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1021  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Newbie: And I'd like some advice (Thanks in advance!!) on: March 02, 2011, 08:01:50 am

Welcome Gordon,

    What you might want to do is to go to the home page and look at the different models and their floor plans. Then look at the inventory, both new and used. Then call Stuart at the factory and ask him what he has coming in this month or early April. I see a used 2350 already listed. It does not seem to have a TV, but it has the antenna. You could ask Stuart what it would cost for them to add the TV. Stuart is very up front with all of us and a great guy to work with.

    As for telling you which floor plan you need, that is impossible because we all think differently. I can not make up my own mind about what size is the best. The best is the one I have right now. I have had six motorhomes, 26', 34', 28', 21', 35' and now Phoenix (2350) 23', both class A, B+ & C. For parking and long term living in them the larger ones are better, for touring and being able to go anywhere the shorter the better. You will even see a lively discussion about slide outs on here. It is up to you. You do not say what the special needs, the breed or size of your pup is, it could make a difference on floor plans. We travel with two large dogs (85lbs lab & 125lbs German Shepard) and need the slide for the floor space for them. We use both the rear bed and the sofa bed at night, much like we would do if we had twin beds.

    Good luck on your hunt and if you have any more questions, please ask away. The folks on here are all very nice and more than willing to help each other.  ThumbsUp
1022  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Leveling jacks and weight limits? on: February 28, 2011, 05:02:08 pm
I have the HWH leveling jacks (6000 lbs) on my PC. The factory uses HWH when you have them installed when your PC is being built. What you might want to do is to call HWH and talk to them. They are very nice people to work with. They will level your PC without the need for blocks, you just sit in the drivers seat and push a couple of buttons depending on which lights are lit on the control panel. I would not own a motorhome without leveling jacks. They will stop about 90 percent of the rocking when parked. Look at this website Also if you ever have any problems, and we all know we will have a problem some day no matter how good the product, just call them. The guy that posted he has a problem with the valves should call them also as this is generally an easy fix that they can walk you though.

The very best modification in my humble option is to replace the standard shocks with Bilstein HD shocks ( and local install. It will improve your handling and stop a lot of the rocking when parked. Remember this is a mobile home not a house built on concrete, so you will never get it to stop rocking 100 percent.
1023  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Finding digital tv signals over-the-air on: February 27, 2011, 08:27:12 am
Good find Billy. The way every thing is explained should be very helpful in this discussion. This meter is similar to the Winegard signal strength meter I referenced in an earlier post in this tread, but at half the price. Now I just have to find out which would be more accurate, One has four LEDs and the other a scale of 1-99.

Which magazine did you find this in? I looked through the "Motorhome" that I got yesterday and could not find it.

I just found the "installation and Operation instructions" here: After reading them I have a better understanding of what they are talking about. I am thinking that I may just stick with what I do now. I look to see which direction the other antennas in the campground are pointed and point mine in that same general direction. It is so much simpler than what they want me to do.
1024  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Backup camera temporarily conked out on: February 26, 2011, 09:32:28 am
"Or, for that matter, do you know what I ought to do with that mirror?  It's got a couple of alan wrench bolts in the base that look like they ought to tighten it down, but they feel like they've already been tightened by The Terminator.  I don't think human hands are going to improve matters there... at least, not mine.  So I don't know what to do."

You are correct about the mirror, the Hex bolts do tighten the mirror. You may need to losen it, move the ball around a little and retighten the bolts. You should of gotten a wench with the PC for this, but any allen wrench of the correct size will do. It helps to insert the short end into the bolt to break the bolt lose.

I can't help you on the camera as this has never happened to me. I would just check the connections on the back of the monitor, then wait to see if it ever happens again.

