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1  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / LED LIGHT FOR TANK HEATER SWITCH on: August 06, 2013, 06:31:06 pm
In looking at the tank heater switch in the bathroom I realized it would be very easy to turn the switch on by accident.  Also, if turned on it would be easy to forget and leave it on.  Why was there no lighted tank heater switch like the water pump switch?  To correct this wrong I decided to add a light to the existing tank heater switch.

The tank heater is a 12 volt system.  If I could tap onto the “heater” side of the switch and then find a “ground” I would be in business.  I removed the switch housing from the wall and discovered there was room to add a 12 volt LED light in the switch housing.  I obtained a Red LED from Radio Shack™ for $2.79.  I drilled the required 3/16 inch hole in the housing and mounted the LED.  Using a spade connector I attached one LED wire to the side of the switch that had power on it when the switch was “on” (the “heater’ side of the switch).  

Finding a good “ground” connection turned out to be simple.  On the PC 2350 there is a 110 volt outlet on the sink base about 18 inches from the tank heater switch.  The top of the wall inside the sink cabinet below the switch is open.  Therefore, it was easy to push a number 14 stranded wire up to the tank heater switch and attach it to the remaining LED wire using a wire crimp connector.  I then attached the other end of the stranded wire to the “ground” terminal (not the white neutral wire terminal) on the 110 volt outlet.  I routed the ground wire up beneath the sink and attached it to the back of the cabinet using wire clips.  

Now when I turn the tank heater on the Red LED glows brightly.  Hopefully, this will eliminate accidently turning/leaving the heater on.

I have attached a photo that shows the finished product.
2  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Sprinter Starting Problem on: August 05, 2013, 05:22:41 pm
We were in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park several weeks ago dry camping.  After two nights we were ready to leave.  When I tried to start my Mercedes Sprinter I got nothing.  No click, no hum, no nothing!  I tried starting it using my towed vehicle battery to boost the Mercedes battery and still got nothing.  I knew I was in trouble because I didn’t even have a cell phone signal in the park.

I drove six miles to find a signal.  I decided to call Mercedes Customer Service first because the vehicle was still under warranty.  If the problem was a warranty issue they would pay to have it towed to the nearest Mercedes dealer.
The woman who answered was very helpful.  I described the problem and she said it was most likely a blown fuse for the starter solenoid.  It was an issue known to occur in that model year.  The Sprinter came from the factory with a 20 amp solenoid fuse.  The permanent solution was to replace it with a 25 amp fuse.
Customer Service was correct.  The fuse had blown and fortunately I had a spare fuse.  I replaced the fuse and the engine started as I hoped. 
Many thanks to Mercedes Customer Service.  They saved us from a very inconvenient delay.
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