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16  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Introduce Yourself! on: February 15, 2017, 08:09:43 pm
If you own a 2011 or 2012 PC Sprinter, it could be built on a 2010 Sprinter chassis.  If that be your situation, you might lack the spare because of how Phoenix bought those Sprinters at a bankruptcy auction.  Maybe some lacked a spare tire.
17  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Introduce Yourself! on: February 15, 2017, 07:11:09 pm
Thank you, Ron, so much for your helpful information.  I'll start looking for a used one first.
18  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Introduce Yourself! on: February 15, 2017, 02:00:10 pm
Hi Gail and Joe (Gail43),

Welcome to the PC family of owners!

Regarding your Sprinter spare tire.

The spare tire is "optional" at the time the RV manufacture purchases the chassis from Ford or Mercedes.  Your PC might have had a spare tire when purchased brand new, or the spare might not have ever existed.  Phoenix will not have extra spare tires & wheels for purchase, but it never hurts to ask them anyways.  You will need to buy one direct from Mercedes, or second hand from places like junkyards, Ebay, Craigslist and even RV forums.  You might also try an internet store like Tire Rack.  The spare tire is a real tire and wheel, identical to the other six on your PC.  It is not a temporary spare as is common with typical vehicles.  The wheels are mounted in either direction depending on whether you are mounting it on the front axle or in either position on the rear axle.
19  Main Forum / Polls / Re: Please Participate ONLY If You Have Ultra Leather Damage on: February 14, 2017, 08:13:49 pm
Thanks CKK
20  Main Forum / Polls / Re: Please Participate ONLY If You Have Ultra Leather Damage on: February 14, 2017, 05:03:22 pm
Given that I am the person who started this poll, I wonder if everyone else has the button called "View Results" to see how the poll is progressing.

Do you all have that button to see the progress?
21  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Flaking Vinyl on: February 14, 2017, 09:18:01 am
I think ultra leather from the 2010-2012 era and perhaps other years might be a weak spot in Phoenix's otherwise stellar reputation.
I started a pole in the "Poles" section to collect the data on people experiencing the ultra-leather disintegration.
22  Main Forum / Polls / Please Participate ONLY If You Have Ultra Leather Damage on: February 14, 2017, 09:15:06 am
This pole will NOT expire.

Please participate only if your ultra-leather seating surfaces are cracking or flaking away for any reason.  If your leather-like seats are fine or wearing naturally, please do NOT participate.

As PC owners with the problem respond, we all will get a good idea as to when the problem occurred, and if the problem has been resolved by Paul's Seating, the supplier of seats to Phoenix.

Ron Dittmer
23  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Re: Converting From Two 12V Batteries To Two 6V Batteries on: February 13, 2017, 12:44:31 pm
With just one 12V house battery in an easy-inspect roll-out tray, I think the cost for an AGM is not worth the expense.  As well, I am not convinced that if you have two 12V house batteries, the cost for AGMs is worth it.  To me, the AGMs are ideal when you can't easily check fluid levels like I now have with my current 6V conversion.

My experience with two 12Vs is that they drain out of sync with each other.  One drains much faster than the other, then boil-overs happen when charging.  With all that going wrong, your power reserves suffer, and battery life suffers too.  I am no expert, but that has been my experience with two pairs of 12V batteries, and one pair of 6Vs.

I look at it this way.  Every battery operated toy, flashlight, or other electronic devise using rechargeable or disposable batteries, the maker stacks the batteries (in series) like the two 6Vs are in my PC for "best energy utilization".  With 6V AGMs, I surely don't have any boil-overs.  I wonder if PC owners with wet acid 6V batteries deal with boil-overs.

Oh, I forgot about the cigarette lighter plug-in volt meter.  I bought mine on Ebay for a couple dollars.  They come in many different color read-outs.  I bought green to match my dashboard color.  HERE is a blue/red for $1.83 with free shipping.

HERE is my green one for $5.35 with free shipping.  Buy two, plug one in the dash up front, the other in your 12V socket to the right of your main TV and you're all set.
24  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Re: Michelin Tires Video on: February 12, 2017, 07:36:11 pm
Thank You Mike/PAX for sharing the link.  It was quite interesting.

