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1696  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Which model is best for us? on: September 11, 2013, 12:39:03 pm
We own a 2007 2350 purchased new back then.  No doubt, the tight bathroom and rear corner double bed are confining.  It does seem that many people find them tollerable until after they explore a larger model like the 2552.  I can understand the 2350 would be especially an issue for people with limited mobility.

We hope never to replace our 2350.  We owned our first motor home for 24 years.  We hope to own this one longer yet, until our driving years have ended.  We learned much from our first motor home.  The 2350 was our "replacement" choice for the following reasons.

Priority #1 - It must fit inside our garage as did our first rig.  The 2350 just makes it.

Other priorities included....
- A good funtional daytime & nighttime floor plan without a slide out
- A full size dinette
- A double bed on main floor (we must sleep together)
- No conversion features (the bed and dinette stay that way all the time)
- A dry bathroom (no toilet in the shower)
- A decent size fridge

The rest that came with our PC was all great bonus stuff.  If ordering a new PC today, I would change my order only very little.  One thing I would greatly miss if getting a new 2350, is our older design outdoor storage compartment.  It is so much bigger than the 2350 of today.  I think PC-USA moved the fresh water tank forward and turned it 90 degrees to place that weight more centered and over the rear axle to improve handling.  They also relocated the furnace under the bed.

I would greatly miss our massive outdoor storage compartment of which we do fully utilize storing stuff we really do use.  Ours is so big, I can get inside it, and maybe even adding my wife.  That would make for a funny picture.  I did need to invest in some suspension upgrades to address handling issues, but all has been well since.  If ordering a new 2350, I'd request they make it like my old 2350 or a compromise of some sort to regain as much outdoor storage as possible.

We just wrapped up a 30 day trip in our 2350.  It was a real champ meeting every need without a complaint over it's accomodations & features.  Of the 30 days away, we had shore power only two nights, and never water or sewer hook-ups.  Not having a tow vehicle this trip helped because we drove the PC almost daily.  That maintained the twin coach batteries effectively.  PCs in general are great for primitive camping as long as you are wise with utility usage.
1697  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: A New Banging Sound After Year #6 - Dead Center In The Headliner Area on: September 09, 2013, 06:41:35 pm
I feel very comfortable dropping the headliner as long as I can leave the rearward end of it attached.  I hope to drop the front and I might be able to swing it around 180 degrees rearward to expose the original sheet metal and all.  I'll have Irene drive while I look, listen, and feel around.  And yes I will be careful with that jagged sheet metal.
1698  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: First Impressions 2552 on: September 09, 2013, 05:23:05 pm
I will try too on a few questions.

- Map lights are controlled by the switches there along with the headlight dash panel dimming switch "clicked" all the way to one end.  Both need to be swtiched "on" for the map lights to work.  When done, be sure to click off the dimmer or the outside step lights stay on for far too long
- Yes if running the a/c & water heater, you should not run another high amperage thingy like a toaster.  It happened to us last month making coffee, heating water, and running he heat strip in the a/c unit.  I forget that every year, once at the beginning of the trip.  The genset safety switch got tripped.
- It sounds like your suspension needs a good wheel alignment, but not 100% sure about that.  Are you sure your tires are not overinflated?  That might also contribute.
- 9.5 mpg sounds right for an E450-2552.  PCs on an E350 generally will get 1 more mpg and we averaged 10.6 with our E350-2350 last trip over the 5500 miles driven.  This for two reasons.  The E350 has a more fuel efficient axle ratio, and the smaller PCs that get an E350 simply weigh less.  The E450 axle ratio is for more pulling power.
- We carry a rubber-back corn broom-like throw rug that I place outside on the ground.  It cleans our shoes very nicely.  The second line of defense is a rug on the electric step.  The 3rd is a cut-to-fit runner carpet on the first step inside.  By the time we step on the main floor, most dirt is off our shoes.  Still dirt accumulates so every now and then I hand sweep everything out the door with an effective yet small hand brush.  We have two boot trays by the door under the 3rd seat where our shoes, that easy to find hand brush, and hiking poles are stored.
- Like Judi, when we cook, down comes the smoke detector.
- Our older 2007 2350 has a huge outside storage compartment.  Bundles of firewood, 4 pkgs of Lynx Levelers, portable grill, outdoor chairs, and so much more all store in there.  I have to be careful not to over-weigh the rig with what I put under the rear corner double bed.  I can understand your need for a hitch rack.  I personally would consider an enclosed one.
1699  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: A New Banging Sound After Year #6 - Dead Center In The Headliner Area on: September 09, 2013, 03:37:55 pm
I understand now and know what to look for.  If that's all it is, maybe I can wedge in an old rubber computer mouse pad, keeping it in place with carpet tape in there and be done with it.  Thanks a bunch ragoodsp!
1700  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: A New Banging Sound After Year #6 - Dead Center In The Headliner Area on: September 09, 2013, 11:51:46 am
Way back i posted in regards to my ex-2551 having a very large rattle right over the drivers seat and when I took the headliner down I found a 2 inch wide strip about 18" long  of roof cut away steel that was attached on one end that was dangling enough that over a rough bump it would hit hard on what was left of the cut away roof below.  It was metal on metal and made a racket.  Perhaps over time you have something similar and and it is just now starting to hit what is below?
Thanks for sharing that.  I'll be on the look-out.