1025  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Finding digital tv signals over-the-air on: February 24, 2011, 03:41:25 pm
Ron, look at my post above with the new Winegard aiming plate. I think it is what you are looking for. I have never tried one and am also wondering how good they are. It would replace your current plate and still have the power booster built in. I always turn on the power booster when watching off the air and off for cable. Sometimes I get the digital signial but feel I am not quite aimed properly. I am sure when you install the wingman, you will find it helps a lot, I did on the old motorhome.
1026  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Finding digital tv signals over-the-air on: February 24, 2011, 07:39:48 am
I see Winegard has come out with a new product to help us with the aiming problem. Go here: to see the SensarPro RFL-342 TV Signal Meter.

Has anyone used this yet or any other product like it?
1027  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: TV light on on: February 23, 2011, 08:23:55 am
Thanks Bob, that is the best explication I have seen on how all this works. You said "The Inverter control panel switches the Inverter on to supply 120v from the batteries to specific circuits. " Do you know which circuits the inverter provides power to. We never watch TV unless we are plugged into 120v or on the generator, so I am wondering when I need the inverter. The only other things I can think of that require 120v power are the coffee maker and the DW's hair dryer.
1028  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Satellite radio/WiFi 26"LCD TV on: February 22, 2011, 06:42:13 am
Welcome Chris,

    The radio that Phoenix uses is the base Ford radio which does not have satellite in it. The TV and the DVD player (not BluRay) has been made by Samsung for the past two years. They are not internet ready. If you want to upgrade either the radio, TV or DVD player, I would suggest you call Stuart at the factory now, assuming you bought factory direct. He will check out what is available and how much extra it cost. If you want something special installed, they generally allow you to ship it to them and they will install it. Then it will be installed in place of the standard equipment.

Your comment "Would appreciate constructive replies." is not required on this forum as you will find everyone here is very friendly and very helpful. This is the best forum I have ever come across.  Wink
1029  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: cutting the sink cover. on: February 21, 2011, 06:31:51 pm
    Just to let everyone know, I got the sink cover cut in half today. The DW really likes it and said it will be much more practical this way. I took it to a granite counter store and they could not cut it with their saw. They sent me to the other end of the strip of factory stores to a carpenter who does coran type counter tops. He said he would cut it with a router because a saw might chip it. He removed about 1/4 inch from the middle. He then waxed it, all for $25.

Thank all of you that replied. ThankYou
1030  Main Forum / General Discussion / cutting the sink cover. on: February 20, 2011, 08:53:57 am
I asked my DW if there is any thing I could change in the kitchen area for her. What a nice guy I am. rolling on the floor Really I am looking for more projects. Anyway she suggested that the sink cover would be better if it came in two pieces. She would like to turn it so the handle cutout is toward the stove and cut it in half, front to back. Does anyone know what to use to cut this or better yet, where i might get it cut? Also will one half still be strong enough to use as a counter top? With this mod she would be able to use half for counter space while opening the other half for sink use/using the water.

I hope I am not opening a can of worms here but I had to ask.
1031  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Water Drain valves on 2350 on: February 18, 2011, 07:00:48 pm
Ron according to the techs I used to work with, they also told me that you should leave water in the bottom of the tank. Like you said if the electric water heater is turned on, it will heat the water until the thermostat turns it off. It will work just like when the tank is full. If you don't have any water, the heating element will burn up. I asked them about the water freezing and they said it would be alright because the ice would expand upward into the tank that is now just air, pushing the extra air out the pressure relief valve. They said it is like an ice cube tray, the ice just expands upward. As long as it can expand it would not do any damage. If you leave the tank full of water, then it would expand outward and burst the tank.
1032  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Water Drain valves on 2350 on: February 18, 2011, 03:53:29 pm
Ron, why don't you use the nozzle for inflating your tires on the blow out plug? Also you might want to have someone hold the air to the blow out plug while you turn on, then off each facet. That way you blow the water out of the line to each facet also, not just to the low point drains. I always blow out my lines before adding the RV anti-freeze.
1033  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Raising Venetian blinds on: February 18, 2011, 10:16:06 am
Put hand on bottom bar and push up or pull down. The blinds ride on the string.
1034  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Need advice on 2350 versus 2551 model. on: February 17, 2011, 08:52:43 am
Welcome Laudy,

