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1651  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Still here on: May 22, 2012, 09:44:24 am
while looking on different sites and reading different forums I have seen people saying that the more water you have in the black tank, the better it is to drain.  What I haven't seen though is how much water to have in there,
Flood the gray into the black, then drain.  It is very easy to do that with the Sanicon setup.
1652  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: 2008 2400 tv replacement on: May 21, 2012, 12:19:16 pm
It seems those very thin edge-lit LCD TVs of recent years uses much less power, opperating much cooler as well.  No concern of heat build-up, and much less of a battery drain when running off the invertor.

The thin edge lit LED back-light technology uses many less LEDs then standard LED back-light LCD TVs.  Either LED back-lit technology will consume much less power than conventional flourescent back lit LCD TVs.

I wonder which of the 3 LCD TV types (flourescent back lit, LED back lit, LED edge lit) are most robust for the harsh vibration motor home application.
1653  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: BIG rain leak on: May 20, 2012, 09:33:20 am
Regardless of RV manufacture, wind-driven rain from the perfect angle can get water inside from around the slide.  If wind gets under the topper awning and blows it upward, rain follows.  The seals between the house and the slide do a great job, but not always able to under rare extreme conditions.

Inspect your slide seals all around, looking for distortion and lodged debris.  A small stick can distort a seal, especially when the slide is pulled in.  Strong swirling wind can place debris (and water) in the strangest of places.
1654  Main Forum / General Discussion / Proof That My Wife Is Right on: May 15, 2012, 03:42:35 pm
My wife always says I am on the computer too much.

I noticed a week ago that my post-total was nearing 1000 so I was keeping track this past couple days.

Today May 15th, 2012, this is post 1000.  Yikes!
I was the 5th person to join the forum a week after it was initiated on January 7th 2009, but even so, Yikes!
What does that make me now, a Super D Looper Hero Member?  Cowboy

Someone here had already given me the title of Omnipresent PC Boosterism

The next highest posters are....
594 - billy
480 - TomHanlon
396 - Aimee
331 - mciai2000

Time to dial back as you might all agree.
1655  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: furnace question on: May 14, 2012, 01:23:38 pm
Just sharing this experience as a "possibile" contribution.

In 2007 with a brand new PC,  the first cold night was spent at Brainard Lake, CO (10,300 elevation) so we wanted to use the furnace, but it didn't work.  In despiration I removed the outside access panel and noticed a switch.  I flipped it and the furnace worked perfectly and has ever since.

Maybe you too have a hidden switch that simply needs to be flipped.

Just a caution about the furnace.  Do NOT EVER, NEVER run the furnace with the access panel removed.  It sucks the LP exhaust right inside through the ducts.  If your PC is older and the detector goes off with the furnace running, it is possible the foam seal has deteriorated and the exhaust is getting sucked inside.
1656  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: 2552 weighted on: May 14, 2012, 01:08:27 pm
Tom, that is excellent data for a 2552 owner.   ThumbsUp
A "Helpful Ckicky" for you.

I keep procrastinating doing that.  Each year we head out, I promise myself to get the rig weighed, but it unravels quickly.
I recall the door sticker on our 2007 2350 (no slide out) states 60 rear, 65 front.  But I add 5spi more all around to be extra careful because the tires still look like they could use some more air.....even more than 5 psi.
1657  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: 2350 Rear Storage on: May 14, 2012, 09:44:46 am
I think you are right about that.  My 41 gallon fresh water tank lays against the rear bumper.  That of course is not ideal for over-all vehicle handling when full of water.  It is easy to conclude that is why I needed to have some suspension upgrades to correct some handling concerns.

I think the newer design turns the tank 90 degrees and is mounted against the bathroom wall which sacrifices the depth of the compartment.  The storage door is then slid rearward where the tank used to be.  The area to the right by the rear tires gets utilized by the furnace.  The end result is the fresh water tank is placed near the center line of the rig and more forward.  That is much better for weight distribution, but sacrifices significant rear storage to achieve it.  I also wonder how well it fills.  I have read of some "burping" issues where air gets trapped and then the water can't get into the tank without using a filler thingy.

I wish someone with a newer 2350 would "check" me on my accuracy.

Here is a picture of a 2012 2350.  Note the locations of the water filler door, the main storage door, and furnace service door.

I wish I had a better picture of my 2007, but note the water filler door is rearward and the storage door is forward.  My furnace is on the other side of the motor home.  I do not have burping issues when filling the fresh water tank because the tank is right up against the filler door.
1658  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: 2350 Rear Storage on: May 13, 2012, 11:53:02 pm
I just measured my 2007 2350 storage.  It won't be helpful for you k9aeg, but may be for others considering an older 2350.

Lower section: 36w x 16d x 8h
Middle section: 42w x 36d x 11h
Top section: 51w x 44d x 5h

Door Opening 34w x 22h (door height is less than the over-all compartment height of 24)
Keep in-mind that I added an accumulator tank and pump cover that takes up some room.  Most won't have but the water pump alone, out in the open.
In the main middle section, far right, you can see the two drain valves for the fresh water plumbing.

1659  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Re: Added side turn signal on: May 13, 2012, 04:05:06 am
I love it too.  Very Clean Factory-Like Installation.  Great work with the project and the write-up ther bobander!  Here's a "Helpful Clicky" for you.

