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1  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Introduce Yourself! on: July 22, 2014, 10:49:20 am
We live in SC where almost all our travels start with I-85 to Atlanta or I-26.  My husband refuses to consider any trip that goes through Atlanta.  Can't speak to Birmingham.
2  Main Forum / Adventure Anywhere / Re: West Rim Grand Canyon Skywalk on: July 22, 2014, 10:45:48 am
Thanks JT.  Just planning ahead and considering where to go and what our next adventure will be.  Good to know access isn't terrible.
3  Main Forum / Adventure Anywhere / West Rim Grand Canyon Skywalk on: July 20, 2014, 02:35:46 pm
Looking for anyone who has visited the WEST Rim of the Grand Canyon.  We want to visit the Skywalk but it appears to be VERY difficult to get to, expensive and the closest camping appears to be in Kingman AZ.  Has anyone attempted this in a PC?
4  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: 2350 Outside Storage on: July 14, 2014, 11:51:41 pm
We were afraid of the loss of storage when moving from our roomy class A to our 2350.  When we started transferring our stuff, we realized how much we were hauling that we rarely used.  My husband is brilliant in packing.  Somehow he has two nice aluminum directors chairs, a folding table, a grill, and several plastic storage bens in the drawer/ storage.  The back storage has fishing stuff and who knows what else.  For our fall trip we plan to purchase a lightweight hitch cargo carrier to put our heavy boots and coats or transitional clothing. We haven't missed anything from our class a! We aren't carrying as many groceries, but pulling into a parking lot for a few items is soooo much easier in the PC.
5  Main Forum / Photos / Re: 2450 non-slide on: July 12, 2014, 10:01:03 am
Congratulations!  Very nice.  Know you must be excited.  Can't wait to see inside. Smile
6  Main Forum / Adventure Anywhere / Re: Acadia national park on: July 12, 2014, 09:56:11 am
 Can't wait to hear your recap.  Take good notes for us. We will only boondocking three nights when we get there in October! Be safe and have a blast! Heart Shower
7  Main Forum / Adventure Anywhere / Re: Advice on visiting Glacier National Park on: June 30, 2014, 01:04:35 pm
We even went into Canada with our doxie.  I admit I don't always read the campground rules, but we never had an issue.  We stayed in nps campgrounds and provincial camp grounds. Of course she weighed about 10 pounds and we never let her off her leash when walking and never ever tied her out like so many people do.  She was always under our control except when she was in the motorhome.  We made sure that we had papers from our vet showing her vaccinations were current and her health was good.
8  Main Forum / Adventure Anywhere / Re: Advice on visiting Glacier National Park on: June 30, 2014, 10:00:25 am
 We visited 3 years ago in September.  Beautiful!  We still had our class a and did have our precious Peanut at the time.  We were towing and were able to leave our baby safely in the motor home while we toured.  I would suggest you check out the Red bus tours.  They do several different packages for "going to the sun."  I believe they pick up in some camp grounds.   I do remember that the wind was horrendous when we visited.  There was at least one day when our low profile car was severely buffeted. 
9  Main Forum / Photos / Re: Sparky with us on Monterey Bay shoreline on: June 19, 2014, 08:00:55 pm
You got it right!  Beautiful picture.
10  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Re: Best paper maps on: June 18, 2014, 06:26:19 pm
Didn't know about State Farm, but we haven't been with them in many years.  Picked up the extra large 2015 rand mcnally atlas at Barnes & noble.  It is nice, we got the spiral bound one.  Also received Maine and Pennsylvania maps in the mail this week.  Planning our route is entertaining when it is too hot here in SC to leave the AC.  Upgraded my gps with the lifetime maps subscription.  Funny thing, we will still get lost somewhere along the road.
11  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Re: Best paper maps on: June 07, 2014, 10:12:17 pm
What a hoot to read the comments.  Bill G I'm too cheap to print my streets and trips details.  Looks like it will be the Walmart atlas for us.  Nice since we have the pouch on the back of the PC seats to stow it in.  Thanks all.  Heart Shower
Buffalo Rose
12  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Best paper maps on: June 06, 2014, 04:37:28 pm
We have always supplemented our gps and Microsoft Streets&Trips with paper maps from AAA.  This year we didn't renew AAA so are looking for state highway maps for our Fall trip to Acadia NP, preferably free or inexpensive. I know we can stop at welcome centers but we like to review our route in advance.  Do you purchase Rand McNally?  Visited a couple of official state tourism sites but at least two states did not offer a mail option for paper highway maps. 
13  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: On this Memorial day I remember. on: May 26, 2014, 12:58:18 pm
Thank you for your service and for reminding us what this day is for!  We appreciate our veterans.
14  Main Forum / Adventure Anywhere / Re: Acadia national park on: May 07, 2014, 11:41:47 pm
We are thrilled at the great suggestions and are so appreciative of the warm support of the folks on this forum.  So glad we bought our PC. It has given us the opportunity to make new friends!  Thank you for all the information.  We will definitely have a rental.  May even rethink towing since we have that ability.  With the 2350, we are nearly 10 feet shorter.  Glad we asked for advice early in our planning stages.  Gives us time to research and consider a lot of good information.
15  Main Forum / Adventure Anywhere / Re: Acadia national park on: May 06, 2014, 04:05:27 pm
We haven't set our route yet, just made our Acadia reservation to ensure a spot.  I will check out the book Judi, maybe there is a kindle edition!  We generally use Microsoft Streets and Trips software to route our trips via my laptop. Then start figuring out what to see and where to stay along the way or near our destination point. I am sure there is much to see and do.  We rarely travel longer than a month since we have a kitty and sweet dog that we leave behind and miss too much.  We may need to plan at least two days or so beyond the three at Acadia.  Maybe a night at Camden Hills State Park, thanks for that Bob & Michelle.  Please chime in if  there are any "not to be missed" sights more than a day or two beyond Acadia. Right now, that is our "destination point" after which we will begin ambling back toward SC.  I want to drive through Shenandoah NPs up or back.  Hubby wants it to be part of a DC trip.  Soooo much to see and do and so little time  Smile Glad we are retired!
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