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721  Main Forum / General Discussion / Coming Soon! on: May 09, 2011, 06:25:02 pm
Coming soon weighing in at 5.4 tons and 317 inches long with an expected delivery date of 10 weeks.

Okay, we ordered our 2551 today.  Now we are excited.  Our 2008 2350 was delivered to its new home in New Jersey so we were off to the factory today.  We met with Stuart and had a great experience.  He was exceptional in accommodating all of our wants and needs.  He said we were the first to have an order that was more than one page long so you know we asked for alot of changes.  Kuddos to Stuart--he was great to work with.

We went through all the posts on this forum and gave alot of thought to what we wanted and didn't want.  We absolutely loved our 2350 and it was an exceptionally great unit but the opportunity for us to get a little bit larger unit that still will fit in our garage could not be passed up even though the DW cried.  Cry

We kept alot of the things the same as the 2350 like full body paint, no carpet, corian counter extension, no installed table and slide-out.  Some of the things we changed were no ladder or roof rack, swivel driver and passenger seat, motion light on outside, larger overhead cabinets in the winged area, moveable shelves in the shirt closets, door access under the driver side bed, 12 volt plug in bath area, and of course the battery shield.  

Phoenix Cruiser employees are the best!!!!  Smile

722  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Half-time Oven on: April 30, 2011, 05:48:43 pm

     How was your trip to the Keys and did you use your oven??

723  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: smoke detector on: April 19, 2011, 02:03:17 pm

These are usually under warranty for five years.  We had one that did the same thing.  It turned out to be a defective unit.  I think it was a Kiddie and they sent us a replacement under warranty.  They just asked us for the info on the old one to verify it.

724  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Satellite dish on: April 10, 2011, 07:54:08 pm

I did not want to drill any holes in the roof or floor so this is what I did.

I could not receive Direct TV using existing wiring on my 2008 PC.

I contacted technical support for both ANTENNATEK and WINEGARD about this situation.  Both companies provided the same explanation, a DC filter is installed within the wall plate to block any DC voltage on the cable input.  The satellite dish requires approximately 12 - 18VDC to power the LNB portion of the dish.  This voltage is supplied by the satellite receiver and is required to pass through all cables and any wall plates that are installed.  This filtering action is what prevents the satellite dish/receiver from working.

Wall plates that are typically installed in the RV industry are ANTENNATEK Part Number 065840 or WINEGARD Part Number RV7012.  These wall plates provide the option of watching TV from the RV TV antenna or from an external cable source but not from a satellite provider. 


The existing OUTSIDE CABLE JACK is used to connect to either a satellite dish or to the park cable to the coach and a Diplexer is used to route the signals inside the coach.  Two modifications are required.  First, the existing Telephone jack wall plate is replaced with a combination Telephone/TV wall plate.  Second, a Diplexer is installed between the OUTSIDE CABLE JACK and the existing amplifier wall plate.

The Diplexer is a passive device that combines or separates satellite and cable signals.  In addition, the Diplexer will pass DC voltage on the satellite port but will block the DC voltage on the cable port.  The cable port of the Diplexer is connected to the CABLE IN port of the existing amplifier wall plate and the satellite port of the Diplexer is connect to the TV connection on the new combined wall plate.  The satellite receiver is then connected to the new wall plate.  Distribution of the TV signal within the coach is a function of the installed Television equipment.

This is the simplest solution and requires the fewest new parts, however, it does present a problem.  Since the OUTSIDE CABLE JACK is shared between the Satellite input and the Cable input there is a chance the Satellite Receiver may put 12-18VDC onto the park cable.  To prevent this the Satellite Receiver needs to be disconnected from 120VAC or RG6 cable opened to the Diplexer. The simple solution to this issue is to always unplug your satellite receiver prior to hooking up the RV park cable.

Hope this helps.

725  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Eval. of first 2552 on: April 04, 2011, 04:52:21 pm
Found your evaluation of the 2552 to be very helpful and informative.  We currently have a 2008 2350 and are looking at either a 2551 or 2552.  Finale decision will likely be based upon being able to get the unit in and out of the garage.

We got a front end alignment at a frame shop, added a rear track bar and Bilstein shocks (front only) to our 2350 and it ended driving like an F150 with a cap.

