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241  Main Forum / General Discussion / Sprinter vs Ford (was: Re: Selling your 2350 with dinette? Want to buy used.) on: March 28, 2012, 12:26:14 pm

I hope you are planning to post your rough MPG's up on Ron D's thread?  Since your Sprinter must have been one of the 50 that Kermit and Stuart purchased from Monaco it must be "spected" out just like my Monaco Covina was....therefore I must ask if you find the cab area excessively loud when doing 65MPH?  There was not much insulation on the firewall on mine and I am sure PC has not done anything extra just like Monaco did not to soundproof the coach any.   Thanks
242  Main Forum / General Discussion / Sprinter vs Ford (was: Re: Selling your 2350 with dinette? Want to buy used.) on: March 28, 2012, 09:01:07 am
Just for my own sake I just called my local M-B dealer (Holliway M-B),  they actually own all of the M-B dealers in NH (3), they do not service Sprinters  at any of their locations and have no plans to do so since their service bays will not handle and RV sized vehicle and the volume of Sprinter based RV's in the marketplace would not warrant renovating their garages to handle such a vehicle I would have to venture a guess that many M-B dealers are in the same situation.  The nearest dealer that could perform work on the Sprinter would be 1.15 hours away.  I then called Freightliner of Boston (since MA would have a different M-B status) after being placed on hold for 7 mins the nice service manager said they could do warrenty work on M-B effective in the last few weeks but admitted that it is somewhat confusing on their end and in most cases if a M-B badged Sprinter came in they would most likley send it up the road to the nearby M-B dealer that does Sprinters.  Not sure this is all a "show stopper" but I do not need anymore run arounds in my life and calling my local Ford dealer for any work is worth a whole lot to me.  Again, best of luck and I would agree with other posters that you are sure missing out on a lot of fun by not just biting the bullet and making the big purchase from PC.
243  Main Forum / General Discussion / Sprinter vs Ford (was: Re: Selling your 2350 with dinette? Want to buy used.) on: March 27, 2012, 04:17:05 pm
You are right on the leveling jacks and Sprinters.  On my 2010 Monaco Covina, Sprinter based,  Monaco attempted and did a great job of making the center of gravity so low with how they hung the coach on the chassis there was honestly no way I could personnaly get under the coach and I am not and overly large guy so having the room to put jacks on was out of the question plus the weight of and average sysyem would have put the Covina way over weight.   The issue I had was that the stock suspension was so weak for the coaches weight that there was alot of movement merely when you walked around in the coach.  I like being able to put my jacks down and know I will not be twisting the E-450 frame all that much.   Thanks
244  Main Forum / General Discussion / Sprinter vs Ford (was: Re: Selling your 2350 with dinette? Want to buy used.) on: March 27, 2012, 01:11:58 pm
Thanks for the image Ron D.!  The Ford and the forthcoming Fiat based Dodge Ram should really give  the Sprinter a run for the money.  I donot care what anyone says I think the Sprinters are over priced, noisey, not maintenance free and over their weight limit when they hit the road.  On that note I am done passing each his own.   Thanks
245  Main Forum / General Discussion / Sprinter vs Ford (was: Re: Selling your 2350 with dinette? Want to buy used.) on: March 27, 2012, 10:45:44 am

I realize you have a lot to think about and it is obvious that you do process everything a lot.  Everyone on this forum are great people and we all very much appreciate the quality of a PC coach, the problem is not every RV manafacturer does such a good job constructing their particular coach on a chassis.  Dealers get burned all the time in that the company (Ford, GM, M-B, etc..) sets hours to complete a particuar job for warranty work as we all know.  Working on and RV can take double the time since "add on's" may have to be moved, manafacturers have tapped into OEM equipment incorrectly, etc and dealers eat a ton of labor cost.  For that reason many dealers refuse to work on motor homes period and they have the right to refuse even warranty work.  Not every Dodge dealer (very few actaully) is certified to work on Sprinters just like not every M-B dealer will work on Sprinters either.  I have found that the PC on the E series chassis is more likely to be worked on because of the height of PC's allows them into garages more easily and the E series is very common, when you get over 11 feet you will eliminate many dealership because of their overhead doors are just not high enough.
It is no secret that the Chrysler/M-B seperation was not a nice one and their are not warm feelings between the two company's now.  While parts for the 3.0L can still be gotten by a Dodge/Jeep delaer I can tell you the parts some time come very slowly and the price for those parts is thru the roof, I pay $34.00 for and oil filter at my Jeep dealer for my 3.0L M-B that has and M-B logo on it and I get the same filter at the M-B dealership for nearly half the price.  My dealer claims parts are getting slower and slower and if you are looking at a couple year old Sprinter it is most likley going to have the Dodge Ram hood logo on it and you will have to get it servcied at a Dodge certified dealer and some of those dealers may infact be giving up their certified satatus since there are no more Dodge/Ram Sprinters and the fleet out there will get old fast.  While as I stated, we all love RV's on this forum I can tell you that many M-B dealers including my very large local  dealer does not want RV's sitting in their lot waiting for service, totally different customers!  Over my 30 years of RV'ing I can tell you I have had sat in more Cummin's Truck Repair Center then I would like to admit.  One, they hate RV's for the reasons I have stated above,  two, you are on vacation in a very expensive RV and you are competing with the guy who has to make it to LA in three days with a load of Maine potatoes, you tell me who is going to get the attention of the servcie manager first? Third, truck repair techs are very different comapred to car techs, do not expect your Sprinter to be vacumed and washed afer and oil change but YOU will have to get it washed and vacumed aftre they are thru!

