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16  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Removing front TV? on: October 06, 2017, 09:43:06 am
The six screws screw right into the TV case itself.  Once those screws are out there is absolutely nothing that holds the unit in the wall so as suggested be ready to catch that baby or you will lose it to the floor quickly.  The TV is not heavy it just surprises you!   Good luck, not a big job at all.
17  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Breaking News on: October 03, 2017, 10:02:39 am
My hunch is Phoenix Cruiser is being "shopped" as I type, investment companies do not usually like to hold any acquisitions for very long.  With no splash announcements by the new owner/owners it raises my suspicions even more.  Time will tell for sure.
18  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: 2017 2910T - Awning Problem/Question on: September 28, 2017, 10:09:49 am
I have the new Carefree lateral arm powered awning on my Renegade.  Looks very, very sleek and nice, works like a charm, has auto wind, rain and in and out settings, and has a remote control fob.  The issue I have is even on the heaviest setting (wind sensitivity) the wind sensor will send the awning in with what I would consider a light breeze, at the beach forget it it just does not like to stay out!  The unit is so high you can not tie it down because of course there are no typical arms coming down to the coach or the ground.  I liked my PC power unit and the fact you could tie it down some because you could reach the corners when extended. Nothing is perfect I guess and at the end of the day the numbers of times one actually uses the awning I am not sure they are really worth the $$$$'s.  Thanks, Ron
19  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: A couple of Qs for 2351 4x4 owners on: September 26, 2017, 09:21:31 am
My only concern would be the twisting,  rolling, and stress any form of "off roading" would put on the PC.  I could see stress fractures in the outside skin developing, rattles like you have never heard before, etc.  If you are really just talking dirt road driving I do not see the need for 4X4 that would  reduce your MPG significantly and increase your center of gravity considerably making the coach far more susceptible to cross winds.  I have never driven a 4x4 PC so perhaps they drive great?  Quigley systems I have heard stand up nicely so I would not worry from that angle.  Four season usage is another black box.  I know some have used their PC's in the winter (I am talking very cold weather like below 20 degrees) with OK experiences but every RV I have attempted to use in very cold New England weather has not turned out well to be honest.  Doors swell and freeze up, condensation is a real pain, constant water pipe issues despite all efforts to insulate, road salt everywhere, holding tank issues in dumping, generator box getting filled with snow while driving,  just not worth the effort in my opinion.  If I was a single guy looking to do what you say you want to do I would buy a big 1 ton 4X4 Ram or Ford dual wheeled pickup and buy a Lance truck camper with the artic package to put in the back.  You could then easily go in the back country and have the truck to explore if you drop the camper off.  Less room perhaps but check out some of these new truck campers with slide outs and you will be surprised.  just my two cents.
20  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Thinking about towing on: September 20, 2017, 09:39:29 am
Two Hams......Having once owned a Sprinter based coach I am going to throw my opinion out there that I am sure is going to open a flood of counter feedback but....Despite what the tow rating might be posted as I would personally have some serious reservations about towing any vehicle in the 3500 lb range behind a Sprinter.   I just do not think the frame and suspension in the OEM setup is really capable of long term exposure to that kind of stress.   The safety factor all so very much concerns me in that even with optional braking 3500 lbs is a lot of weight to manage behind a relatively lightweight frame structure that is always close to its max weight limit out the driveway.  I fully realize people are pulling lots of vehicles behind Sprinters but that does not necessarily mean it is the right and safe decision.   Something in the 2000-2500 lb range may be more realistic for you to consider?  Just my two cents.....Best of luck.
21  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Breaking News on: September 18, 2017, 02:24:53 pm
Certainly what Kermit has pulled off ( and he should be congratulated!) is much better compared to the situation that Born Free is in (doors are closed for good) .  Only time will tell in what direction this move will take PC in?  Consolidation was/is needed in the RV industry for sure.... I just hate to see the little guys getting hurt and they always seem to.   I am worried that such a well engineered, well manufactured, niche coach just will not fit into a larger manufacturers lineup and they all want to reduce overhead.     Thanks, Ron G.
