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211  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Re: 12 Volt Charging Station on: November 15, 2013, 10:22:41 pm
Ah!  Probably missed it....gonna hafta look!  Nice!

   - Mike
212  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: At long last - Our PC arrives! on: November 15, 2013, 10:18:36 pm
Yes, those splinters get everywhere!  We are trying to decide whether to spray it or cover it with a thin material (carpet or flooring underlayment maybe...dunno). Nice part about actually going into that compartment is that we now have lotsa extra screws that were just lying about in there just ready to make us nuts as they clanked around going down the road.  Wink

- Mike
213  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: At long last - Our PC arrives! on: November 15, 2013, 09:16:11 pm
Latest update on the no power issue:

We found the problem(s)!  Phoenix didnt install a little jumper wire on the transfer switch that enables the SurgeGuard to operate with both the generator and shore power.  SurgeGuard saw the problem and said nope, no power for you.  I installed the jumper, ran the generator and all was well!  I now have power to all outlets, including microwave.  Yay! 

I didn't have power when hooked up to shore power at the campground because SurgeGuard detected a bad condition (reverse polarity) and again said nope, no power for you (the SurgeGuard unit stores all past faults )

Fairly unlikely to have both generator and shore power conditions at the same time, which made troubleshooting a bit tougher, but after testing both it appears that all is now, except for the problem with the heating and thermostat.  And on that front, I haven't received a new thermostat yet, but further investigation leads me to believe that it was miswired as well.  Everything works well (fan high, fan low, a/c) but if it's turned to gas heat or electric heat, the fuse blows.  A bit difficult to troubleshoot since:  1) the wiring diagram for the furnace has an obvious error in the thermostat section and is missing an important bit of info, 2) the Coleman wiring diagram is doesn't quite describe using this thermostat with a non-heatpump model, and 3) the PC wiring from the back of the thermostat is non standard, undocumented, and there are transitional connections (from PC connections at the thermostat to furnace connections at the furnace) somewhere I can't locate yet.  I'm pretty close, and confident I can locate the problem on Monday after talking to Kermit, Coleman and possibly Atwood.   Least I now gots power! 

- Mike
214  Main Forum / Around the Campfire / Re: Bear Songs on: November 15, 2013, 08:52:51 pm
Toooo funny!   LOL  rolling on the floor
215  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Re: 12 Volt Charging Station on: November 15, 2013, 08:49:36 pm
Good info.  When you say you set it up in your cabinet and plug it in, does that mean you are plugging it into the Ford cab dash area outlet, or do you have have one of those outlets installed in your cabinet?

- Mike
216  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: At long last - Our PC arrives! on: November 15, 2013, 08:35:06 pm
Tom: ahhh....yep looks like it can be used to get at a lot of things right in that area.  I was originally thinking that the cleanout connection that's there on the drain line could most easily be accessed from that cutout.  I know (or I at least doubt) I will need to get under that bed all that much, but considering we plan to have this rig for a long time, I'm definitely going to install the lifters....once and done.

- Mike
217  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: At long last - Our PC arrives! on: November 15, 2013, 12:36:50 am
Bob: Thanks for that info.  Didn't know that.  My cutout is between the pump and furnace.  In either case, if I had to winterize using that method or access the furnace, I think I'd be happier just lifting the bed if it had the lifters on each side like the drivers side does.  I just need to be sure someone doesn't store anything in there accidentally.

- Mike
218  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: At long last - Our PC arrives! on: November 14, 2013, 04:15:06 pm
So, for those still interested in the power issue I have and the 50A setup in general here's an interim update.

PC (2552) is in storage a couple miles a way.  Went down early and pulled the particle board bed platform off on the passenger side before I talked to Kermit. 