   Boy did you hit all the main questions in your first post. I think you will not find a direct answer for all your questions here; you will have to search your soul and life style for some of them. I will try to give my take on some of them as will a bunch of the others on here. Everyone is very helpful and friendly on this forum.
   You said that you want either the 2350 or the 2551. I would also suggest you look at the new 2552, which is only one foot longer than the 2551, but has the third chair up front. Like Ron said get the third captains chair. I just replaced my barrel chair with the captains chair because it is much more comfortable.  Having this third chair for watching TV is one of the main reasons we went with the 2350 over the 2551, plus we wanted the shorter motorhome.  More on this later.  Since we got our 2350, they have come out with the 2552 because so many people were asking for this third chair. I think we might have gone with the 2552 if they had it back then.
           We have owned a 26, 34, 28, 21, 35 and now a 23 motorhomes. Each one has its good and bad points depending on what we wanted at the time. About four years ago a good friend of ours took a two month tour of Alaska in their 34 class A motorhome towing a Jeep. It was the right size for them except for some of the mountain roads.  They told me that one couple on the tour had a 42 bus back home but had a pickup with a 11 slide-in camper for this trip. Size does matter, I guess. Right now we like the shorter motorhome because we like taking the back roads and stopping  a places that dont have larger parking areas, stopping for lunch at places where I have to back into a parking space and let my rear hang over the grass. If I was a foot longer, I dont think I could do this. On the other hand, when we had the 26 and the 28 I would pull into a double parking space and take both of them. The difference between 26 and 27 foot would not matter to me. Now a days most tourist places have parking for the larger rigs.
Twin beds or a full bed with a sofa that has an air bed are very similar in sleeping arrangements to us. One sleeps on the bed while the other sleeps on the air bed or one in each of the twin beds. If you prefer to sleep together, than the full bed is your answer.  If you dont want to make up a bed each night, then the twin beds are your answer. If you want the full bed and air bed, then the sofa is your answer over the couch vs. the dinette. Then you get to setup the table or snack trays to eat off of, or your lap like at a dinner party. On and on it goes. Some of the folks on here have said that the dinette is not very comfortable to sit on and watch TV. I dont know as we have the sofa in the slide out. I will tell you that you can only see the TV from one side of the dinette and the middle and left side of the sofa.
           Slide out or not? We would not have a motorhome without a slide out again. The extra floor space makes a real be difference to us. We have never had any problems with a slide out. The extra 400 lbs the slide out weights can make a difference in how much stuff you can carry. We up graded our 2350 to the Ford E450 over the E350 or the sprinter, both of which I felt the CCC (cargo carrying capacity) was on the low side for me. We are large people and have two large dogs for a total of about 600 lbs (dont ask for a break down) plus the water, LPG, gas, clothes and food stuff. I wanted the extra 1,000 lbs of CCC. There are some on here that dont feel the need for the extra floor space and therefore dont want the slide out. After I retired, I went back to work for four years selling RVs. I can tell you that most of the people I sold to wanted as many slide outs as they could get. You might want to think about this when it comes time to sell your motorhome.
        I hope I have not confused you too much. Keep reading this web site and all the other ones you can find. I think the information you gain here will be some of the best you can get. Hope to have you as a member of our merry little band someday. Phoenix makes a very good little motorhome.
1035  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: what we traded in on: February 15, 2011, 11:21:13 am
Billy, that is a nice motorhome that someone will grab and really love it. It just has to find someone looking for a larger motorhome. I traded in a 35 foot class A on the Workhorse and it sold in a few days. The new owner called me and he loves it. I had put HD front and rear anti-sway bars and a front track bar. He said it drove like a diesel motorhome. I love this new PC just as much as I loved the old one, but our habits changed and the smaller one works better now.
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