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1666  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Remote door entry - F450 on: April 23, 2012, 03:58:03 pm
I too had wondered if my 2007 was setup for key fobs.  But "No" as confirmed by PC-USA and Ford via the chassis VIN number.
1667  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Re: Literature Storage on: April 22, 2012, 09:37:02 am
it looks like the construction of it took up alot of space.
Absolutely.  We were able to sacrifice the cabinet for literature more easily than most other PC owners I think because our no-slide dinette provides a lot more storage than the popular couch in slide out.  This cabinet was our literature cabinet anyways so the unit I constructed made it work much better.
1668  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Re: Literature Storage on: April 20, 2012, 12:54:48 pm
Many of you have seen our literature storage, but for you who have not.......

The top shelf is for PC manuals in binder, and Ford manual too.  The slots are for travel literature, anything else paper including books.

1669  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Tire pressure/weight on: April 20, 2012, 12:48:35 pm
I have yet to weigh our 2007 2350 without slide out.  I put 65psi in the rear tires and 70psi in the fronts which is 5 psi more than the door sticker states to have.

I really need to weigh our rig when on a trip.
1670  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Sofa bed on: April 12, 2012, 09:59:00 pm
Jack,  Given you have a 2400 means that couch "is" your bed.  Though I don't have your situation, I surely understand the need for a better bed.

That is great information for those who regularly sleep on an old jackknife sofa (with standard cushioning) or airbed.  Some people here state the extra foam you mention is Memory Foam.

I gave you a "Helpful" rating.
1671  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: 2350 with Ford V10... What can I expect for MPG (no Tow) on: April 12, 2012, 02:16:41 pm
Hi Denny, Welcome to the PC family.

I agree with Barry-Sue on both accounts.

We own a 2007 2350 with no slide out.

The Ford chassis has the same engine, transmission, and drivetrain since 2005 or 2006.  The 2012 Ford chassis might weigh a few pounds more than pre-2008s but not influential.

The PC motor home portion has not changed either except slide out versus no slide out, around a 350 pound difference, again not influential.

Our fuel economy aligns with Barry-Sue's.

We tow a 4300 pound Jeep Liberty 4x4 100% of the time.
We cruise at 5mph over posted speed limit with towing restrictions, but limit top speed to 70mph.
Our 3 week trip from the Chicago area to the farthest point being Jasper Alberta was just under 4000 miles where we averaged 9.2mpg.
We plan to slow down to improve our mpg.  I would really like to hit the 10 mpg mark on vacations.
We averaged 10.2 mpg not towing, taking a load full of family to a wedding 350 miles away.

It seems best fuel economy is achieved by limiting top speed to 60 mph.  But that is hard to do with such a strong engine.  The temptation is to go faster becasue the engine does not strain to do it.  But it shows up in the mpg calculations.
1672  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Re: Tank Heater Switch Mod on: April 10, 2012, 05:52:14 pm
Oh, I Like this mod.  ThumbsUp   But in my case, I never use the tank heater so the word "NO" would stay.

And here's a helpful rating for you.
1673  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Re: Floor Repair on: April 10, 2012, 07:56:20 am
I marked it helpful too.  Thanks Barry-Sue
1674  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Some really basic questions on: April 10, 2012, 07:51:27 am
For our drinking water, we use something like this.
1675  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Helpful Rating Abuse on: April 09, 2012, 06:05:58 pm
I too Thank You Aimee for all you do here to keep us kids well behaved, and a whole lot more.

BTW:  Those 2012 specs sheets for each model are looking great!
1676  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Selling your 2350 with dinette? Want to buy used. on: April 07, 2012, 07:44:03 pm
The Ebay bidding or Buy-It-Now process is not always the means.  Often the auction ends and there is no buyer, whether nobody bid, or a reserve was not met.  Afterwards, you can contact the seller and discuss it between just the two of you as you would on RVtrader, craigslist, etc.
1677  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Selling your 2350 with dinette? Want to buy used. on: April 07, 2012, 09:33:16 am
Ebay has them pop up on occasion, and ebay has an auto-notifier too.
1678  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: New layout for specs on: April 06, 2012, 04:39:49 pm

It is a little late in the game to mention this, but this is important to me so I would assume it would be important to prospective buyers.

In all Specs for all models on the left column, you mention "4-Wheel ABS Brakes".  That is good.  But it would be better to mention "4-Wheel ABS Disk Brakes".  The word "Disk" is something worth noting.  Anyone with an older motor home will have rear "drum" brakes.  They may not realize the E350/E450 and Sprinters have disk brakes all around.  Given that disk brakes are better brakes, that is a good thing to point out.
1679  Main Forum / Polls / Re: Toads or tow vehicles? What brand do you use? on: April 06, 2012, 01:58:08 pm
2006 Jeep Liberty
2006 Jeep Liberty For Us Too.
1680  Main Forum / Adventure Anywhere / Re: Washington DC on: April 06, 2012, 11:53:03 am
I should have included that we spent 4 full days there and left feeling we missed out on a lot.  That much time with little kids can get testy, but if everyone is an adult and really into it, you could easily spend a week.  I regret not taking the tour of the mint.
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