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1801  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: looking for a reliable used (older model) car on: July 10, 2012, 11:46:45 am
Boy Aimee, I wish I could help you out, but we are many hundreds of miles away near Chicago.

As you might recall, I volunteer helping the under-resourced, with basic transportation needs through our church.  Most recipients are single moms.  The C.A.R.S. Ministry program Here once used the phrase "Cars For Moms".

Not associated with that organization, just between you, me, and the seller, I might have a 1996 Dodge Avenger with 140,000 miles, in good mechanical (safe) opperating condition becoming available by end of month, maybe sooner.  It has a dented driver door which does not hinder functionality.  Issues due to age are A/C not working and small fluid leaks that are not serious enough to address.  Price not yet sure, but hoping to offer it for $1,000 to someone in a situation such as yours.

I'll purchase the car myself with the seller signing the title.  But I won't sign it as the buyer.  I'll go through the car and make sure it's safe as the seller states.  Any additional investment I make in parts will increase the selling price of the car by that amount.  When I find a buyer, they'll come to my house with cash and sign the title as the new owner.  I "officially" stay out of the deal to make it most affordable.  I'll make no profit, doing it only to help out people in financial difficulty who try hard to make life work, needing a little break in this area of their life by getting them setup with good reliable and "affordable" transportation.

If I get this car, it checks out good, and you are interested in it, you would have to take an Amtrak train to Chicago's Union Station, then leave there on the Metra train to the Elgin Station by me.  Living in warmer Kentucky, I do realize the A/C not working would be a big deal.  The car is also a 2-door coupe which makes 3 or more occupants more of a hassle.  I really don't think it's a good fit for you but it's a proposal none-the-less.
1802  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: OMG he's back on: July 09, 2012, 11:52:55 pm
Gary, Your new inverter is likely the 1800 watt model, but double check your inverter's paperwork in the gray vinyl bag.  On the bottom of the crock pot, it states the wattage.  Our small crock pot at home is rated at 100 watts, and our large one is 250 watts.  Based on this data, I would say it is very safe to do as you are considering, especially if using a small 100 watt crock pot.  Understand that you wouldn't want to opperate off the batteries alone for too long a period, but you should do well driving along on the open road.  The chassis alternator should supply more than enough power to cook with a crock pot.

The first time you cook while driving, pay very close attention to the dash board instruments.  If your battery needle jumps and stays low, then I am surely wrong.  But I do think you'll be just fine.  Just don't use a monster power hog crock pot model that feeds a boy scout troop.  Smile

Keep in-mind that you may also want to watch a movie with surround sound when on the open road while the crock pot is on.  So the smaller the crock pot, the better.  You don't want to limit yourself if you can avoid it.
1803  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Scheduled Ford service on: July 08, 2012, 11:09:16 pm
I went to my factory shop manual but could not find anything about oil capacity.  Where did you find that info in your factory shop manual
Hi Bob,

My 2007 E-series 3 volume shop manual is published by Ford.  In volume #2 on page 303-01B-1 is the specs chart for the 6.8L engine.  It is on the very first page after the intro pages with indexing.  Left-hand column, lower section, it states the oil capacity as 6.9 quarts with filter.

303-01B is the section exclusive for the 6.8L engine, coming after the smaller gas V8 engine sections.
1804  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Scheduled Ford service on: July 08, 2012, 10:51:02 pm

The manual specifies semi-synthetic so full synthetic seems reasonable to use.  With our tow vehicle pushing from behind, the engine gets extremely close to red-lining when using lower gears down long grades.  The full synthetic provides extra peace of mind.  And these days the cost of conventional oil is quite expensive, closing the gap with the cost of full synthetic.  I used to buy conventional oil for 99 cents a quart on sale.  No such sale these days.
1805  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Scheduled Ford service on: July 08, 2012, 05:49:57 pm
The Ford owners manual on my 2012 shows 6 quarts.  Are you sure about 7?
lmichael, read my post up one in the "UPDATE".  Barry-Sue is right.  It is in-fact 7 quarts.
1806  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Scheduled Ford service on: July 08, 2012, 02:40:39 pm
7?  I thought it was 6.  You confirmed it Barry-Sue so I must be wrong.  Or maybe they added a quart since 2007.

