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376  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Re: Another Crazy idea from CrazyG.. on: January 11, 2015, 11:42:38 am
Tony, keep in mind that you need compatible pains for induction cooking. Cast iron works - stainless steel doesn't. A simple test is using a magnet - if it doesn't stick to the bottom of your pan, that pan won't work on the induction cook top. We saw a cool demo at The Solar Decathlon in DC several years ago. The students had cut a cast iron pan in half, set it on the activated cooktop then dropped an egg so half was on the pan and half was on the bare cook top. The egg on the pan cooked immediately while the part on the cooktop itself sat there cool and raw.

I've read where people use an induction cooktop in their RV to save on propane costs when hooked up to power but the price of that cook top would pay for a lot of propane. Not to mention the cost of new pans if yours aren't compatible.
377  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Come see us in Tampa! on: January 07, 2015, 09:35:34 pm
Uh oh! Judi and George may be at the show for two whole days.... visiting with all those beautiful new Phoenix Cruisers... with the spiffy new paint colors and LED lighting and whatever else is new for this year. Do I sense a new Phoenix in your future?

I would love to hit one of these shows but we always seem to be many states away and since we are totally happy with our PC, it doesn't make sense to drive hours and hours to just visit. Maybe one of these days we'll be close enough to do it.
378  Main Forum / Adventure Anywhere / Re: California Cruising on: December 25, 2014, 11:09:24 am
Awesome! Thank you. We fell in love with the cute little critters so our granddaughter received a stuffed mommy and baby, magnet etc. So she loves them now too. The video will be perfect.
379  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Swapping out the inverter... on: December 19, 2014, 10:30:41 am
We are far and away so we can't test this but could we hit the battery kill switch to lock out that power, plug in to AC power, then see if there is power to the inverter outlets?
380  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Swapping out the inverter... on: December 19, 2014, 07:33:01 am
Our cell phones died on inverter power. We pulled batteries and were lucky that they reset. Kermit said it was the charger cable that couldn't handle it and that the larger charger cords/wall warts (like those for laptops) should be fine. We haven't had problems with the laptops on the inverted outlets but we now charge the cell phones and Kindles directly from the round twelve volt outlets - two in the truck dash drawing from the truck battery and one in the forward cabinet drawing from the house battery. We bought a little multi port charging station that lives in that front cabinet and has two USB ports as well as a couple of round ones. So far it works for us.

However, that pure sine wave inverter is on my wish list also so I am very interested in how your swap out goes.

381  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Re: Custom Desk in the 2552 on: December 14, 2014, 01:55:21 am
Hi Bruce! We hadn't realized you lived right there until after we had moved on up to Napa Valley. Then Mike told us we should look you up and we realized we had been within a mile of you. We now have a mental image of where you are and will try to touch base next time we roll through. I'm glad to hear your house came through unscathed. It's never good to hear about problems when you are away.

We got hit with one of those heavy storms and are glad to report that all the pieces of the Phoenix were still attached when it stopped blowing - we checked. A couple of those wind gusts felt like they could roll us right over. I had John make sure all the wheels and the jacks were solidly on the ground for maximum stability. Then we just sat it out. We were snug and dry and though there were branches and stuff down all over the campground, none of it came flying at us. The next day was clear, blue and beautiful with massive swells and crashing waves on the ocean. We're just outside of Newport, OR right now.

Enjoy your warm dry air and sunshine! We're actually enjoying our rain - the gentler stuff, not that monsoon thing that hit us.
382  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: GO NAVY on: December 14, 2014, 01:43:06 am
Well, gee Tom, isn't that the Army's job? To get in there and get the job done but make the more "delicate" branches of the armed forces look good? It sounds like they succeeded once again.
383  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Re: Custom Desk in the 2552 on: December 13, 2014, 10:09:57 am
Sorry Ron! I don't know if this will be comforting or not but you'd probably have to give up that beautiful house and all the special things you have in it to do what we did. Ours is rented out but we aren't going back. It will stay rented as long as it keeps paying for itself and then will be sold. We've realized it's too big and the area we lived in (to be near decent jobs) is too expensive for retirees. Our next house, once we don't want to wander anymore, will be small and in a quiet, less expensive area.

Another thought, that may or may not comfort you, is that we envy you. You have all these creative and repair type skills (like the kitchen) that we are sorely lacking. You also have the motivation to keep getting stuff done. We're pretty bad at that.

