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151  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: New PC 2551/2552 on: December 08, 2010, 06:51:06 pm
I will try and answer the many questions.  On our 2350 we had another automotive seat installed in place of the barrel chair behind the passenger seat.  Needed to safely carry our granddaughter.  We found the corner bed to be a real pain.  Maybe OK for young people, but not for us.  Spoke to Stewart about the 2551.  Needed more room to put another auto seat behind passenger.  Therefore the evolution of the 2552S being a slideout with a couch.  Found the 2350 dinette uncomfortable.  Will be adding a short pair of legs to the couch table and wife will make a cushion so table can be used as a foot stool for relaxing.  Stewart and Kermit came up with adding 12 inches to the coach which would give the extra room.  By lengthening the coach they were able to add a slideout pantry between the refrig. and the couch and room for the auto seat behind the passenger seat.  Some of the other items we had installed are:  a Max fan 6200 in the bed area, it is a self contained unit that can be left open in bad weather as when open it has its own cover.  Moved the Fantastic Fan forward to the slideout area. Had a 3 inch pullout drawer installed in one of the closets over the bed, room for wifes jewelry and computer. Wood rails on the tapered wing areas, which allows items to be left in those areas while driving. Two six volt batteries(More power available). Three way refrig. We always use DC when on the road, contrary to what some say there is plenty of DC available and the RV standard is not to use propane on the road(safety). Added insulation in the side cap area where there is none. Had an upgraded water pump, water pump strainer and flex lines added between the pump and the hard lines, eliminates the transfer of noise through the system. Had Ford Rep. come to the PC Factory and program the computer for the Keyless Remotes which gave us two remotes.  We had shutoffs added inside the coach for the outside shower so once blown out they can be shut off and coach still useable in winter.  On our 2552, PC has added an access panel under the mattress for the water pump and added a valve and hose so you can pump anti-freeze directly into the system, nice addition for those that use anti-freeze.  
     The 2350 on E-Bay is our old unit, if you can call nine months old.  The paint is the Desert Sage and cherry cabinets, same on the new unit.  Went with the Tom Tom system to eliminate hitting head on backup camera on the overhead and having to look up to see the screen.  
     Where can you find a manufacturer to do these custom items in this day.  My hat is off to PC and I will promote their product.
152  Main Forum / General Discussion / New PC 2551/2552 on: December 06, 2010, 07:34:58 pm
Picked up our new PC Dec. 2.  Traded our 2010 2350.  Picture is in Bozeman, Montana at an overnight stop with outside temperature at a minus 10 degrees.  Furnace kept inside comfortable.  This is the second or third try to post this.  Appears photo was too large.
153  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: winterizing mh on: November 01, 2010, 01:26:29 pm
I live in North Idaho. My winterizing procedure is drain the all tanks: grey and black, fresh water and water heater.  Turn on water heater bypass.  I have made a fitting to hook up my air compressor to the city fresh water hookup.  I blow out all lines with air including the toilet.  With the drain on the water heater still unplugged, I open the coldwater line to the water heater blow out some residual water in the heater, although the heater manual states, about two quarts will remain in the heater and is OK for the winter.  Close the heater line again and run the water pump to get any remaining water out of the pump.  Run air through all faucets, and do not forget the outdoor shower.  I had PC install shut-offs inside the coach for the outdoor shower as we sometimes use our coach in the winter, so after the outside shower is blown out we close the shut-offs and do not have to worry about that area freezing.  After everything is blown out, I add RV antifreeze to all the drains(p-traps), and do not forget the shower drain and toilet.  I pour about half a gallon into the shower drain and then open the gate valve on the grey tank so it goes to the sani-con pump, run it momentarily to protect it, then close the gate valve.  There is enough anti-freeze in the systems to protect the gate valves, especially if you use your unit in the winter. Nothing like going to dump and finding your gate valves frozen shut.  Another thought is you may find RV antifreeze expensive, so an option is windshield washer antifreeze fluid.  Our local dealers use it exclusively, but do not use it in your freshwater lines.  After they are blown out there is no reason to run antifreeze through empty lines.  I use about 50 PSI air to blow out the lines. One thing I was surprised about was the lack of a sacrificial anode in the water heater.  Without one, in most cases the electric heating element becomes the sacrificial anode.  My first RV water heater without one.  Just my thoughts.
