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I would like to introduce ourselves to everyone here, my name is James and my wife's name is Linda and my screen name is Jeasen. We live in the Kansas City area and just purchased a 1999 2350 Phoenix Cruiser. We had a couple of travel trailers and a class A motorhome years ago when the kids were young but have not had an RV for years because we simply did not take the time away from careers and family to go RVing. Since I retired (Linda is still working) I had been kind of looking at all types of RV's from class A's, to travel trailers, to slide in pickup campers and came across the 2350 Phoenix Cruiser. The more I looked at the Phoenix Cruiser the more i found that I liked about the Phoenix Cruiser and decided to make it mine. Our PC has 52,000 miles on it and shows very little wear from use.

Last fall and winter I had a medical condition that now severely limits me in what I can physically do so it takes me much longer to do things these days. In the last few weeks I have been slowly doing minor maintenance to the PC and getting it ready for it's (ours) maiden trip. I still have a few things to complete before we go but am looking forward to our first trip.

I would welcome any tips or suggestions that anyone could give me that might make our first trip more enjoyable. I want to do all the things that I can think of now rather than being stuck with doing them on the road later. One of the things I could use some help on now is TV placement. I bought a 29" flat screen for the PC. It is to big (wide) to install in the front cabinet with the roll up door over the cab. My first thought was to install it on a swing away bracket toward the drivers side of the roll up door cabinet. With the front placement it can be viewed from the dinette, barrel chair and rear bed which is why it was placed there in the first place. Then we started to look at the space over the entrance door but the TV is about 1 to 1 1/2" taller then the space over the door and I think that it would be a head bumper if mounted there. The TV is very light, it is LED,  and could be mounted almost anywhere. I also have a DVD player to mount in the roll up door cabinet and will have to run an antenna cable and HDMI cable to the TV from the roll up door cabinet to where ever the TV is placed. The TV will be used to watch news, local evening TV programs and the ocasional rented movie. Maybe I bought something bigger than needed and a smaller TV would be better suited to the PC? Anyone?

We are looking forward to meeting you all in person as time goes by. Don't forget to send me your tips and suggestions and ideas on TV placement and preventative maintenance. Thanks, James & Linda
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