Do you recall the cost of Velvac mirrors with the integrated turn signals?  I wonder if you could buy them a  lot cheaper through PC-USA than through other suppliers.
1660  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Rust ib frame -- am i being to anal on this concern? on: May 13, 2012, 03:41:41 am
....something called Marine jelly....
I am familiar with Naval Jelly.  Are they the same thing?
1661  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Rust ib frame -- am i being to anal on this concern? on: May 12, 2012, 08:23:37 pm
My first comment is.....Thank you for including a picture.  That really helps in understanding your concern.

Unfortunately, Ford and other auto manufactures, don't use the same protectants on their truck frames as with other body parts.  Rust is a common problem on truck frames.

You mentioned that you picked up your PC in January.  The chassis might have gotten winter salt spray when delivered to the PC factory and/or on your way home from Elkhart.  I don't know how far you live from the gulf, but I have family in Florida who live near the ocean, and their vehicles are a wreck from the salty sea air.  Maybe your rust is simply from the humidity of the area.

Regardless of how it started to form, the rust is just begiinning.  Now is your best time to do something about it because it will be very easy to stop it with minimal labor.

There are a number of products on the market to stop the rust from continuing, without having to remove it.  I'll share my own experience when tackling severe frame rust with my Ford Ranger pickup truck.

Four years ago I bought a 1996 Ford Ranger with only 44,000 miles.  I got it for only $2000 because of rust issues.  I removed the bed to expose the majority of the frame and spent a few nights banging off loose flaking rust.  The rust was very bad, but caught just in time to save it.  After all rust layers were banged off, I applied two coats of a product called POR-15, then one coat of Rustoleum paint

Fast forward 4 years to today, my pickup truck frame is still rust-free.  Understand that my truck is my primary commuting vehicle in the Chicago area where winter salt spray is a very serious matter.

If you go to that website, they talk about a preparation product, actually an acid.  Your rust is so minor that you can apply POR-15 right on the rust in your picture without any kind of preparation.  POR-15 penetrates the rust just like a penetrating oil.  Be careful not to get any on your skin because it will be there until your body sheds that skin.
1662  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: 2350 Rear Storage on: May 12, 2012, 12:50:25 am
Our 2350 is 5 years old.  PC-USA has made some variations since the 2007 model year.
- mounted a drawer in the lower open area
- subwoofer inside the compartment or not
- water tank mounted against rear bumper, or more forward which shifts the storage compartment forward/rearward

I also wonder if there is a design variation between 2012 slide out and non-slide out models.  It seems when you get a slide out, the furnace is mounted under the bed.  If you don't have a slide out, the furnace might still be mounted under the fridge.  It has to do with the fridge being in the slide out.

Replies from people with 2012 2350 models should be clear about which they have.
1663  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Still here on: May 11, 2012, 06:24:25 pm
You will surely want to size one up for yourself before putting down any money.

I now understand better, why the desire for a low window there.  You'd want it to be clear glass as well because the PC glass is so dark, you cannot see inside unless at very close range.
1664  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Still here on: May 11, 2012, 04:54:54 pm
With the talk of cords, during the research I've done so far the vast majorty have said that with 30 amp you have to watch what you use, and with 50 amp you can run most anything you want. I have seen the only way to get 50 amp on a PC is to get another ac unit, have ya'll found that 30 is ok or do you wish you had the 50 ?

There is so much we would like to have added to the one we will order, one thing that would be nice is a small window in the lower half of the door.....

Another question, have anyone that has used the "stinky slinky" found out that you needed a longer hose at any time?
It is NOT recommended to run the a/c when using a 30 amp extension cord, let alone two of them.

On rare occasion, running both the a/c and microwave, along with brewing a pot of coffee and using a hair blow dryer, can trip a breaker or the safety on the generator.  Even so, I think 30 amp is adequate for 99% of the time.  50 amp seems a bit much.  Just be aware of what's running before you amp up something serious.

About a lower window in the door.  My only concern would be the lack of privacy.  Maybe window blinds will work there.  It seems feasible.  PC-USA could answer that best.

Your height of 6'2" has me concerned for your head clearence to the a/c unit.  Have you walked around inside a PC yet with your shoes on?

Stinky Slinky?  No need for one of those with a PC.  No place to store one outside either.  The Sani-Con will serve you well and it's purge hose gets really, really long under pressure.  Don't worry about that one.

The only time a Stinky Slinky has value with a PC would be if staying in one place for weeks at a time.  You might want to setup for continuous drain-out.  I bought a Rhino sewer hose and an outdoor storage tube but yet to install it as the need has not yet arisen.  I got ahead of myself on that one.

Rhino Sewer Hose

Storage Tube
1665  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Still here on: May 11, 2012, 03:32:28 pm
We then went to the 2350 with the rear corner bed-thought we could deal with that. Not so! For us, the twin beds is the way to go.....
It seems most PC owners on this forum who initially owned a 2350, make the switch to a 2551 or something larger to rid themselves of the challenges with the rear corner double bed.  Anyone new here who is considering a 2350 should study the bed closely before buying the motor home because the odds here say you'll be switching.

My wife and I are the exception with our 2350.  We would have much more trouble shaking hands good night to eachother from across the isle, than dealing with our rear corner bed.  The compromise pictured above is an interesting alternative.
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