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736  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Re: New Access Door Added on: June 30, 2013, 07:51:04 am
Really a nice job Berry.
I was wondering why you chose to raise the door over dropping it. It seems like it would be easier to see into the cabinet if the door dropped. I am guessing it has something to do with the hinges and mounting them.
Either way it is a nice addition that I think Phoenix should make a standard. ThumbsUp
737  Main Forum / Around the Campfire / Re: Finished and Complete: on: June 29, 2013, 08:07:51 am
This is your best one yet. ThumbsUp
738  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: leaking air conditioner and refrigerator is sweating inside. on: June 23, 2013, 05:52:32 pm
Leaking roof A/C means there is a lot of moisture in the air and it has frozen up. Just turn it off and let it sit for a few minutes. Running the fan can help defrost the out side coils. If it is dripping inside, then you need to remove the inside cover and tighten the four bolts about 1/2 turn each. Do not over tighten the bolts as this will cause the seal to get to tight.

As for the refrigerator, just keep the door closed as much as possible and it will dry out by itself. A box of baking soda inside the refrigerator will help prevent this condition and will help dry it out now.
739  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Moisture In Back Up Camera on: June 23, 2013, 08:53:39 am
740  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Moisture In Back Up Camera on: June 23, 2013, 07:44:32 am
neither my 2010/2350 or my 2012/2552 Sony camera backup system offered sound.
741  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Moisture In Back Up Camera on: June 22, 2013, 05:10:44 pm
I had this problem from water entering from the top cable. I used a hair dryer to try to remove the water. Don't do this. I now have a blury picture. I had to remove the camera and bracket from the PC in order to take the four little screws out. My PC is full body paint including inside the screws to rotate the camera, so I could not get to the two back screws. After I removed the four little screws, I found a rubber gasket. With care I was able to remove the lens part, only to find a couple of wires going to it. I was able to wipe down the insides and reassamble everything. I still have a blury picture, so I must have hurt the plastic lens with the hair dryer. I would suggest calling Carol at the factory and talking to her. I wish I had.
742  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Re: Thetford Lubricant on: June 21, 2013, 11:02:11 am
I went by the RV dealer I used to work at yesterday. They were already sold out of the stuff. I asked the owner about it and he told me he had never used it but that Thetford makes good products and I might want to try it. My only concern is, if I understand you,  you pour it in and let it sit. I seems like it would work on the top of the top seal, but I don't understand how it works on the bottom or inside the groove of the seal. When I have sprayed in the past I always open the valve and sprayed all over the seal. I do appreciate your input and I bet you a dollar I will end up trying it after my next stop at Camping World. Wink
743  Main Forum / Around the Campfire / Re: Two friends in the park! on: June 20, 2013, 08:23:20 am
 ThumbsUp rolling on the floor rolling on the floor rolling on the floor ThumbsUp
744  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Re: Thetford Lubricant on: June 20, 2013, 07:57:58 am
The add says it is based on "Silicone-based formula". I am wondering what the difference is between using this product and just spraying it with silicone spray? Seems like the spray I use on all the other rubber parts and slide out would work here also. The new WD40 silicone spray is waterproof, so the can says. What do you think?
745  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Push button switch with light on: June 13, 2013, 07:15:59 am
Belly button  rolling on the floor rolling on the floor rolling on the floor

or maybe water pump.
746  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Tire Pressure on: June 12, 2013, 10:48:51 am
When I had a 2010 model 2350 the fresh water tank was under the bed at the rear, passengers side. The gray tank was under the fresh water tank also on the passengers side. The black tank was on the drivers side. On my 2012 model 2552 the black and gray tanks are switched as the toilet has moved from the drivers side to the passengers side of the center line. The toilet has to be over the tank used as the black tank. The fresh water is mid way under the passsengers side bed.
If you look at all the layouts you will see the black tank changes by where the toilet is located. You can tell this by looking at the capacity of each tank. PC only uses two tanks, the one 35 gal. that fits under the passengers side behind the axle and a smaller 23 gal. tank the fits under the sani-con on the drivers side. The fresh water tank changes size based on the layout.
747  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Tire Pressure on: June 11, 2013, 03:00:15 pm
I have nothing more to say about that and that's that.  Angry.... Angry.... Angry
748  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Tire Pressure on: June 11, 2013, 11:14:58 am
So, after much discussion in our house, what dictates the tire pressure?  Tire manufacturer, chassis manufacturer or motorhome designer?


Seems to me it varies depending on the load and which model is on the chassis and where the weight is distributed with each build.  But then, I'm only a girl. 

It is up to the chassis manufacture to set the pay load based on a number of things like wheels, axles, brakes, fame etc. It is up to the motorhome maker to stay within these limits. The tire manufacture puts the maxmium air pressure for the tires. This is why a four wheel weight is important.

"But then, I'm only a girl". If i was trying to be funny, I would say something about the amount of air given off by the different sexes, but I would never say something like that. Oh, no.
749  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Aime's Matchmaking Service -- input needed on: June 10, 2013, 02:58:24 pm
I will need to see how it all comes into being and how it works. It seems a little complicated just reading about it. It might be better to start simple and add features as everyone gets used to it. Then again it might be alright as you envisioned it. It is hard for me to tell without seeing the screens. It does look like you have put a lot of work into it, so please don't take my remarks wrong. It is just hard for me.

I am all for the program. I met John and holly through this program and I just spent last weekend with them camping with their new PC and had a great time. They are welcome to camp with us anytime.

750  Main Forum / Around the Campfire / Re: What's the problem? on: June 07, 2013, 09:33:11 pm
 rolling on the floor
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