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76  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Where to buy good tires on: July 23, 2013, 07:22:23 pm
Always get second opinion on tires,,, how many miles.on yours,, going to assume stored outside. again another topic we have covered and how bad the sun is on the units and the tires.                                        I noticed I believe yours is a  2010,,, wow, that's not good, I'm running around 2008 tires same year no problem. 15000miles on them... research this on the forum, we have had lots of discussions on tires, cracking, uv, etc.... 

If you do get tires post where you got them and let us know the cost so we can all go out and get a better deal haha..... also absolutely make sure you go get the RV aligned....
David Sparks
2008 PC 2350
   PC has 22000 miles on her. When I got it in January this year it has already 20,000 on PC.  I keep the MH garaged and always cover the tires when I am staying any length of time in camp.  They are 2008 tires but have performed well.  So I will get that second opinion  hopefully next week.
77  Main Forum / General Discussion / Where to buy good tires on: July 22, 2013, 05:56:22 pm
   When Camping World said my tires are starting to Dry Rot I could have fainted.  So I will get a second opinion. But was wondering if the PC factory would be the place to go as we head to the reunion and stop at PC factory on the way. Of course I would call ahead.
   Or should, if second opinion is the same, I do it before heading anywhere.  Don't leave home for reunion until Aug 22 taking my time.  I don't need a blowout.   What should I expect in cost.  Camping world wants $ for Good Year tires which includes mounting, balancing, getting rid of tires. They have the gaul of charging 7.50 for shop towels on top of that. Very irratating. 
  What brand is a good rated tire?  I have Michelins now. They look brand new but the former owner did not protect them.
78  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Re: To tow or not to tow. That is the question. on: July 21, 2013, 10:55:06 am
  As far as the braking systems, I have had US Gear in my previous and now my PC. When I traded to the PC I had the mechanic take out the system in the Yellowstone and installed in the PC.  In the beginning when I had it installed in the MH and the tow vehicle, it was expensive, as I am not mechanically inclined, but it has been worth the $$.  Once it is installed you don't have to remove anything like you do with Brake Buddy, etc.  I have heard some good and bad stories about removable brake systems.  If and when I decide to change my tow vehicle I will make sure the componant parts are removed and the mechanic can order the wiring. as they did when they removed the parts from the MH to install in the Phoenix. 
 It is so important to have a braking system for if you were ever in an accident, which I hope no one will be, It is for your assurance that you will be safe from any legal problems.
  Sure hope this helps as this has been quite a discussion and sharing on this topic.  It is so important to be safe and not sorry.

   Happy camping!!!
79  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Re: To tow or not to tow. That is the question. on: July 20, 2013, 02:52:06 pm
  I have been towing a 2006 Saturn Vue for the last 7 years, six with my former mH and just since December with the PC and I have had no problems and like to convienence of having the car for side trips. I get 24 miles to the gallon with the Saturn and the thoughts of breaking camp for side trips, especially when you get the MH level, is not always great.  I have a brake system  since the Vue is about 4000 lbs and use a roadmaster hitch.  It tows with no problem and always have to check to see if it is still there since it tows fine.  Taking the MH on side trips can be daunting since you don't know if there will be enough space to park plus using all the gas when you could be using your car/tow.  Gas mileage is not that bad in PC when towing. I get better mileage on the PC than I did with my former 33ft Gulf stream yellowstone, with 2 slides towing the car.   Now if you were staying for a long period it might be justified to rent a car but it is up to the campers and where and how long your are camping. There is no right or wrong .
80  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Tires need replacing. on: July 12, 2013, 08:35:13 pm
If you don't have notable cracking in the tires, I would not be quick to replace the tires given they are 3 years old.

What defines dry rot?
  I think I will get a second opinion. 
81  Main Forum / General Discussion / Tires need replacing. on: July 12, 2013, 04:23:31 pm
Just had the free 22 point inspection provided by good sam at Camping World. they stated that I need to replace all the tires as they are starting to dry rot.  I have only owned the coach since January this year and they said the former owner did not take good care of the tires.  They said it was a shame since they seem to be new tires.Date on the Tires is 08/08 ..Everything else was fine in the inspection.  Just have to replace the gasket on the air conditioner as I was getting moisture in the coach. My son will take care of the installation and I was not going to pay camping world for the job when I can get it done free. Luckily my son lives next door. Gasket was only $25.00.
    So any suggestions for the Micheline tires. the Coach has 22,000 miles on her.They are L225/75 R16 radials.  FMCA has a program with Michelin but don't know if this size tire is included.  Awaiting a response from them.
Trying to decide if they should be replaced before attending the reunion  Will the factory give me a good price. I can stop there on my way to the reunion.
 Help  Mary
2010 2551
82  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Upcoming Cruiser Reunion, on: July 02, 2013, 08:17:50 am
We've stayed at Twin Mills Camping Resort (about 20 miles from Elkhart).  A large but very nice campground.  We have also stayed at the Elkhart Campground in Elkhart.  It was also okay but we enjoyed Twin Mills somewhat better.  A word of caution about the water in Elkhart.  If you can fill your fresh water tank at home you would be wise to do so.  The water around Elkhart is very hard and full of iron.

