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31  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Re: Skin Care for our Cruiser on: June 21, 2013, 08:56:30 pm
Roundy round dirt sprint cars us a liquid dissolved in water, spray on, and left to dry, sure makes getting the mud off easier after and between races.  I have used it on the front of a motorhome during high bug season (those little black ones) and wiping the bugs off with minimum water is a nice touch. Spray bottle before leaving the next day and you are set again.  I used Mudd-Off IIRC.

The link is for info only. I don't know tlhem.
32  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Re: Thetford Lubricant on: June 20, 2013, 07:56:27 pm
Some silicone sprays are formulated with solvents that will attack plastics. The solvents usually evaporate fairly quickly, but me, I'd stick with same brand.
33  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Tire Pressure on: June 14, 2013, 02:28:26 pm
Agreed - wear them out in place, replace as pairs or fours, fronts together and 4 rears together (easier on the differential).
34  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Tire blowouts at 25000 miles - Michelin LT 225/75R16. on: May 22, 2013, 05:57:31 pm
Driving on one good dual and one flat, is a sure fire way to insure the good tire blowing out, from being grossly overloaded, even for a short duration. 

Ask me, how I know that?

When the second tire blew from being overloaded for less than ten miles, the dual replaced and a couple hundred miles later it caused more damage than a set of 6 would have cost new, way false economy.

Word to the wise, don't try to limp in or to somewhere else, STOP and change the bad tire.  I never went anywhere after that without road service.
35  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Another season on the road and the inverter is not working on: May 19, 2013, 09:10:38 pm

    I was also thinking, and this happened to me on more than one occasion--I thought I was in the "use" position because the red light was on but in essence I had plugged it in and did not put the button in the use position so I was not charging my batteries.  The red light was only on because I was plugged in.


100% right, cycle the switch at the very least and then check your voltages.
36  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: tank sensors, Can the new electonic sensors be installed on older models on: May 14, 2013, 11:31:15 pm
Can't help with the external sensors but cleaning the interior is half a tank of water (fairly hot if possible) Dawn and Clorox and drive around corners left and right for an hour or so.
37  Main Forum / Around the Campfire / Re: Get that thinking cap on again on: May 08, 2013, 11:33:23 pm
Mt. Everest
38  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Back Up TV on: May 07, 2013, 07:30:20 pm
Mine did that and I just had to page through the options and eventually I got to the right one to get the pic back.
39  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Do I need two Air Conditioners? on: May 07, 2013, 12:40:54 pm
When I bought my 2700 I thoght the AC was a little weak so I fought for a pull down test on a hot day and it would not in 30 min or so, so part of the deal was a 15K unit with heat strip.  Never regretted that one. From a previous class A I kinda formed the opinion that anything over 30' needed two in Okieland and points West.
40  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Picking up our 2552 on Wednesday on: April 29, 2013, 02:38:15 pm
Years ago when brownouts at campgrounds were more common, I saw a guy using buck/boost transformer and he had weird wires hanging out with exposed ends.   I asked about it and that was the deterrent along with the bicycle cable lock.  The wires didn't do anything but also didn't seem entirely harmless - worked too.
41  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Re: Skin Care for our Cruiser on: April 16, 2013, 08:23:24 pm
42  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Baby Seat Placement on: April 16, 2013, 08:22:30 pm
I am thinking the the only seat that provides all of the baby seat prerequisites is the passenger seat.
43  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Storage of Phoenix Cruiser on: April 03, 2013, 04:15:44 pm
My last two MH's in heat and humid Tulsa, I ran the AC from Apr 1 to Nov 15 set on 85 unless I was working inside the unit.

Much to the chagrin of the bill payer, BUT it helped keep both nice and both sold quickly. I don't regret the expense. 
Qualifier here is that both were stored in a pole barn with sides down to 4' that kept them out of direct sun.
44  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: refrig won't switch over to gas automatically on: April 02, 2013, 11:34:20 am
12vdc is required at the frig for both the  controls and the solenoid valve on the the propane line.
45  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Any rear end drag problems with 218' wheelbase? on: March 28, 2013, 11:25:51 pm
I believe PC does a better job of engineering the clearance on departure angles than most but I still occasionally drug the threaded portion of the hitch ball below the nut, til I finally ground it off with a grinder, only once after that, out West going into a filling station in an area that did not have storm drains, just deeper gutters.
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