Nearly every B+/C motor home manufacture cuts the roof of the chassis, either for easier access in a C or opening up the interior in a B+.  I always considered that risky but it is so commonly practiced.

For reference, here is a picture taken in the PC factory.  I pulled it from the 2007 slideshow presentation on PC assembly.  I don't see how metal-to-metal could be banging unless the factory added some metal.

Yesterday was my first chance in doing something after our trip, so I washed the exterior and cleaned out my waste plumbing.  It took all day.  I just couldn't work inside until the 20,000 bugs and crud was gone.  If I get into that B+ gasket, I want it to be clean.

Anyone yet perform that test in driving their rig and feel for gasket-to-roof movement?
1701  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Crease in front cap? on: September 08, 2013, 08:22:45 pm
I have that too from day one.
1702  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: A New Banging Sound After Year #6 - Dead Center In The Headliner Area on: September 08, 2013, 10:10:51 am
I'll do what is needed to get our rig right.  I am known to be quite handy so I am comfortable digging into my bang or creak or whatever it is.  I've learned over the years that anything that will require my time to this capacity, some amount of over-kill in the repair process is most often the better choice.

We got back from our 4 week trip last Monday on Labor Day.  The following day I started 12 hour work days, 6 days a week again.  Our PC is outside getting cleaned by God and his creation.  Live bugs are eating the collection of smashed ones.  I do hope to clean the rig today and maybe have some time to dig into the banging/creaking.  Who knows, I might get lucky and identify the culprit right away when pulling down the headliner.  I'll keep you updated with pictures where applicable.

I really hope to hear from you all in regards to the movement while driving, felt between the B+ cap gasket and Ford roof.  It would help to know up front if I have a normal or abnormal situation there.  The movement we have is felt both on the driver and passenger side so if we have a condition, it is uniform in that way.
1703  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: A New Banging Sound After Year #6 - Dead Center In The Headliner Area on: September 07, 2013, 01:11:06 pm
First of all, thanks for all the replies.

What I refer to as "Banging" could actually be a very loud single "Creak".  It does not have to be a very rough road to make the noise, though some amount of rough ride is required to create the noise.

I had it in the back of my mind that I might have to remove the front cabinets to get to the mounting screws that hold the B+ cap to the roof.  If I go there, as suggested I would replace all screws with stainless bolts with nylon locking nuts and stainless fendor washers, and add more of them spaced 2 or 3 inches apart to resemble rivots on a school bus.  If I can do so without being evasive, I would even add a thin rubber gasket to close any gaps and reduce noise.  Something like a continuous strip of bicycle tire inner tube material.

One more thing I observed which could be influential.  My head liner goes 8 to 10" rearward to the decorative padding under the TV.  That headliner and padding all moves together in unison, up and down, under rough road conditions.  There is a significant amount of vertical flexing going on there.  I don't know if this has always been so, or something that has developed over time.