First some general info.  The platform is screwed to a frame with eight screws. (Note to self: install little hydraulic lifters on this bed, like the drivers side bed) Found that there is a small cutout in the bed platform that gives you access to the furnace without the need to take off the whole platform.  There are some screws visible around this cutout but they do not hold the cutout on the platform.  You can just lift it off.  The screws hold a frame under the platform that holds the cutout piece.  In this bed cabinet are the converter (with breakers and fuses), inverter, furnace (and flexible ducting), water tank, water pump, drain line from the sink (with a clean out connection), assorted wires and water lines.

Also exposed the transfer switch which is located behind the drivers seat, under the generator start switch and inverter display panel, and behind the carpeted panel.  The panel is screwed to the wall with one visible screw and swings out.

Call from Kermit. He remembers that I had them hard-wire a 50 amp SurgeGuard in the PC.  This is when I also remembered that (duh!).  shrug Oh, and this is the first unit that Phoenix has installed a SurgeGuard on. The remote LCD panel for it is mounted right next to the inverter display panel, but the SurgeGuard unit itself is under the drivers side bed in the carpeted 'box' that is elevated off the floor a bit.  He had an appt, so I told him I'd read up on the SurgeGuard and do some investigating.  The SurgeGuard will protect the RV by monitoring power in from both the generator or shore power, and either won't allow power in or will remove power if: Voltage is under 102V, Voltage is over 132V, Reverse Polarity, Open Conductor, Faulty Ground.

Started the generator and waited for the delay period.  SurgeGuard reports low voltage on Line2 (90V).  Line1 was 122V.  Therefore, no coach power.  Since I'm at storage I couldn't test shore power, but I was at a campground with 50A shore power last weekend and the microwave wasn't powered, so at this point I'm thinking it's not both a shore power and generator issue, though it's possible.  Should have at least glanced at the SurgeGuard display while I was at the campground. I thought I'd take a look at the actual SurgeGuard unit and it's wiring under the drivers bed, but couldn't figure out how the box it's install in is secured under the bed.  I'll have to wait to talk to Kermit again.  He offered that I could take this problem to a shop, but I'm learning too much and having too much fun so far.

More to come as I figure this out, unless there are massive protests.  LOL

219  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: At long last - Our PC arrives! on: November 13, 2013, 09:08:46 pm
Holly:  I get it now.....some of ya travel with the ladder up.  Definitely makes sense to bungee it up in that scenario!

Tom/Bob/others:  before I get into how well it's working (50 amp setup), here's the panel schedule info on my 50 amp rig (listed top breaker to bottom breaker obviously)

20A Receptacles
20A Converter
20A Microwave
20A Roof Air
20A Inverter

30A Main disconnect
20A Main disconnect

20A Water Heater

Yep, some obvious questions there which I can't answer yet, because I'm still working through a problem with Kermit.  Turns out after spending some time with all the preliminary 'stuff' you do when you first get an RV I found that the microwave and some of the outlets weren't getting power (either on shore power or generator). If the thermostat worked I probably wouldn't have power to the a/c unit either (new thermostat on its way). Will know more tomorrow, but it appears there is a problem with the transfer switch (some call it a changeover switch it I think). So, the answer to the question about the main breaker is that there are two (30 and 20). I'll have to ask Kermit about why those loads are balanced like they are (I'm no electrician). The answer about how well it works will obviously have to wait, but I will certainly post results.  I have spent a good deal of time now in the converter/breaker box (pulling breakers, tightening connections, measuring voltages, testing fuses, deciphering hand written panel schedule and relabeling, etc). But I figure I now know a helluva lot more about an important part of an important system that will be home to us for some lengthy periods of time, so I am gaining some good experience....and truly enjoying it.

Kermit and Earl both apologized for the oversight of not providing the power cord and are reimbursing, btw.

I am confident these issues are fairly easy fixes and Kermit has been super supportive and proactive.  Even with these issues, we are deeply in love with our new rig and very excited. It is roomy, cozy, comfy, beautiful and nicely appointed. It is amazing how many people have commented on it and want to see it up close.