As for destressing, even if it in place - find a way to do it. I have health issues now that can trace directly to the stress in my former job. I didn't quit when the doctor told me to. I had outside volunteer activities that ate up my time and my sanity. I was wallowing in stress and was miserable and grabbed that life ring when John offered it. It scared the tar out of him at first but we don't regret it and are NOT looking back. 
384  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Re: Custom Desk in the 2552 on: December 13, 2014, 12:59:51 am
Thanks for the great input on the blog. A few comments on camping the Pacific Coast, all of which need verification.
- We were told by a California resident that you can legally pull off any state highway (NOT interstate) and camp for up to three days. We did see RVs lined up on a road running parallel to Rte 1 when we were north of Monterey. Someone here on the forum said there were signs designating boondocking areas down by Big Sur, south of Monterey. Most of the pull off areas we saw along Rte 1 were posted "no overnight parking" so those were out.
- We ran into two couples that were surprised at the signs in California. They said they had just boondocked ALL the way down the coast of Oregon by simply pulling over and setting up. With this in mind we started watching the pull offs along Hwy 101 and saw quite a few really nice paved or gravel pull offs or full parking areas with gorgeous ocean views that DID NOT have "no overnight parking" signs. We also saw some areas that had the signs so it implies that areas without the signs are good to go. We did see motorhomes pulled over with slides and steps out, etc. but as we were traveling mid-day, we can't be sure they weren't just there for a rest stop.
- Some of the pull outs in both states are designated for slow moving vehicles to use to allow passing so you would have to watch that.
- There are a LOT of national forests out here so disbursement camping is a possibility. We just didn't check into it this trip.

We have primarily camped in state parks since we hit the coast. California was about $35.00 night with no hookups. Oregon is about $24.00 for water/electric and $26.00 for full hookups. Both states have beautiful parks. As we get deeper into winter we are angling for at least electric hookups to deal with the cold and wet but are pleasantly surprised that the temps are mostly in the 50's  and 60's both day and night with a few bright sunny days tipping us into the 70's. We hit near freezing a few nights down in the redwoods but that seems to have been an unusual drop for that time of year.

Depending on when and where you go, you might want to consider a dehumidifier. We bought a small Eva-dry shortly after hitting Oregon. We need it just to dry out our rain gear. Otherwise we fog up the windows inside.

Speaking of windows. The ultimate test of whether the thermal windows make a difference - YES! Our nice warm house meets the cool, outside air at the glass. Our humidity is frequently high in here after having the door open and dragging in our wet gear. The house windows are clear and dry but the condensation is dripping off the inside of the truck windows. If we haven't run the heat and dehumidifier, we have to mop the truck windows off before driving because we can't see out. I'll know I've succeeded in insulating the house from the cab when I stop the condensation. I'm on a mission.
385  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Re: Custom Desk in the 2552 on: December 12, 2014, 07:30:10 pm
Bruce, yes our blog is created through WordPress but is on our own domain  Anyone with internet access can read the blog. You can also comment on the postings. We are still learning but we believe we fixed the settings so you can comment without putting in your personal information. So, if you do comment, you have to add your screen name or something at the end or we don't know who it is (which is also OK). One friend commented and showed up as "anonymous". We only knew who it was because he mentioned a tennis ball I gave him. Comments are held until we approve them so there may be a delay before they show up. This is a spam control thing.

We post to the blog sporadically though we try to date the postings to when things actually happened. We still have to go back and fill in our first year on the road, what it took to flip our lives over and go on the road, info on our Phoenix, info on the toys we bought for the Phoenix, etc. We play more than we blog but do hope to buckle down soon. We do not tell people exactly where we are for safety reasons. We hope to have a private page that requires a password so family and friends can see more up to date info in case they want to come out and play with us.

Note that the initial(s) at the bottom of each posting tells who wrote it J, H or J&H. We have VERY different styles and perspectives. I hope you find the blog interesting. Maybe you'll find a place that is calling for you and your Phoenix to come out and play! 
386  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: PC Friendly Folding Table - Sale Alert $20 on: December 12, 2014, 07:12:16 pm
Thanks Ron! We coveted your table for quite some time and finally got into Menard's area a few months back so we could buy one - at straight price  :(
Nice table though.
387  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Introduce Yourself! on: December 12, 2014, 07:10:04 pm
David, I sent you a personal message with our contact info.

Everyone in the MD, VA, DC, DE, PA area, or anywhere else for that matter, that will be in or around Frederick Maryland on Saturday, January 3rd, 2015 - You are invited to an "After the Holidays" open house at our son's house in Frederick Maryland from 3pm until whenever. We will put out a bunch of food and beverages and miscellaneous people will wander through, hang out, eat, drink, and be merry. There will be no gift giving, no caroling, no family drama (my standing rule of "play nice or go home" has worked well over the years). Just people meeting people.

