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1681  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Finding digital tv signals over-the-air on: February 24, 2011, 02:34:53 pm
run an auto search and turn the antenna for best results. billy
Autosearch?  I got to find that on my TV.  That would help so very much.  I hope all my "wineing" about this has a happy ending for me.

That is a "TV Driven" feature, right?
1682  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Finding digital tv signals over-the-air on: February 24, 2011, 12:21:46 pm
Oh I see you point, and also being stationary for months at a time, needing to clean off debris there.

As for my 10' step ladder, It never touches the motor home.  It is free-standing, setup adjacent to the RV on a flat concrete driveway.  That ladder has a very wide stance, making it very safe to reach onto the roof.  But such a ladder is impossible to carry along on a trip.  It is a home-use only item as seen in this picture, the orange ladder partially out of view, leaning against the garage wall.

1683  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Finding digital tv signals over-the-air on: February 24, 2011, 11:32:57 am
I swear my amp is on as the little red light is lit.  I never seem to have any luck with a decent signal, but I almost never camp close enough to a city that broadcasts.  Even where I live is 40 miles from the old Sears Tower (now Willis Tower) and there is a hill between me and the direction of Chicago because I live in the Fox Valley (for those who are familiar), so trials at home are futile.  The same problem if I try to capture a broadcast from Rockford which is about the same distance but in the opposite direction.  I have yet to install the Winegard Wingman that mounts on the underside of the antenna and will add thick felt feet to the areas of contact with the roof.  Maybe that will quiet the noise it makes.  I did already add felt feet recently but have not driven the motor home since.  Now I have to relocate them for the Wingman. I won't know any results until our first trip this year.....whenever that is.

I too spend some time inspecting and cleaning the roof doing as gophoenix, but I use a big sturdy 10' step ladder for the task.  I stay off the roof as much as possible, reaching from the ladder with a brush on a broom stick instead.  That does limit my roof access only when home.  On trips I have none.  I really don't know what I would do with a stubborn tree branch.  But without the ladder and rack for branches to get tangled up in, I have not yet been in trouble.
1684  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Finding digital tv signals over-the-air on: February 23, 2011, 09:32:29 pm
This very topic is quite interesting.  I've had poor experience with this which is why I pretty much give up using the antenna and resort to DVD movies we bring from home.  You might have read a few of my posts mentioning I wished I never had the roof antenna mounted, just as I had the factory do with my roof rack and ladder.

At home in the house, we have a digital converter that came in handy to point our roof-top antenna toward the source.  There is a feature to identify signal strength, so with Walkie-Talkies, my wife instructed me to turn the roof antenna until the signal bar was at it's best.

In our 2007 PC with aftermarket 26" Samsung TV, that signal strength feature might be built into the TV, but I could not find it.   With digital technology, you have to pre-point the antenna to the right place, cross your fingers, scan for channels, and hope for the best.  In the places we typically camp, that process almost always yields nothing.  If I get two stations, I am doing great.  But they are weak so then what happens?  Digital pixelation and the sound cuts in and out.  So out comes our DVD binder with all our movies.

The analog days were real simple and reliable.  Turn on the TV to a popular station like channel 2, 5, 7, and then turn the antenna until the picture is at it's best.  It was a very forgiving process.

One final nail in the digital coffin is that digital technology requires line-of-sight.  If there is anything between you and the signal source, like a grove of trees, it's Tough-Luck-Charlie.  Supposedly you should be able to get a signal bounced off a mountain or canyon wall, but never any good luck there for me.

The only time the antenna actually works well is when we are staying in a larger city that broadcasts a digital signal.  But that places us into RV parks.  And guess what RV parks have......Cable TV offering many more channels...clean signal channels.  So what good is the antenna?

Okay I will type this again.  I sure wished I had PC-USA give me the Winegard antenna in it's shipping carton and free my roof of more holes and unsightly caulk, especially because it it mounted up front in the nice B+ cap.  It would also eliminate the nasty rattling the antenna makes when the roads are a bit rough.
1685  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Re: Mods to our '04 2350 - Bathroom on: February 23, 2011, 12:53:06 pm
We were afraid the paper towel holder mounted under the medicine cabinet would get in the way when washing up, so we mounted ours up high above the window as shown.  It does not get in the way when dressing up.  We do towel dry after showers in the shower stall.  If we towel dried in the open area, the paper towel holder might get in the way.

1686  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Re: Mods to our '04 2350 - Bathroom on: February 23, 2011, 12:17:05 pm
NICE! work BillRo.  I especially like your shelf under the medicine cabinet.  I would consider adding a lip, a railing, or something to keep things there from crashing down when in transit.

About the space Glenn inquired about.  We found a garbage can that fits snuggly between the shower wall and sink cabinet.  It stays put when in transit, yet easily removed to empty.  It does not get in the way either.  Our 2350 bathroom is a tight experience.  I am a bit concerned of mounting anything too high like the toilet paper roll.  Someone else had PC-USA extend the countertop across that area which surely looked fantastic.  Ultimately, a shallow cabinet & countertop there would be the best use of space, but I fear it would get in the way when dressing after a shower.

1687  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: TV light on on: February 23, 2011, 12:08:38 pm
Mine works the same as bobander stated.