If for what ever reason you do not want to go the Ford route now I would personnaly wait seveal years and you are going to see  new chassis's come on the market for RV applications from both Ford and Ram that will offer better MPG, more flexible floorplans, etc. 

In closing, while PC makes a super coach I am not sure PC or the majority of the other manafacturers out there will ever see a coach staying together in consideration of the  condition of our roads today to make it over 100,000 miles therefore your pay off math justifing the up charge for the Sprinter is really not valid.

If you listen to know one on this forum you should listen to Stuart who knows his business and has stated his opinions very clearly.   Thanks

246  Main Forum / General Discussion / Sprinter vs Ford (was: Re: Selling your 2350 with dinette? Want to buy used.) on: March 26, 2012, 10:15:57 pm

I am glad that you got alot of valuable info from Stuart today, he knows his RV business inside and out and you should believe and listen to what he says.  You can NOT get your M-B Spinter serviced at a Freighliner dealer and vice versa I know I tried at both dealers with my Dodge Sprinter and they both said no.  I can not get my Jeep with the 3.0L M-B with Mercedes logos all over it servcied or repaired at a M-B dealer either in or out of warranty peroid.  It appears that you have your mind set on the Sprinter so give Stuart a call and place your order.  I very much look forward to hearing how you like your new rig post delivery.......thanks
247  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Disinfecting potable water tank on: March 26, 2012, 03:38:39 pm
I believe there is a fifth draw off the Ford battery (you may not have this option) and that is the power front seat/seats, not sure how that could be drawing anything but they do operate without the iignition on.   good luck
248  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Selling your 2350 with dinette? Want to buy used. on: March 26, 2012, 09:14:33 am

I would have to say you are getting very good MPG with the E-350, I wish I was getting the same with the E-450!!  This chassis discussion will go on for ever,  I must agree that many dealerships including my local Dodge dealer are not overly impressed with the durability of the Sprinter chassis over time nor is Fed-X.  While I am a huge fan of the 3.0L M-B engine for I have one in my Jeep Grand Cherokee,  to say they are maintenance free is far from the truth, oil changes that I do myself cost over $140 (over $200 at the dealer)  and the fuel filter change is $106 at the dealer.  The 3.0L is and extremely complicated engine that throws codes very easily with the slightest variation from any of the many sensors.  I am not "in bed" with Ford since I once brought suit against Ford Motor Co. (won by the way) over many fuel pump issues in a F-53 chassis under a Holiday Rambler, I vowed then to never own another Ford product.  My expeience with the Sprinter chassis for one year and 10,000 miles drove me back to Ford, I never had any large issues with the Sprinter it was just that I always had the sense that the chassis was just being over worked from all aspects.  I am very happy with the performance of the E-450 and in particular with the PC coach.  While I fully realize that going 55 MPH in either a Ford or Sprinter chassis witll yield the best possible MPG I would seriously worry about ones safety on todays dual lane highways where the average MPH speed atleast here in New England is pushing 80 MPH.  To each his own,  and what makes our country so great is that we have choice in the marketpalce and everyone will make up their own minds.  I would love to hear what Kermit, Stuart and Kyle at PC say about the Sprinter based chassis since they could best make a comparison between the two chassis.   Thanks