Have you considered the benefits of a front end alignment and upgraded shocks this may eliminate the need for a steering stabilizer, just a thought?

My wife wants to know if you have used the Half Time oven and how you like it.

Barry & Sue
726  Main Forum / General Discussion / Half-time Oven on: April 02, 2011, 01:45:59 pm
I was looking at the new PC's and noticed that the microwave that is used is called an Appollo Half-time oven.  Has anyone used this half-time oven, or convection and how do you like it?  I really luike the Samsung convection oven and just wondering about this new microwave.

727  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: 2551 For Two on: March 31, 2011, 01:38:25 pm

I love your ex-cutting board idea.  I also like your color choices with the grey.

What size comforters did you use on the beds?  They look to fit perfectly.  Also did you find the beds to be comfortable?

728  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Suspension and handling on: March 26, 2011, 02:29:28 pm
Hi jdw

We have the 2008 2350 and the first thing we did was have the alignment done.  The next thing was to have the Heavy Duty Bilstein shocks on the front only.  Finally, a year later we installed the blue ox tiger trac to eliminate the body sway from side to side.  What a huge improvement on the 2350.  We have the 2008 with slide and were in gust up to 50 mph and there were no issues.  The RV now drives like a typical F-150 with a cap.  This trac bar is different than the sway bar.  We have kept the original front and rear sway bars. We are very pleased with the ride and driveability.

729  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: More questions on the 2551/2552 on: March 13, 2011, 11:04:16 am
Judi and George,

Thanks.  Did you find alot more storage space going from the 2350 to the 2551?

Also, how does the outside storage on the 2551 meet your needs?

We really like our 2350 but find spending 6 months out of the year a little tight.  It was tough having both winter and summer clothes in the 2350.

We love to camp at W.P. Franklin.  Didn't get there this year but spent two weeks at the COE in Stuart (St. Lucie campground).
730  Main Forum / General Discussion / More questions on the 2551/2552 on: March 13, 2011, 09:48:15 am
How do folks with the 2551/2552 like the twin beds.  Are they easy to make?  Do you find them to be enough room to sleep?  Do they take standard sheets?

In this model how is the storage space? 

I saw a 2552 with a pantry.  How is the space with the pantry? 

How do you like the couch?  Is it comfortable?  How is the air bed?

731  Main Forum / General Discussion / Gas Mileage on 2551/2552 on: March 12, 2011, 03:52:10 pm
Was wondering what the gas mileage is on a 2551 or 2552 (E450) non-diesel. 

732  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Re: Mods to our '04 2350 - Bathroom on: February 25, 2011, 11:08:12 am
We added a cabinet in the recessed wall next to the shower.  My DW uses it for her hair dryer, curling iron and larger things needed in the bathroom.  It does not interfere while dressing in the bathroom.  We made it out of the same material as the cabinets and we put a nickel drawer handle so the top can be removed to gain access.  It works great and holds alot of items.  I will post a picture in April when we return from Florida.

733  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Re: Things We Have Added to Our 2350 - Extra Storage on: February 25, 2011, 10:59:36 am

We have no problems with the drivers seat hitting the extra cabinet.  We have more than enough room and I am 6' so the seat is far back.

734  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Re: Things We Have Added to Our 2350 - Extra Storage on: February 20, 2011, 03:27:46 pm

   We made the cabinet that sits behind the drivers seat.  Purchased material from phoenix cruiser.  The side cabinet next to the door (instead of the 2nd passenger seat) was made and installed by phoenix cruiser.

735  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Need advice on 2350 versus 2551 model. on: February 20, 2011, 11:55:13 am
We have the 2350 with slide and couch.  We are into our 3rd month in FLorida and have found no problems with space.  When we entertain 4 adults to eat or play cards we bring in our folding travel chairs and they work great.  Yes, 4 adults have eaten in our coach.  It makes for some fun.

We personally like the rig without the extra passenge chair and opted for the extra cabinets.  We would chose this option again because of the space it provides. 

As far as extra seating in the 2551 or 2552 you could always setup the table between the two twin beds and use them as pseudo couches.  We did not have the table mounted in our 2350.  We added folding legs to the cherry table top and it works wonderful.

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