22  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Driving lights on: September 14, 2017, 05:35:29 pm
My M2 came with OEM driving lights below the bumper and only work with the low beam lights as the law here NH mandates.  They go out on high beam.
23  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Driving lights on: September 14, 2017, 12:26:02 pm
The Rigid D-dually is street legal and can be used like any other fog/driving light.   I am not one to break the law and therefore stayed away from many of the other light products out there that are really strictly for off road use only.
24  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Breaking News on: September 12, 2017, 05:07:07 pm
This is  sad news but not surprising.  Kermit has more than paid his dues in the industry and deserves to enjoy life.  I hope he got what he was looking for with the sale?  Best of luck to Kermit in retirement and I do hope the dedicated employees  can continue to make great motorhomes.  Just maybe a new Super C is in the cards!  Ron G.
25  Main Forum / General Discussion / Driving lights on: September 12, 2017, 09:38:18 am
If any of you are looking for and exceptionally well made driving/fog light might I suggest that you take a look at the Rigid D-series set.  I recently installed them on my M2 and I must say I have never experienced a stronger beam pattern.  The LED's are very powerful and you can get any snap on color len you might want, life time guarantee and made in the USA!   Thanks, Ron G.
26  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Comparing Michelin tire with Firestone tire on: September 09, 2017, 10:52:50 am
Having two tires fail that were new would really make me wonder if one corner of the 2910 is not way over weight?  Is that the corner where the second slide is, tanks full, double pain glass, fully loaded for a trip?  Say what you will but the  E-450 chassis is being challenged from a weight perspective more often than not.   Know one wants to waste money merely for a brand name and that is far from the reason I purchase Michelins over any other brand, I personally have had good luck with the brand and I am aware of far to many horror stories with other brands.  The next time you are in a truck stop observe what brands the over the road truckers are running....majority are Michelins followed by Bridgestone's and Toyo's.  Check out what WalMart is running on their tractors and trailers.  I guess one could ask the question is a Corvette really worth more than twice what a Mazda Mita can be purchased for?  We do all have opinions and priorities as to where we chose to spend our hard earned dollars and tires still go to the front of the line for me.   Thanks, Ron G.
27  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Comparing Michelin tire with Firestone tire on: September 07, 2017, 10:56:15 am
When it comes to tires there are as many differing opinions as there are about slides vs's no-slides!   I can not honestly discuss the quality or lack of  when it comes to Sumitomo tires since I have never purchased any.   With that said I am not overly impressed with the brands that the company is associated with (Dunlop, Fuzion, GoodYear, etc).  I have always had superb luck with Michelins and anytime I have had any issues the tires have been  replaced  with no questions and no $$$'s.   When you are doing 65 MPH with 20,000 lbs under you I for one want the best tires there are and the new Michelin (replacements with the recall) are superior to all others and all of the magazine including CR's backs that fact up.   Thanks, Ron G.
28  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Comparing Michelin tire with Firestone tire on: September 05, 2017, 08:30:38 pm
Bruce...That is a tough one.  Firestone has come along way under Bridgestone's ownership and I am sure they are solid tires that will give you many years of good service.  With that said I am still a huge Michelin believer and honestly think you just got a bad tire that does happen once in a while and not nice when it happens to you.  I would personally spend the extra money and go with new Michelins all around.....Thanks, Ron G.
29  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Another Factory Direct Company Making Big Changes on: August 24, 2017, 04:24:47 pm
That announcement was made a couple of weeks ago.  My guess would be Nexus will build a dealer network to make flipping the entire ball of wax.  Time will tell.

30  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: First 2018 Phoenix Cruiser is in Inventory on: August 24, 2017, 12:35:18 pm
Obviously,  Kermit has not shaken up the product much and that is a very good thing. Right out of the chute I like the black ladder set up, I very much like the white slide topper, and the flair of wood (or something) above the slide on the inside. Not sure I like the non-Michelin tires but that is out of PC's hands I am sure.  Stainless sink is a nice upgrade.  Nice looking little coach that should find a home very fast.  Ron G. ex PC owner (2). 
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