- Mike

220  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: At long last - Our PC arrives! on: November 12, 2013, 02:48:37 am

Our 50 amp cord has four prongs on the service side, but three prongs on the rig (camlock)

Makes sense about ensuring the ladder stays put with a bungie cord or similar, even with the 'locking' joint.  I guess I would have found that out at some point in the future.   Grin

  - Mike
221  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: At long last - Our PC arrives! on: November 11, 2013, 01:12:40 pm
Oh, and mentioned using ball bungies to hold up your ladder.  I noticed on our ladder that when it's swung to the up position and then pushed down and in towards the rig a bit at the hinge it locks in place.  Don't know if this newer model has been changed or not, but it's a nice feature.  Here's some pics...
222  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: At long last - Our PC arrives! on: November 11, 2013, 12:30:48 pm
See?  I was paying attention! I did see the post about those particular command hooks when I was reading every forum post a couple months ago and the next day I ran out and bought 8 sets of them at Home Depot!  Of course, it was Barry's fishing pole storage that initially drew me in, but I do see how handy those things can be for lots of stuff.  Thanks Barry and Sue (and again, Holly)!  Cheers

 - Mike
223  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: At long last - Our PC arrives! on: November 11, 2013, 01:57:37 am

That walkthrough video sounds like something that would be valuable to a lot of folks.  Wonder why Phoenix doesn't provide one, especially for delivered units since we don't get to have a real walkthrough at the factory.  Even one for each base model without lots of options would be extremely valuable.  The 'manual' just doesn't cut it. Like you, I'm currently going through each manual, reading them, filing them and filling out registration/warranty cards.  I even have a warranty card for Barker Manufacturing and I haven't run across anything on the PC that relates to them (their website references jacks and things, but the one in my rig isn't theirs). And yes, the most important thing is to enjoy it...and we are, very much!


I think Kermit will make things right.  Not too worried about that.  And the second thermostat idea is something to think about for sure.  Nice having one thermostat control, except when it doesn't.  LOL I did specify a 'non-heat pump' unit, and it concerns me that the thermostat appears to be for a heat pump.  I crawled up on the roof to see which type was installed, but naturally the cover screws are of a type I didn't have a driver for.  No big stress factor any way it goes, just a bump in the road.  I am so looking forward to that first fishing shakedown trip, you can't imagine exactly!. It didn't help matters that the guy at the next site on this one night stay had a little camper van and was traveling the country just to fish!! At least the bright side to being in this part of the country is I won't have to winterize and can fish all winter.  Ok, maybe a little waterlogged but who cares when they're biting!

- Mike
224  Main Forum / General Discussion / At long last - Our PC arrives! on: November 10, 2013, 12:49:18 am
So, our new 2552 arrived yesterday!  Grin Kermit's son Kraig delivered it right on time in the morning, gave us as much of a walkthrough as you can without information overload and then we looked at each other and said 'Ut-Oh, now what?'  After staring at it for a while, mostly excited, we headed home for the load-in.  Our plan was to load it up with the boxes of stuff we had accumulated and head right out to a nearby campground in Napa to check things out, set it up, read through a pile of manuals and get some immediate experience.  Initial reactions at this point were: gorgeous rig, seems like the right amount of room and storage, comfortable and easy to drive, mushy feeling brakes, completely horrific (almost useless) Phoenix Manual.

Our initial choice was the Napa Expo, since it had full hookups and level pad sites but they were full due to a big dog show there.  So we opted for the next closest, Skyline Wilderness Park, which is more rustic.  Site not that level, but it was a large pull-through with 50 amp service and water, and a dump station.  Very nice, quiet place with a lot of trails (including horse trails) and some great scenery.  $30/night with AAA discount.  I was pretty excited at this point because I actually got the PC there and into the site without hitting anything!  Cheer Leveling with the auto levelers was a bit confusing at first, but I managed to accomplish it with only some minor snickering from a neighbor.  It's interesting that when the rig actually looks level, it really isn't. We ended up a bit off level, but I wasn't comfortable with one front wheel off the ground quite yet.  Turned out not that noticeable inside, and the fridge worked fine.  Slide worked great. Water hookup was no problem, though I'm not sure what the 'normal' position is for on the water switch yet. 

