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46  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Such A Deal? on: December 13, 2009, 10:46:42 am
We found a similar deal on a similar 2551 Ford gas unit in NC. The price was right but I wanted a diesel chassis and a diesel generator. Therefore, we went and got a 2010 2350S from the factory.

If you can get a discount price that works for you on the 2007, you should require that the dealer change the engine oil and brake fluid. That maintenance is probably required every 2 years regardless of how many miles are on it. In addition, tires are only good for six years. So depending on when Ford built the chassis, you may have 3 to 3.5 or fewer years left on the tires. Although unused, the chassis and coach batteries will also have aged somewhat in the 2.5 years.

You can decode the VIN to figure out when Ford built the chassis. In addition, the tires have the year and week of manufacture molded into the sidewall.
47  Main Forum / Around the Campfire / Thrillin' Grillin' on: December 10, 2009, 10:10:10 am
We like to “grill” with our Big Green Egg and hibachi. Charcoal and wood chips, slow smoky cooking, mmmm….
I read the “Sharp Carousel Operation Manual and Cookbook” the other night and wondered about grilling in it. I tested it first without anything in it by following the “Compu-Grill” instructions for fish fillets. The dry run burned off whatever and the fumes set off the smoke alarm that I quickly cleared by opening the roof vent.
For dinner last night, we tried the “Grilled Salmon with Basil Sauce” on page 33 of the Manual. I used the ingredients in the recipe but followed the cooking instructions that appeared on the Carousel; i.e., placing the dish with the steaks on top of the rack.
We used two thawed 6 oz (.75 lbs total) swordfish steaks that we had in the freezer. The instructions were not clear to us as to whether the weight you enter is for each steak or for the total amount of the steaks. Since ours were less that the ľ in to 1 in specified, we entered the .5 lb weight.
The result was delicious. The steaks were tasty, moist, and not overdone. The leftover sauce in the dish was a compliment to basmati rice and wilted spinach. However, it is a stretch to call the result of this recipe “grilled” when compared to a 400° fire in the Big Green Egg. For a little more grill next time, we might enter a more weight; say .8 lbs. to get some more time cooking time.
This time we used the range hood and the roof vent during cooking and had no problems with the smoke alarm or residual odors. By the way, our 2350S was parked in the driveway for this test.
48  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Prepping the Cutting Board on: November 19, 2009, 07:51:25 pm
The cutting board in our 2350 is a nice block of hardwood and it is a solid surface to use for food prep. It is best for slicing dry foods such as bread. As a porous surface, it would be unsafe if any food liquids soaked in and provided a home for bacteria. We decided to treat the board to make it less permeable and make cleaning the surface easier. I found an interesting article for treating cutting boards at

While you can buy “special” cutting board treatments, we went the route suggested in the article. We applied a heavy coat of mineral oil twice a day for a week. After a week, the oil took an hour or so to soak in completely. Then we used beeswax dissolved in hot mineral oil for two coats, and a final wax with just beeswax. The surface is now more resistant to spills and the beeswax has a nice fragrance.
49  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Surge Protection on: November 18, 2009, 08:46:17 am
Our recently-acquired 2350 does not have integrated surge protection. We opted for the portable surge protector available at Camping World (Model 34730). A portable unit and its readily viewable indicator lights seems like a good option when compared to adding to the complexity of the coach electrical system.
50  Main Forum / General Discussion / Delivery Day Recommendations on: November 12, 2009, 12:38:23 pm
Based on our delivery last month, here are our ideas to make your delivery glitch-free:
•   Wait until Phoenix tells you that your unit is complete before you travel to Elkhart to pick it up. I drove to Elkhart from the Carolinas to arrive on the Monday after the Friday when our 2350 was to be complete. However after I left on my trip early Friday, material availability delayed delivery until the following Tuesday afternoon.
•   Start your delivery process early in the day. I took delivery in the afternoon and did not seem to have enough time to check everything out.
•   Important, know how to and be prepared to check out your unit’s vitals before you take delivery. This includes chassis fuel, engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, tire pressures, and warning indicators and the coach generator oil, tank levels, and propane. (Since the appropriate engine oil for the Sprinter diesel is not available at retailers such as WalMart, get some from a Dodge or Mercedes dealer beforehand.)
In my case after I drove away from the factory I saw that the fuel gage on the Sprinter read 0 (one indicator bar) and there were some lit indicators on the instrument panel, which I did not immediately comprehend.
First problem was to find a diesel station in Elkhart (Karin at the factory was helpful by phone). After I refueled and got back to the motel for the first night, I checked out the owners manual for the warning indicators, which were lit for the SRS (supplemental restraint system – an airbags and seatbelts problem) and lamp out problem.
I returned to the factory on Wednesday to correct the indicator problems, which required a half-day trip to the Dodge dealer in Goshen, IN to reprogram the chassis computer. Note: Phoenix indicated that they would correct this particular reprogramming problem in all subsequent Sprinter chassis they have.
I eventually tested the tire pressures and found the inner tires seriously under inflated. The how and when of this hazardous situation is indeterminate but if I had checked the tires myself before delivery, I would not have driven far on under inflated tires.
•   I assume that the paperwork you get at delivery is what works for Indiana. In North Carolina, it did not meet the bill. If you are not from Indiana, I recommend that you go to your local DMV office and get a list of documents you need to register your unit  (Be specific in telling the DMV that you are getting a “motor house” or whatever they call a motor home in your state). Check with Phoenix to see if they provide the same documentation. If not, bring copies of the required forms with you when you pick up the unit in Elkhart. Phoenix will send you the manufacturers’ certificates of origin (one for the chassis and one for the coach) about a week after you take delivery.
•   You may have negotiated a better price for your unit than the Phoenix MSRP. If so, ask for a bill of sale at delivery that reflects the price you actually paid otherwise, your state my try to collect sales tax on the MSRP rather than the price you paid.
•   I recommend that you negotiate on your insurance. In my case, I made several trips to my home/car insurance agent’s office and kept challenging their proposals. I also told them that I was looking at other options, which I was. In the end, I got a substantial cut from their first offer.
•   I brought a set of Metric and SAE hand tools with me to fix any problems on the way home. Note: I did not use or need any of them! (I would carry a quality 12V tire inflator though.)
•   Any issues I list above could have been avoided with better communication and planning. I found the staff at Phoenix to be friendly and helpful especially Kraig Fisher (Kermit’s son) and Karin in the office. When I presented my issues, everyone at Phoenix quickly and cheerfully worked to resolve them.
•   I’ll write soon about my trip home and outfitting the coach. We are very happy with our purchase and hope to get many years service out of it.
51  Main Forum / General Discussion / Today Was Pick-up Day! on: October 20, 2009, 07:04:46 pm
Today I picked up our new 2350S. Thought I was going to do so yesterday but a few missing items pushed delivery to today. No problem. Kraig Fisher, Kermit's son helped introduce me to the 2350S with a thorough introduction. I drove off and was very pleased with how quiet the Sprinter chassis and Phoenix coach traveled down the road. The 2350 does not handle exactly like my long-deceased autocrossing Porsche 924S but I liked the handling.
I went back to my motel and used the nifty backup camera view to back into a parking space on my first shot. I'll check out everything tomorrow before I head back home. I'll use the 1000mi trip to carefully break in the Sprinter's diesel.
52  Main Forum / General Discussion / Roadside Assistance on: September 09, 2009, 10:28:21 am
As a soon-to-be PC 2350 owners, we're looking for info on roadside assistance insurance. Do any of the members have experience with these programs? Are they useful? Worth the cost? Which ones would members recommend?
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