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211  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: 3100 impressions on: January 03, 2013, 10:07:56 am

I am on my second PC a 2012 3100 and I love it.  I had the 2551 and that unit was just a little to small coming down from a couple of 38' class A's.  The 3100 is a dream to drive and we just like the layout alot, we have not spent months at a time in the unit and perhaps if we did we might have the same opinion as Billy is having?  I just like the ability to get in the unit and go and not have to worry to much about getting caught in tight spaces, etc.  I have not had any of the latch issues as of yet, the floren. lights are fine, we use the small bullet lights mostly and those are all on remote switches.  I use the the large hose to dump black/gray water, I just fine the mercerator pump a little slower to use, it works great when I have used it and the electric valves are super. The slide rollers do make marks but I place small pieces of carpet under each roller as it is coming in and the marks are elimnated. My wife and I love the new windows!  They look super and you do not have to worry about rain coming in and they offer better security.  PC support is super, if I have any issues I just call and Amanda or Kermit take care of everything, very different compared to my expeience with Monaco that was always painful and a fight.  I have found the workmanship on the PC to be far above the other 5 non-PC products that I have owned.  There are always going to be small issues popping up but nothing is ever perfect.  Like others have said, for the money you will not find a better made coach.  The full body paint really turns heads in the campground!  Good luck.   Thanks, Ron
212  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: PC 2950 Likes and Dislikes ??? on: December 03, 2012, 03:30:09 pm

I moved up from the 2551S to a 3100 and must say the ride and handling was much improved with the longer wheelbase.  It is not that the 2551 did not handle well it just rode a little on the hard side.  The 3100 tracks much better and a softer ride, I did upgrade both units with new shocks, stabilizer bars and steering dampeners.  You do pay when it comes to the turning radius on the 3100 but the 2551 was not exactly a winner in this catagory either!  Regardless, PC make a very nice coach and Kermit F., Stuart, Amanda and the support staff are super to deal with.  best of luck with your purchase!   Thanks
213  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Blue Ox got the best of me on: November 05, 2012, 01:41:13 pm
I spent another 1/2 hour this weekend  attempting to make the large frame bracket fit where it was suppose to fit on my 3100, I just did not like the close quarters the bracket had with the three large wire harness's that had no play to give.  Over time I could see possible issues with everything rubbing, etc.  I packaged the bar up and off it has gone back to Amazon.  While I know Blue Ox is a good company I really think there is a diffenrt way to engineer this suspension piece but they sure appear to have a corner on the market since Hendersen's, etc all use the same set up.  That is life!    Thanks
214  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Hurricane Sandy on: October 30, 2012, 09:01:47 am
Seacoast NH came thru the storm A-OK!   Alot still with no power and many branches down but could have been alot worse when you see images of NY, NY.  PC weathered the storm fine and I now the clean up begins.  Thanks to all who were thinking about us. 
215  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Blue Ox got the best of me on: October 29, 2012, 08:52:53 am

I did get a quick repsonse from Blue Ox and they wouldlike photos of the frame rail and harness's that are in the way.  Not sure when I will get that accomplished since like most we are about to get 3-4 inches of rain here in costal NH!!  There are several trac bar offerings such as Hendersen, etc. but they are all exactly the same in design and engineering.  I am sure the pros can get this bracket on but  it is just to close working conditions for me.   Thanks
216  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Blue Ox got the best of me on: October 26, 2012, 12:33:36 pm
Thanks for the feedback gents!  I do have the 2450 model number.  I will call Blue Ox and see what is up so that I can then tell the suspension experts that i am going to take the coach to what is up....I personnally do not have the patience or time to tackle the job again myself
217  Main Forum / General Discussion / Blue Ox got the best of me on: October 26, 2012, 10:23:27 am
While I am very content with the handling of my 3100 with suspension upgrades that include front and rear Helwig sway bars, Bilstiens, and a Steer Safe I thought why not go the whole way so I orderd a Blue Ox Tiger Trac bar.  I consider myself fairly "handy" and have installed all the above mentioned myself with no problems at all.  I read the Tiger Trac instructions several times and laid everything out before starting the job.  I was 1 hour in to the process and all was going fine until I went to install the large frame bracket that mounts on the drivers side.  I just could not get that bracket to where it needed to go, there are three wiring harnesses that are dead in the way and there is no slack what so ever to move them else where, there are fuel lines and there is some ABS "stuff" that is all so in the way.  After a fair amount of time I just gave up and removed everything i had installed up to that point. I just can not see how that large bracket will fit into that small area withour significant risk of damging over time the wiring harnesses that feed the entire rear of the coach.  has anyone else run into this problem on a 2012 E-450. In conclusion,  I do not see this particular installation at a DIY project, the space tolerances are just way to tight in my mind.   Thanks
218  Main Forum / General Discussion / Rattle in topper on: October 23, 2012, 08:05:52 pm
i have a really loud rattle in the slide topper on my 3100 while on the road.  Everything is tight where it is afixed to the coach, topper goes in and out with no problems.  Seems like the spring is just loose when it is rolled up and when I shake it from a step ladder I get the rattle. Has anyone had this problem?  Has anyone solved the problem? I have seen many similar complaints on the web but do not seem to see any solutions!   thanks
219  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Dead starter battery on: October 10, 2012, 01:16:54 pm
Anne and Bob:

The running lights (front and back) do in fact come on for like 20 sec.'s everytime the front doors are opened and that is the way they are suppose to operate.  I am sure Ford could program the onboard computer to do otherwise but I find it a very nice feature.  I would not be cutting any wires to stop the feature or you may in fact cause many other issues.  I hope you have found the problem with the dimer switch and the running board lights?
220  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Sprinter MPG on: October 10, 2012, 11:22:30 am

I hope your MPG go up considerably for I do not see the cost of diesel going down anytime soon!  Being the owner of two diesel powered Jeeps (one of which is the 3.0L M-B) I feel your pump pain.  I had a  2009 Dodge Sprinter 3.0L undr a Monaco Covina and no matter what I did for the 10,000 miles I owned it I never broke 15 MPG and actually the first few tank fulls were my best MPG tanks!  That was always with a full H2O tank, AC on, and doing 65MPH.  I am just not sure how some owers are getting into that 18MPG range and what I was doing wrong?  I truly hope with the PC you see your MPG's go up significantly and I for one would like to hear how you make out.  Thanks
221  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Sprinter Oil on: October 05, 2012, 07:51:48 pm
Jack....please make sure they use ONLY oil with the ESP designation like Mobil 1 ESP.  I have been told some try to use regular Mobil 1 and using such will void the warranty .  Thanks
222  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Dead starter battery on: October 01, 2012, 09:31:44 am

I would have to conclude that if your dimmer switch was on beyond the "intent" then your running board lights wee most likley on all the time. The tow dome/bullet lights would not be on if their switchs were off. I bet you have found your culpert in those little running board lights that you would never see on with the doors shut or you really went looking around at night.  bets of luck.   Thanks
223  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Dead starter battery on: September 28, 2012, 09:50:18 am

It sure seems like you must have something draining on that chassis battery?  The chassis battery is not small in size and while it does have drain on it all the time like Ron D described it should last atleast a couple of weeks without any problem.  I would really check around to see if something has not been left on that would have a more significant drain.  The stair does come off the chassis battery but that yellow light only stays on for a few minutes and I can not imaging there is any draw after the light goes out but who knows?  It was my understanding that the "jump switch" on the dash that jumps from the coach batteries to the chassis  battery only needs to be held in the on positon for several minutes (like 10-15) to do the trick and not for hours like you of luck in your diagnostic work!
224  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Roof lamination on: September 27, 2012, 09:46:17 am
Must be something about those 2010 2551's; mine was seperated in the exact same spot, right at the rounded area where roof joins sde wall.  Never seemed to bother but I did not keep it long enough to see if it was spreading.  My 3100 is A-OK on top, I just had a small headliner sag that I had to re-glue to fix on the inside!.  Carry on, Thanks, Ron
225  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Dead starter battery on: September 25, 2012, 08:13:15 pm
For those that have problems with dead batteries you might want to install two Battery Tenders.  I have one unit for the coach and one for the chassis and I have hard wired them together and then just plug into 120V and that  keeps them all in top notch shape.  total cost is less than $150.  Just remember to unplug when you pull out!    Thanks
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