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211  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Finding digital tv signals over-the-air on: February 26, 2011, 03:00:21 pm
Yes, it's the wingman--feeble mind couldn't recall the name so I fudged.
212  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Finding digital tv signals over-the-air on: February 26, 2011, 02:43:16 pm
All I do is raise the antenna and run the auto channel search.  However, being in the West most of the time, I'm either on flat land or on a mountain with no obstructions.  I have noticed that I usually find more stations on the Samsung tv up front than on the 19" I installed in the bedroom.  About the only time I rotate the antenna is when reception is fuzzy or pixle freeze occurs.  The digital addition to the antenna on my current PC and on my previous 2007 2700 PC did make a significant difference.
213  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Backup camera temporarily conked out on: February 26, 2011, 02:31:46 pm
My backup camera did the same as your's several times.  Each time it happened, I turned it off then back on after a few seconds and it worked fine.  Since moving the monitor to get it out of the way of the sunshade, I haven't had that problem.  I did notice a "dent" in the wire while I had it out that appeared to have been caused by the mount bracket screw.  I straightened the wire out, gently pushed it back in, crossed my fingers and screwed in the relocated bracket.  I also experienced the floppy mirror problem on my own PC and on another PC that I ferried to a dealer in AZ.  The problem is the set screw that the others have described.  After tightening mine, I dabbed a little white touch up paint on the top of the set screw just to make it "pretty" again.
214  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Re: Mods to our '04 2350 - Bathroom on: February 25, 2011, 07:28:33 pm
Bill, I built a rectangle box-2 sides, front, bottom-that I attached to the bathroom vallance top with industrial velcro for my wife's "stuff"
215  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Finding digital tv signals over-the-air on: February 25, 2011, 07:22:06 pm
Ron, the tv does not have the "where to point the antenna" feature.  One note to the original poster for this subject, you also have to make sure the tv is set for over the air reception and not cable.  I sometimes forget to change this after I use cable or directv, and my search for stations comes up empty.  We almost always get a load of Mexican, religious and ION stations when we use the antenna.
216  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Water Drain valves on 2350 on: February 21, 2011, 10:24:48 am
David, if the by-pass valve you mentioned is the one for the water heater, you have one under the bottom drawer on the 2350 that comes standard on all PCs.
217  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Water Drain valves on 2350 on: February 18, 2011, 03:50:07 pm
I've been thinking about making a blow-out from an old hose and misc fittings, so you've saved me some time & frustration--not to mention it will probably work better.  Since we live in an area with a moderate climate (although not this year), I've been wanting to winterize by blowing out the system instead of using rv antifreeze.  I used rv antifreeze last year and this year, and I have to confess an error I made both years.  I did the most obvious things - drained the water heater tank, switched the by-pass valve, ran the antifreeze through the hot & cold water taps/inside & outside shower head/toilet line.  Then when I de-winterized and used the kitchen sink, I got a small shower from the spray nozzle that I failed to even notice when I winterized.  Those of you in colder climates can laugh now.  My check list now has "remove kitchen spray nozzle".  Anyway, I'm off to Walmart...
218  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Water Drain valves on 2350 on: February 18, 2011, 10:43:11 am
Thanks for the info, Ron.  When I replaced the overflow line, I did find a piece of plastic in the line.  I'll bet there's more in the drain line that's causing my slow drain problem.  I'm planning on replacing the water pump soon, so I'll check all the lines under the bed. 
219  Main Forum / General Discussion / Water Drain valves on 2350 on: February 17, 2011, 01:59:22 pm
I have 3 water drain valves on the large storage bay/drawer side, and I'm not sure what 2 of them are for.  I do know the back one is for draining the fresh water tank.  The other 2 may be for blowing out the lines for winterizing??  Any thoughts?  Also, the fresh water tank drains very slowly.  I was having problems filling the tank, so I checked the hose under the bed and found it bowed in the middle.  I supported it all along the run and made sure it sloped to the tank, and that corrected that problem.  I also found a kink in the overflow/vent tube just outside the water tank, and the tube was full of mold.  I replaced this tube with a stronger tube and made sure it drained properly.  I thought that might improve the drain flow, too, but it had no affect. 