249  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Selling your 2350 with dinette? Want to buy used. on: March 25, 2012, 03:39:51 pm

i know you have spent a ton of energy and time researching your potential big puchase and for that I salute you. I realize that you have a budget and a certain size RV that you are targeting but i would be concenred that you are really backing yourself into a corner and I would worry that you are not going to be happy.  It sure appears that you have to get into at least a 25' rig to get what you appear to want and  need.  I have commented in the past regarding my feelings regarding the Sprinter chassis
All of us want to get as many MPG's as we can but I would really caution you about Sprinter MPG claims.....If you have full tanks, AC on, full wall slide,  tires at recmended pressure, cruise set at 65 MPH, 2 adults, two bikes on the back you will not break 14 MPG I never did in 10,000 miles of driving a 2009 Monaco Covina 3.0L.  I applaud you for doing the math regarding the CCC of the chassis and while you may be able to come in slighlthy under I will bet one of the axles will be over weight.  PC makes a super product and I would do whatever to find a model within the PC family that will work for you.  Best of luck.  Thanks
250  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: High sided on: March 14, 2012, 02:52:25 pm

1/2"'ish sure does not sound like much to me but you can see it if you really look closely,  especially if the water tank (right side) is full and the holding tank on the left is empty.  The coach goes down the road perfectly (especially with new sway bars, shocks, and stabilizer) but the front end guy did say that the slight tilt would/could influence the front end alighnment.  In a private message to me a poster who did remove his spacer stated that he developed a problem with the slide operation immediately after removal  of the spacer so perhaps 1/2 does have influence??.  I think I wil leave as is to be honest
251  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: High sided on: March 14, 2012, 12:48:23 pm

Thanks for the comments.  My rig was measured at time of front alighnment on a dead level slab with water tank full, slide in, holding tanks empty and me sitting in the drivers seat like the coach was going down the road, the tech immediately observed the diference from side to side and measured the distance from the floor to the bottom saddle and it was basically the exact measurment of the extra leaf/spacer on the left side.  I have never measured or observed if that left side settles when the slide goes out nor do I really care since I have jacks to level.   Thanks
252  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: High sided on: March 14, 2012, 10:27:34 am

The extra leaf/spacer was to counter the 1000 plus lbs of extra weight that the refrig, sofa and slide places on that side.  In a private message a forum user infomed me that he did take his spacer out at the recomendation of Kermit who gave the situation a little more thought and while the spacer did/does make sense it most likely is just not needed considering the 11 leaf set up the E-450.  The E-350 may have needed some help but that chassis is not used on the 2551's anymore so moot point I guess.  thanks
253  Main Forum / General Discussion / High sided on: March 14, 2012, 09:18:44 am

I know this subject was touched on a while ago but I just do not have the energy or time to research 2551 is about 1/2" higher on the left side due to the spring spacer that PC put in to counter the weight of the slide.  Was it not decided by Kermit that the spacer is in fact not needed becasue the E-450 is sprung heavy enough that the extra weight does not effect anything and the spacer should be removed?    Thanks
254  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Some really basic questions on: March 06, 2012, 08:45:17 pm
Welcome to the forum Dick and congrats on your purchase of a new PC.  There are many more savy individuals on this forum that I am sure will chime in to answers your questions better than I will but I will try my best...the sinks, shower all empty into the gray water tank, the toilet is the only waste that goes into the black water tank.  What is nice on my 2551 and I am sure on the 2910 is that I can open both gate valves and mix the two tanks and get more total capacity.  There is a 12V plug on your TV ant. boost plug and that comes off of the coach battery, should be in one of you front over head cabnets.  The slide, and stair are wired off the chassis battery all other detectors come off the coach battery.  The stair switch has and on/off setting, the off leaves it in the out position all the time and it only retracts when the ignition is turned on, in the other setting the stair goes in and out everytime the door is opened or closed and a yellow light will stay on under the stair.  I have no idea what the" significant" draw would be from  unless there is short circut somewhere.   The main battery shut off is right at the doorway and all other fuses, breakers, etc are near the fuse panel and the inverter/converter, not sure where that allmight be located in the 2910.  bets of luck
255  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Question for 3100 owners on: February 29, 2012, 08:08:16 pm
While I really enjoy my 2551 i have seriously thought of upgrading to the 3100 for the extra space.    I have had 2 A's with the dining/sofa arrangement like the 3100 and it worked OK. I  have some reservations about the  PC's  seating arrangement since the PC sofas are a little on the short side.  I think the 2910 without the rear slide would be ideal...twin beds on each side, floor to roof wardrobe between them on the back wall and the shirt closets placed like on my 2551 (foot of the beds) would be ideal.  I spoke to Stuart some time ago and he thought the concept could be accomplished without much trouble.  I would remove the dinette as well and replace with a smaller table and two euro style chairs.  It is great that PC has the flexibility and willingness to look at differing design concepts.  Thanks
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