We do not require RSVP's but you'll need to send me a personal message to get the address as I don't want to post it publicly AND it gives us a ballpark headcount for planning purposes. This is a totally relaxed affair. Our son loves to cook food and hang out with people. We want to touch base with people that are gone or busy over the holidays. I'm posting this here because we'd love to see all our fellow Phoenix owners that we've met or have yet to meet (if we haven't met you and you're a cranky person, please note the "play nice or go home" rule stated above).

Hope to see some of you there.

I wish a safe and happy holiday season to all!

(to answer the unasked - no, I am not a Christmas baby, I was born on the first day of summer, my mother was... confused)
388  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Custom Desk in the 2552 on: December 12, 2014, 06:12:52 pm
We've lived full time in our Phoenix for over 15 months now and have corresponded with many other owners and soon to be owners. One question that has come up is "would we get the custom desk/cabinets again if we were to buy another Phoenix?" This is a tough one. We requested the desk because we were both working half time when we went on the road. We needed space for two people to work on laptops for hours at a time with room for the mouse and assorted paperwork spread about. We also occasionally needed to set up our little printer alongside one of the laptops. This custom desk worked great for us while we were working. We worked outside at picnic tables when the weather was good but we were fully functional working inside with the desk. One person was on the desk and the other sat on the couch or bed with a nifty little lap desk holding their computer. We retired a few months back so the desk doesn't get used as much (though John is sitting at it now while he works on our blog). We talked about this and came up with the following analysis (hey, he's an engineer and IT guy - we analyze):

Pros: Lots of storage space. We keep all of our office supplies, first aid kit, flash lights, pocket knives, printer paper, Good Sam and other campground books, receipts to be entered into the computer, DVDs, CDs and more in those cabinets. They are handy for the "quick grab" stuff that you want near the door. We stuff computers or bins of off season clothing in the big space at the bottom. We can use the desktop/table to dine on or as a quick work surface for meal prep. It is still John's preferred workspace for lining up all the receipts and notebooks and plugging away at the computer.

Cons: The cabinet bumps the Euro Chair out an extra foot from the wall. Space between the Euro Chair and couch is tight when the slide is in (maybe a foot clearance, enough to get by). The desktop is too big to use as a side table to the chair so we have a little side table for holding John's Kindle, coffee, etc. when the desk is closed. The Euro Chair is designed for kicking back and lounging. It is a tad too short and sloped back so we have to use booster pillows to get to a comfortable height on the desktop. The front passenger seat rotates but it is WAY too low to use the desktop as anything other than a place to set things. You can't work on a computer from there. The height issue is the same for using the desk as a dining table. Doable, but not perfect.

So, our conclusion - no, we would PROBABLY not get the desk again, BUT we'd get the same cabinets that come in the 3100. We are used to the space constraints with the cabinet. John likes a desk. He likes to line up the notebooks, travel guides, receipts, etc. so that his workspace is organized before he settles in to computing. I think we would miss the desk even though it doesn't get used as much. I suspect that if we did not have the desk, he would be less happy when he worked on the computer inside. We are totally happy with our house so this isn't an issue we need to address any time soon. It is more a thought exercise to help out people thinking about getting the desk. Note that people viewing our Phoenix do not realize we are more scrunched up front. We've often heard the comment that we have so much space. WE know we are scrunched because we've been in PCs without the desk and know what we gave up to have it. We don't regret it.
I took a few pictures to show what the desk looks like. We move the chair around when we use the desk. Sometimes it is on the side so that you block the doorway. Sometimes it is at the end and we deal with the support post between our feet (and it blocks access to the cab). Sometimes John sits angled at the corner... I'm not sure why.
389  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Introduce Yourself! on: December 10, 2014, 03:40:04 pm
Welcome David and Sharon! John and I would also love to meet you. Our home base is Frederick (Ballenger Creek area). We'll be staying at our son's house in Frederick for the holidays. Maybe we can do a little PC People gathering.

390  Main Forum / Adventure Anywhere / Re: Santee SP, South Carolina on: December 05, 2014, 01:18:45 am
Beautiful spot! Be careful with those state parks. We were just passing through Georgia last year and wound up spending a month in their parks. It is easier to extend and stay on one site in Georgia as their reservations are not site specific. You reserve a type of site. For example 40 foot water/electric. When you get to camp you pick any matching site without a tag, clip your tag on and set up. If you see a better site open up the next day, you move your tag and coach and you're done. No processing back through the office. We liked it a lot.

I suggest you look up the Cradle of Forestry campgrounds also. We hit one of those outside of Asheville SC, and it was very nice and reasonably priced also.

You did get a late start on your journey south. I don't remember reading about any problems so is it safe to assume your winterizing while living on board worked out?

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