154  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Made A Decision Replacing The Barrel Chair on: October 12, 2010, 03:23:46 pm
The tether anchors are made by Secure-tite and are called Wire Ring Anchor Points.  They have a 900 lb. capacity.  They are not bolted to the pedestal but forward and aft of the pedestal and secured to the frame below the floor.  I believe we purchased them at Lowes.  We provided them to PC and they installed them.  The reason for two is whether the baby seat is mounted in the forward facing or rear facing position.  When they are young you need to have the seat rear facing.  Hope this helps.
155  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Made A Decision Replacing The Barrel Chair on: October 12, 2010, 02:12:01 am
If I have mastered this site, I will post pictures of our 2350 with the third Captains chair.  The metal loops are steel fold downs for a baby seat tether.
156  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Questions for new 2350 on: October 07, 2010, 02:06:26 pm
This is just one example of a state requirement for mirror visibility. This happens to be Idaho. 

49-940.MIRRORS. (1) Every motor vehicle shall be equipped with a mirror so located as to reflect to the operator a view of the highway for a distance of at least two hundred (200) feet to the rear of the vehicle.
(2)  When a motor vehicle is so loaded or constructed, or is towing a vehicle or trailer which is so loaded or constructed as to obstruct the drivers view straight to the rear, then the motor vehicle shall be equipped with a mirror on the left side and a mirror on the right side so located as to reflect to the operator a view of the highway for a distance of at least two hundred (200) feet to the rear of the vehicle.
(3)  When an operator of a motor vehicle is transporting under special permit authority an oversize load which makes mirrors impractical devices for reflecting to the operator a view of the highway to the rear, a following escort vehicle equipped with proper mirrors meeting the requirements herein may be substituted for the required mirrors on the hauling motor vehicle. The escort vehicle must be a car or light truck and it must be equipped with an oversize load sign, flashing or rotating lights, and a two (2) way radio which provides full-time communication with the escorted vehicle.
The Idaho Code is made available on the Internet by the Idaho Legislature as a public service. This Internet version of the Idaho Code may not be used for commercial purposes, nor may this database be published or repackaged for commercial sale without express written permission.
157  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Questions for new 2350 on: October 07, 2010, 12:47:21 am
Just for info.  We have a 2350 and we needed another seat for our baby granddaughter.  Stewart suggested replacing the barrel chair with another Ford swivel/reclining Captains seat locking in the forward position.  It works great and can swivel and recline to any position. Much more comfortable than the barrel chair.  They also added forward and aft tie downs for the seat anchored to the frame.
     We also had a MAXAIR Maxxfan, model #6200 with remote.  When closed it has a very low profile and when open it is still a streamlined low profile.  It can be left open all the time as no rain can get in.  Look at the green 2350 on the new brochure and you will see how low a profile it is. 
      One other subject.  The width of your outside mirrors.  The mirrors are designed a certain width as the law in most states requires your rear visibility to be able to see a point a specific distance directly behind your vehicle.  If you shorten the arms, that point will move much farther aft of your vehicle, thereby creating a very large blind spot. 
158  Main Forum / General Discussion / Roof Rack Ladder on: August 24, 2010, 05:35:39 pm
The roof rack is handy when needed to check anything on the roof. But, the majority of time it is an obstruction to get in the rear compartment.  My solution: Pull the pins, move the bottom free of the bottom brackets and then reinstall the pins.  Place the the lower portion of the ladder in the up or storage position.  I then use double sided velcro straps and wrap the upper and lower ladder sections vertical tubes(both sides).  Make them tight so they can not rattle and chafe each other.  Now I have free access to the rear compartment, but still have my ladder available if needed.  The double sided velcro comes in a roll and also becomes handy for securing a myriad of things.