Unless I missed it, there was no mention that tires need replacing after a certain age.  Replacement of tires exclusively involved their physical condition.  Therefore I feel our perfect condition 10 year old Michelin tires are still good to use.

Funny, they mentioned how the front tires can get worn unevenly, "feathered edges", due to wheel alignment issues.  I have some front tire thread feathered edges as he described, but I feel it is caused by strong & consistent side winds for days at a time driving across the Great Plains, having my steering wheel pointed to the left or right pending the direction of the consistent blast of air to keep the rig going straight.
25  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Finally able to look our 2012 PC2400 Sprinter over on: February 12, 2017, 04:49:05 pm
Could be that the outboard new tires were incorrectly mounted on the rims (not aligning the valve stem with a D-hole in the rim)

 - Mike

That's not possible, the hole in the wheel itself, where the valve is installed is always in the middle of a D-hole as you call it.
26  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Finally able to look our 2012 PC2400 Sprinter over on: February 11, 2017, 11:58:18 pm
I went down to the garage to check out our 2007 PC with the stainless steel valve extenders.  We have very short seemingly steel valve stems.  The outer tires have a 180 degree steel valve extender and then the stainless steel braided lines.  The arrangement seems ripe for fatigue failure.

It is hard to tell without taking it apart, but I think we have this which seems worse than a TPS hanging on the end of the valve stem.
27  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Re: Converting From Two 12V Batteries To Two 6V Batteries on: February 11, 2017, 03:37:36 pm
It has been a good long while since I followed up on this.

The two Sam's Club Duracel 6V AGM batteries in the house are serving us extremely well with never a mess of checking acid levels and cleaning up boil-overs & battery terminals.  With the house-battery volt meter installed in my kitchen hood monitor panel, and a second volt meter plugged into my Ford V10 chassis cigarette lighter outlet in the dash, I monitor both house and engine battery voltages all the time, and they tell me everything is doing quite well.

I found it odd that both volt meters read the same all the time when the engine is running, just shy of 14.0 volts.....~13.8v, and it never seems to change whether driving on the open road or idling.  Apparently the Ford V10's alternator/regulator just pumps out a consistent ~13.8 volts regardless of load or lack there-of.

Just after the V10 engine is turned off, all batteries quickly settle to around 12.7 volts unless a load is present...something turned on, especially popular with the house batteries where it could drop to around 12.5 volts.

The Ford V10 chassis battery is easy to ignore since it doesn't get used much when parked.  I never let the house battery voltage drop below 12.1 volts.  I'll charge them up with my Black & Decker charger running off the generator for a quick efficient recovery.

The two volt meters have taught me a lot about the health and care of our batteries.  I am so glad I have them.
28  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Pre-purchase PC inspections on: February 11, 2017, 03:12:18 pm
I am not speaking for Phoenix, but I feel they can be trusted to properly inspect the used units they sell, whether PCs or other brands.  In-fact, I am going out on a limb to say that it is a good idea to shake down overnight near the factory, any used purchase from Phoenix, to make sure it is in as good of order as advertised.  If anything isn't as advertised, I assume they will make it right (within reason of coarse) the next work day.
29  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: House batteries on: February 10, 2017, 08:43:14 pm
Hi Gail,

If you want to go cheap & easy and just get it over with, you could drive your PC to an Autozone.  They will match up your batteries (assuming they have replacements in stock), install the new batteries, and dispose of your old batteries.  Installation is free.  I am not sure of disposal, but I think that is also free.  Autozone offers fairly reasonable prices and the free installation.

Walmart auto centers might also offer the same services.

If you are particular as most of us here have become, you will want to do some research.

As for me, I got tired of dealing with battery trouble and seemed to have come up with a good resolve HERE.  Being only 2 years to-date, the jury is still out, but so far it has been very promising.
30  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Rear Storage Compartment 2351 on: February 08, 2017, 01:36:34 am
I think there is an inner structural wall and then the rear cap covers over and seals it perfectly.  Having an access panel inside the rear storage compartment would show just another wall.  I wish I could remember exactly what we had seen our last visit in October where there was one unit with the rear cap ready to be installed.
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