My 2007-2350 outlet power as follows.

OUTLETS THAT WORK WITH THE INVERTER (and also with generator & shore power)
- outlet in bathroom
- outlet in bedroom area, located inside the hanging shirt closet, used for bedroom TV
- outlet in front-most right side cabinet, for front TV and surround sound system
- outlet in kitchen, just under the countertop
- outlet outside, weather proof by entry door

- outlet under the dinette table (no-slide dinette)
- outlet behind the microwave oven
- outlet outside behind the fridge access panel

Did I miss any?
1688  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: TV light on on: February 22, 2011, 10:52:58 pm
The way our 2007 Tripp-Lite inverter was wired up at the factory, that control panel switch changes from "Full On" to "Stand By".  The only way to totally shut down is either at the entry door or at the inverter itself.  But doing it at the door also kills the fridge, so the switch on the inverter is the only way when on vacation.
1689  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Satellite radio/WiFi 26"LCD TV on: February 22, 2011, 08:19:01 am
Chris and Monica,

If I were ordering a new Phoenix Cruiser 2700, I would "Special Request" some things which the factory will do for you at minimal cost.

- reinforce the window shade string pegs
- add a battery compartment shield (assuming the battery compartment is adjacent to the rear tires)
- add 1 or 2 additional porch lights along the side of the motor home for improved and "even" lighting to eliminate glare and shadowing of your campsite.  If you determine it is simply too much light, then install lower wattage bulbs to retain the "even" distribution of lighting.  I also question the location of the primary porch light.  It is right by the door.  When there is a swarm of bugs, you let them all inside because the light is right there.  I would ask the factory to place one porch light to the right of the door hinge, and another light 3 feet to the left of the door.  They place the light as is to light-up the step, but I think two lights placed as I described would still do well for that, but keep the bugs far enough from the door.
- add a separate switched pair of rear porch lights to aid at night when dealing with a tow vehicle or bikes on a hitch rack.  It also would greatly help when backing up at night.  The RV backup lights are good, but more light would be much better.  It also provides additional night lighting around your campsite if so desired.

The battery shield and shade reinforcements can be seen in my "Tips & Tricks" article HERE.

For us personally....this one is debatable....I special requested the roof rack and ladder NOT be installed as seen HERE.  Instead I had the factory place those things inside the motor home.  They are in my attic at home if I ever changed my mind, but so far, I am very happy NOT to have them.  Without those things, my roof has many less holes in it, my rear wall is clean, and my rear storage is always handy.  I would never place items on the roof, and I would never use the ladder because it is flimsey and will eventually create stress cracks in the rear fiberglass wall.  I use a step ladder when at home.  Others have opposing opinions.

Given the very limited use of the roof top antenna, I wished I had done the same.  When we are in remote locations, there is no digital signal.  When we are close to a signal, we are in private camp grounds where there is cable TV.  So then what good is that thing on the roof?  It just rattles up there with added holes and blobs of caulk in my nice B+ cap.  We do love to watch movies so we bring a good collection from home which is why we appreciate the 2 TVs in our 2350.

I also would recommend the factory NOT install any eyelets or hangers in the rear most storage compartment.  I removed the eyelets and bunge cords and wished I could relocate the hangers to improve on space efficiency.  So now I have unwanted holes in the back wall there.  I bought a real nice folding table that fits perfect in there which works great with lawn chairs.  It is for two people.  You can see that in the same Tips & Tricks article.

Some people do not like the coffee maker and delete that to utilize the under-sink space for a garbage can, but we love our coffee maker there.

I don't know if the factory offers these, but be sure to ask about a small color matching awnings for the windows in your slide outs.

Others may chime in and offer more advise on things to consider.
1690  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: TV light on on: February 22, 2011, 08:03:02 am
The same for our 2007 model year.  That is why I reach into the inverter compartment and kill the power to the inverter there.  Then the TV stand-by goes completely dead.  We have a tripp-lite inverter in our older model.  The inverter in stand by mode uses a lot of battery juice, over 1 amp hour.  I don't know about the newer ones.
1691  Main Forum / Adventure Anywhere / Re: Fayetteville, Vicksburg and Houston Next! on: February 21, 2011, 05:15:54 pm
Better there than here in this office cubicle.  I love the area there.

Sunset crater brings back memories.  If I recall accurately, there was white flint rock laying around.  As kids we loved to bang them together to see it spark at night.  That was 40+ years ago.  I've been there since, but even that time was a while ago.

Stay warm.
1692  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Water Drain valves on 2350 on: February 21, 2011, 01:51:41 pm
Oh, I got it!  Thanks.
1693  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Water Drain valves on 2350 on: February 21, 2011, 12:34:43 pm
Speaking of the bypass valves for the hot water heater.......

I have never touched mine in the 4 years we've owned ours.  Why would anyone need to bypass the hot water heater?  Am I missing something?
1694  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: short wife on: February 20, 2011, 11:15:14 pm
Welcome aboard Chris!

My wife is 2" taller.  She manages okay, but me at 5'-11", I come to the rescue often.
1695  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Water Drain valves on 2350 on: February 19, 2011, 10:50:44 am
Ah, that makes perfect sense.  Thanks Tom for that explanation.
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