159  Main Forum / General Discussion / Macerator Hose on: August 03, 2010, 11:50:39 pm
Has anybody had a problem with the hose leaking at the connection to the hard plastic end?  I just noticed after about the fourth dump since new that it was leaking at this connection.  Also found it is just a slip on connection and slides right off.  I would recommend installing a clamp on the hose.  It would be a real dirty mess to have that come off when you are dumping.
160  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: PC 2350 (non-slide) refrigerator on: August 02, 2010, 10:15:23 pm
The solar powered fan may move more air through the outside refrig. compartment, but I do not believe it will relieve the intense heat from the chimney.  Only true solution would be to add a non-combustible material on standoffs attached to the closet wall on the refrig. compartment side.  This would provide an air gap between the closet wall and the chimney allowing air to circulate freely and taking the direct heat off of the closet wall.  At that point then a solar fan would be an asset.
161  Main Forum / General Discussion / PC 2350 (non-slide) refrigerator on: July 29, 2010, 02:35:41 pm
Just for info.  When traveling and camping in 100 degree weather, we noticed that the wall inside the closet, next to the refrig. was extremely hot.  This is the forward wall in the closet towards the outside.  In the refrig. outside compartment, the closet wall is next to the chimney of the burner. The wall was borderline spontaneous combustion and really needs an air gap insulation between the burner chimney and the wall.  I am trying to figure out a way to accomplish this.
162  Main Forum / General Discussion / PC 2011 on: June 25, 2010, 01:22:25 pm
Still waiting to hear of any changes/improvements to the 2011.  Apparently the finished 2011's have been sold, but pictures of changes could be published.  For those that are interested there is a way to improve the performance of your V-10 engine.  As some have noted it stays in high RPM until you help it out.  Well, a Gear Vendors aux. transmission allows you to keep your engine in its desired RPM/horsepower range.  It essentially doubles your gears. 
163  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: I want to hear from you! on: June 20, 2010, 05:55:30 pm
With all the talk about the 2011, when will we see some, if any, changes from the 2010?  Also, any spec. changes would be appreciated.  On another thought, Ford has released a new V-8 to replace the V-10 which will have more power and be more fuel efficient.  When do you think this engine will be brought in to the PC?
164  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Back-up Camera on: June 20, 2010, 05:43:24 pm
Wall Insulation:  I was able to pull the top of the wallboard down and with a mirror see the missing insulation.  My thoughts were to find some non-fiberglass insulation that I could force down in the area from the top.  Wanted to keep from cutting the wallboard and coming up with a method to re-secure it.  My other thought was to remove the wallboard in that area and cut a piece of 1" foam and form it to the area, then re-attach the wallboard. Have not done either yet. I spoke to Kermit and suggested it would be much easier to insulate during construction.
     I also removed one of the lights below the back-up camera to see why all those lights have water in them.  No evidence of where the water intrusion is occurring. All the rear lights along the top show water inside although they are all SAE approved lights.  While I had the light out I checked inside and find the interior wall is plywood and there appears to be a shelf down about a foot below the light opening, which is probably a structural stiffener.  It is also plywood, so it is important to not get a lot of water in that area.  Just my thoughts.
165  Main Forum / General Discussion / Back-up Camera on: June 19, 2010, 12:20:02 pm
While washing my 2010 PC2350, I noticed a large gap between the wire harness and the rubber grommet where the wire from the camera passes through the outer shell of the coach.  Spraying water for washing and rinsing allows water to enter the cavity between the outer shell and the inner wall.  Rain would enter the area as well.  Would recommend checking units with a back-up camera for this problem and sealing the area with a clear silicone sealer.  Also on the 2350, in the compartments to the left and right of the TV, the outer wall behind the wallboard has no insulation, just the fiberglass outer shell.  If you can add some insulation in this area it will keep from overheating this area which is adjacent to the TV and electronics always appreciate being cool.
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