughter's first accident. All the accidents mommy and daddy have had and it had to be with the safe driver grandparents. But that's good as mommy and daddy tend to total cars and our hit was minor in comparison. So we will be in the frigid north until the insurance game is over, parts come in, and the repairs are done.
359  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: MICHELIN TIRE RECALL on: December 16, 2013, 10:50:06 am
Don't know how we dodged it since Tom's 2012 and several others' 2013's have the bad tires and we bought between those but we did dodge it. The four tires we can see say B3JH 009X. We still have to check the inner dualies but it is likely they are the same as the others. Thanks for the heads up Sparky!
360  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Introduce Yourself! on: December 15, 2013, 08:05:05 am
Welcome Triumph! I'm glad you made it back safe and sound through the snowy north. I hope you get to go out and play somewhere warmer soon!
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