I fear in the end, I will be disassembling more than I care to.  If I do, I will over-kill any reinforcement so I never think about this one again.
1704  Main Forum / General Discussion / A New Banging Sound After Year #6 - In The B+ Cap Area on: September 06, 2013, 05:57:55 pm
We just completed our four week August trip with our 2007 2350.  It now has over 23,000 miles.  During the trip, the rig has developed a new distinct and abrupt banging noise when driven.  I have narrowed it down to the area above the windshield.  It is quite a bang from vibration of which I am able to quiet completely when opening the cabinet above me the driver, grab the cabinet, and hang on it while driving.

Once home, I removed everything from the motor home that is not nailed down, drove the motor home to work, and the noise continued in the same manner.  I ruled out the TV because the sound is not coming from that area at all.  I'll be dropping the head liner because the distinct sound seems to be right in the area of the interior cab spot lights.  I have also noted that there are wires laying on the headliner slapping it on road bumps, but they are nothing compared to the distinct and irritating banging.

One more thing.  As part of my investigation while driving down the highway, I rolled down the driver window, my wife doing the same on the passenger side.  We stuck out our hands and placed a finger between the aero-cap gasket and the Ford chassis roof.  In the rounded corner (very easy to reach), there is a whole lot of movement between the aero-cap and roof, while being driven.  A bumpy road amplifies the condition, but not dramatically.  I really don't know what to make of that.  It might be normal or it might be excessive.

Has anyone experienced such banging and found the cause?

I also kindly ask you feel between the gasket and Ford roof (while driving) and report back as to your experience with that.
1705  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Which model is best for us? on: September 06, 2013, 12:39:34 pm
We wondered about that curved indentation the back that sweeps around the exterior storage compartment and spare tire. One of the factors (a small factor) in our decision to get a PC was the overall styling and general good looks, and I guess that indentation is aesthetically pleasing, but I wonder if its there for other reasons....can't imagine what though.  Seems you can gain a relatively large amount of interior (bathroom) or exterior (storage) if you lose the indentation.
I too wondered about that early on but concluded it is a stylish way to provide more rigidity to the back wall.  Without it the back wall might resonate, flex, or even buckle.  A good solid back wall helps keep the side walls & roof in good alignment, and all the seam work in good order.
1706  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Problems accessing forum? on: September 06, 2013, 11:58:51 am
Tom, You might want to run CCleaner's "Cleaner" followed by "Registry" before installing the Garmin software.  Back up the old registry data when it asks, no harm in that.  Then install Garmin.  Maybe it will resolve the issue.

Just so you know, the registry cleaner removes old registries that are no longer needed.  I once had some serious system issues that went away after I ran that registry cleaning feature.  Old unused obsolete registeries were in conflict with good ones.  Me and all other people I know who use the registry cleaner, never created a problem from using the registry cleaner, only solving problems.

Oh, and BTW:  Run each program a few times because once in a while, new things come up to clean up after others are cleaned up.

Good Luck
1707  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Problems accessing forum? on: September 05, 2013, 09:22:17 pm
Hi Barry,

I didn't mean to play-down the importance of the registry.

CCleaner makes it's own registry backup in My Documents.  I never had any use for it, no reason to keep it.  If in doubt, hit yes to that question.  You will find a copy saved there.
1708  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Re: Sound under bed in 2552 on: September 05, 2013, 07:55:05 pm
Our Tripp-Lite inverter will rarely come on even though it is set for line/charge only, yet we are not line charging.  That happened once during our trip last month.  I killed the inverter using the switch on top of it.  12V opperations continue and charges only when driving the rig.  It won't line charge or generate 110v until I switch it back.  The switch simply over-rides the control panel switch.

Inverter Is Easily Accessed Behind This Vented Door

The On/Off Kill-It-Dead Switch Is In The Upper Right-Hand Corner, the little black 3-position one.
1709  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Meals - in RV parks and dry camping on: September 05, 2013, 07:44:10 pm
Talking about the grill bag, I just ordered one from Home Depot, local store pickup in a week or two.  There....Done!
1710  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Which model is best for us? on: September 05, 2013, 07:41:11 pm
I guess someone zinged you haha,, why???? your just giving an opinion.
I could be a Zing-A-Haulic  every time I didn't feel the same as another person.  I think I clicked on that button twice, and later regretted each time.  I have retired from that button.  It's there for others to use, just not an encouraging tool by me.

I got hammered when I provided input on how Phoenix could take a better picture for their on-line sales.  Oh well.
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