I had that Twin Mills campground in mind and did not seem impressed with the looks of the Elkart camp online.  Thanks for the tip on the water. ThankYou
83  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Upcoming Cruiser Reunion, on: July 02, 2013, 08:14:56 am
We have also stayed at the Shipshewana South Campground.  Very nice!  The Amish bulk food store is called E&S and it does have some great bargains.  If you are looking for "HIGH QUALITY" meat try Yoders Market down the block from E&S (right if front of the Flea Market).  The meat is all ready frozen but it is like meat from the "olden days".  Everytime we are in the area I fill up the PC freezer with meat and we eat good for a few weeks after that.

Thanks for all lthe tips.  I live in Amish country and enjoy the amish markets and they are great. Good food so I am very familar with their goods. 
84  Main Forum / General Discussion / Upcoming Cruiser Reunion, on: July 01, 2013, 06:47:45 pm
   Looking forward to the reunion but was wondering if anyone has any suggestions about camping in Elkart for the Labor Day wkend before venturiing up to Petosky.  Holliday weekends usually require 3 day stay. I see there is a Elkart Campground which is a Good Sam park.  Has anyone ever stayed there?  Im coming from the Lancaster PA area and plan to start out around Aug.25th and take my time.    All suggestions appreciated.
85  Main Forum / General Discussion / leaking air conditioner and refrigerator is sweating inside. on: June 23, 2013, 04:54:52 pm
My air conditioner is dripping condensation from inside the coach onto the carpet.  I turned off the unit.  what could this be???  It was pretty hot here in santon, Pa at KOA and is was running ok at the last campground.   Someone told me that another camper had the same problem and his air conditioner quit.   I've never had this problem before.  I have a couple hundred miles to go before getting  back to my home tomorrow.  So we are running fans now and has cooled off some.  Help

Also the frige is sweating inside and I turned up the unit.  I am 90$ level so that can't be the problem.  My dometic frige in last unit was better than this norcold.  any suggestions????     I wish the frige was not on the slide out.
86  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: AWNINGS on: June 17, 2013, 09:02:00 pm
Can we get brackets for the Fiamma awning from Phoenix?  We need two.
  You can buy them direct from Fiamma As I had to.
87  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: AWNINGS on: June 17, 2013, 08:50:31 pm
What kind of awning is it? 
   Fiamma F45
88  Main Forum / General Discussion / AWNINGS on: June 16, 2013, 07:38:06 pm
Just came back from a Good Sam Rally in Syracuse, NY and saw the 2013  2551 Phoenix Cruiser with a different type of awning than the one is presently on my 2551, 2010. Has anyone ever changed over to this new type.  It looks alot sturdier.  Phoenix displayed three units at the show and I got to speak to the new salesperson.  It was a great show dispite the horrible rain on thursday the 13th.  We got lucky and got a good spot in the fairgrounds.  the remaining days f,S,S went better with sunshine.

   So be interested in knowing about awnings. 
89  Main Forum / General Discussion / tank sensors, Can the new electonic sensors be installed on older models on: May 14, 2013, 05:17:25 pm
I see that the new Winnies have electronic senors on outside of the tanks.  It is so hard to clean the interior sensors. Since I got my coach they read 1/3 full and they are empty.  Plan to add a cleaning solution from camping world and back flushing to see if I can loosen some of the debre.  Does any one have anyother suggestions and can these electronic senors be added????  Smile   
90  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Vvvvvvvvvvibration Noise on: May 14, 2013, 05:10:41 pm
Recently heard a noise just above the entertainment stereo and thought it was something in the cabinet.  What I found out when we were riding that the noise was the ariel hitting the roof and felt the vibrations when I put my hand on the ceiling as my friend was driv ing.  So I bought felt pads and put them on the rubber feet of the ariel and will see if that helps when I go out next time.  I will keep you posted.
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