220  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Need advice on 2350 versus 2551 model. on: February 17, 2011, 01:26:59 pm
We traded a 2700 with rear bedroom slide, dinette no slide last year for a 2350 with couch and slide.  We like the slide because we spend more time in the living area and really like the extra space it provides.  We have been on several trips on very rough roads, and have never had a rattle or noise problem with the slide.  The only rattles we have so far are from the grates on the stove which we quiet by putting an oven mitt between the top and the grates.  We haven't missed having the dinette, and (for us) the couch is more versatile.  The table can be positioned in 4 different locations, so we have choices when we want to eat/use the computer/lay out maps/etc.  The rear bed is rather inconvenient to make, and the problem noted by others about one of us getting up is true.  It is a double and not a queen.  We put a memory foam top on ours to make it more comfortable.  We have spent several months at a time in our 2350 with no problems, but we're both small (5'6" & 5'2") and been married 43 years (know when to go outside...).  We plan on going full time next year in this 2350.  We haven't regretted getting the 2350, but you'll need to carefully consider your own wants/needs/desires/expectations/personal situation.  I really like the ease in driving on the back roads and through towns, and parking is seldom a problem.  The comments about getting the captains chair instead of the barrel chair should be seriously considered.  I recently removed the carpet and put in laminate flooring which we really like, but I doubt that would be an economical option from PC.  Bottom line - whichever model you choose, you won't be sorry you chose a PC.  Please let us know what you decide.
221  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: sorry to be such a pain in the a__ on: January 11, 2011, 09:35:06 pm
OOps.  Must have had one of those senior moments.  We do have a light over the sink.  Guess that's why I didn't think it wasn't a problem. Sorry for the misinformation.  We're currently "camping" at Lake Pleasant outside of Phoenix, AZ, and it's a "bitter" 57 degrees outside.  Guess I'll have to turn the heat on.  Sorry to ya'll up north.  We're heading to Cambria, CA for a little coast time.
222  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: sorry to be such a pain in the a__ on: January 08, 2011, 09:42:56 pm
All good questions.  I have the smaller 2350, so the furnace uneven heat is not much a problem.  However, we now use a small electric space heater when hooked up to shore power that keeps us more than warm.  Also have a small fan that keeps us cool in summer.  I haven't noticed an inverter hum on the dvd in my unit.  No light over the sink has not been a problem with the other available lights.  We don't have duel pane windows, and haven't noticed any major reasons to want them.  I wouldn't personally pay the extra expense for the maginal (again in my opinion) benefit.  The shades in front are hard/stiff, but not difficult to extend if you take time.  We use them only for short stays or when I'm too lazy to put the cover over the windshield.  Most of the time, I put the full windshield cover purchased from camping world on.  It's really not that hard to put on, and it provides more thermal and privacy benefits.  It also makes the living area seem larger.  I've heard the new version has a fold down version that provides privacy and one way visual from inside.  The mirror by the stove had to have been added without female input.  My wife hates it, and it limits what can be added in that location (on our previous 2700 PC we put a knife holder in that area).  I plan to take it out "one of these days" (low priority since I'll have to repair/replace the covering behind it).  All in all, your concerns are legimate--but relatively minor considering the quality of the overall product.  Keep asking questions until you're comfortable with your decision.
223  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: sinks and drains on: January 05, 2011, 06:58:20 pm
Not sure exactly what you're asking about the sink drains, but both my kitchen, bath and shower drains work perfectly and quickly.  The faucets are good quality for standard rv fixtures.  I've replaced the kitchen and bathroom sink faucets with brushed nickel fixtures from Home Depot just because I like the look better.  I also replaced the shower head with an upgrade from Camping World.  They're all easy to replace - kitchen fixture took a little longer to get the old one out-just be patient.
224  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Another question on: January 02, 2011, 06:55:26 pm
Bob, great idea getting short legs for the table to use as an ottoman.  I'm going to try that--thanks
225  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Entertainment Center Set Up on: December 15, 2010, 10:35:12 pm
If I'm in a campground that has good cable programming, I use only it since that's the easiest.  If there's no cable (or it's really bad), I use a combination of my Wingard roof antenna for local channels and directv for everything else.  This does require switching the cable from the satellite receiver to the internal booster, but that's not a problem (would be even easier if I installed a switch, but I'm too lazy).  When I connect my satellite receiver, the front tv is on satellite and the back tv is on the Wingard antenna.  Instead of spending money for the fancy roof mounted or carryout dishes, I found a discarded directv dish (they can also be found in thrift stores for around $5) and built my own moveable base that allows quick setup.  I described this (probably in too much detail) under the "Wingard Carryout Satellite Dish" topic.  I also added the Wingman to my antenna, and it significantly enhanced my antenna reception.  Now if I could only remember to lower that antenna...
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