First problem.....went to grab the power cable and there was no power cable in the rear compartment.  Called Earl.  Yep, should have been in the rear compartment.  Checked whole rig, no cable.  Either forgotten at the factory or stolen enroute during delivery?  Earl said he'd send one out ASAP, but I told him I'd look locally first. Left Joni with the PC to unload and went to local Walmart which has some RV stuff, but as it turns out they had all cables except 50 amp.  Next stop, local RV and marine parts store.  Looked like they had it, hefty 4prong 50 amp.  Back at the site, went to plug it into the PC and found the rig receptacle has 3 prongs.  Hmmm.  Not only that, the receptacle on the PC is a camlock type, not just plug in.  Call to Earl again.  Verifies that they did install 50 amp service, and both 30 and 50 amp are three prong receptacles.  Suggests again to send the cable, or possibly try Camping World.  The cable I bought at the local RV parts place was an extension, not a primary cable.  Hour later I had the right cable from local CW ($300) and am a happy camper (pun intended) Everything powers up nicely. Awning, tv's, antenna, fantastic fans, DVD and BlueRay, sinks, toilet, shower, fridge, shades, step, backup camera all work wonderfully and seem high quality.  Especially pleasantly surprised by water heater which heated quickly and we never ran out with normal use.  Also surprised by how quickly the gray water tank filled with just two showers and minimal sink use.  Thankful I read Ron's post about the simple gray/black tank equalization process with electric valves which gained us a bit of gray space.  Amazing how much water one uses (wastes) on a normal basis.

Second problem.....wanted to see how the furnace and Coleman Mach8 a/c worked.  Turned on a/c and the Coleman cranked up and seemed to work well.  Set fan to low to see how quiet it would get and it went to low and sounded really quiet.  Somewhere between setting gas heat and electric heat the thermostat died.  Blown fuse in thermostat.  Quick trip to Home Depot for more fuses.  Thermostat displayed room temp when set to off, but when switched to heat or cool and adjusted with up/down, it would display the room temp then set temp then '00' which I think is a comm failure of some sort, then blew the fuse again.  Pulled the thermostat and carefully pulled wiring out of the wall.  All connections seems good with wire nuts and no shorts I could see.  Reinstalled and changed fuse one more luck.  It was pretty late by this time and we decided to forego heating.  Temps got down to just below 50 degrees outside and it was about 55 inside.  Pretty chilly, but manageable for one night.  Good thing Pomeranians were bred to pull sleds and are just big enough to keep your feet warm in the twin beds.  Beds were amazingly comfortable, by the way. Decided to call our first big trip (one night) a success, as far as experience, head back home, finish loading the rig and figure out the thermostat issue.

All in all we love our PC and have received a few comments from people already about how nice it is.  Earl at Phoenix was very apologetic and supportive.  Kraig was very nice, prompt and helpful with the delivery.  And lots of folks on this forum have provided so much great info that it helped us a great deal in figuring things out and making our first days easier. Thanks! ThankYou

Mike and Joni
225  Main Forum / Photos / Re: Windemere on Lake Guntersville in Alabama on: November 09, 2013, 12:41:01 am
 LOL well, just about anywhere except NYC would cost about a third as much as California.  I visited LA a few years ago for the first time (ok, I was dragged) and found it so amazing that we've been back quite a few times when we could get away.  Truly the friendliest people in the world down thar!

Joni and I just received delivery of our very first RV today, and I'm typing from our very first night in an RV park.  I know that the first day, week, month.....can be a learning experience, but based on today I don't see us making it out of California for a little while yet.  shrug More on that later, but I am.....what's the word....oh yes: TIRED!   LOL

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