My owners manual does not cover the 6.8L engine.  What is that about?  It says 6.0 quarts but covers only one engine, the V8.  So I dug into the huge 3 volume service manual for my 2007 chassis.  The 6.8L-V10 is stated to take 6.9 quarts when replacing the oil filter.  So Barry-Sue is right.  It is SEVEN quarts of oil.

I am really good about watching fluid levels.  Maybe I've been putting in 7 quarts all along.  I do admit it has been a very long time (but not long in miles) since my last oil change.  I am updating my earlier post to reflect the 7 quart requirement.

Great Catch Barry-Sue.  I gave you a well deserved "Helpful"
1807  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Scheduled Ford service on: July 08, 2012, 11:55:25 am
I am about due for my first oil change and have started to try to find a Ford Dealer near me who can do it.  Do I have to do anything to use synthetic oil?  I may just do it myself.  Syd
Hi Syd.  If you have ever changed the oil on a car, the same rules apply to your PC.  You'll need 7, that is "Seven" quarts of 5w-20 full synthetic, any brand will do well as long as it is SAE rated.  As far as oil filters go, the Ford filter is FL820S, but any brand eqivalent filter works fine.  I like to buy my supplies at Walmart who sells the Ford brand oil filters along with a few other brands.  In their auto section there is a book, easily cross-referencing all the oil filter brands they sell.  I personally favor the Ford oil filter and Mobil-One full synthetic oil.

When removing the oil filter, make sure the black rubber gasket comes off with it.  If not, just grab it afterwards.  Then clean the seating surface on the engine, dip your finger in fresh oil and oil up the black gasket on the new filter.  This allows the new filter to be tightened by hand better.  It is a hand-tighten-only process.  No tools to tighten the oil filter.  That is critical to follow or you may damage the new filter, or over-compress & deform the gasket.

Before putting the oil drain plug back in, wipe the plug and the oil pan surface to remove any sand or dirt that could introduce gasket damage or a slow leak.  Then add a little fresh oil to the plug gasket.  Most oil change places don't do the easy extra steps, so doing it yourself is doing a better job.  ThumbsUp

Some of you know that I volunteer as a mechanic helping the under-resourced.  We have seen many vehicles come in with stripped oil pan drain plugs.  Some oil change kid is too lazy to insert the plug by hand in turn it by hand untill it seats.  He loads his impact wrench with drain plug in-socket and spins it on carelessly, cross-threading it.  Then the plug isn't seated on the pan right, then oil leaks forever.  The only true repair is getting a new oil pan.  I just don't trust those quick-lube shops.
1808  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Scheduled Ford service on: July 07, 2012, 04:53:34 pm
Our first motor home in 1983, watching the rig be driven in for it's very first oil change, the highest item, the "closed" roof vent got sheared off.  Thank goodness we didn't have a/c on that rig.  So I have done every oil change myself since.  With the Ford, it's extremely fast and easy given it is nicely high off the ground with no need to jack it up.

I change the oil on our driveway because we never put on enough miles per trip to do it on the road.  I use full synthetic 5w-20 oil as specified.  Oil and filter on sale costs me roughly $25.  I really enjoy doing the small mechanical things like this.

Hint:  If you ever throw out a computer hard drive, open it up, destroy the disks for security, but also remove the pair of magnets.  Those magnets are the strongest I ever had.  I stick one on the bottom of the oil filter to capture any metal particles and the other to the transmission pan for the same reason.
1809  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Re: Our 2910 Single slide on: July 07, 2012, 02:19:52 pm
That is where I keep my mixing spoons, spatulas, aluminum foil and most importantly my corkscrew! Cheer Cheer
Yep.  The place today without that new drawer, those large utensils are under the main fork-n-spoon drawer where it's a struggle to get them out every time.
1810  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Newbie very interested in the 2552... on: July 07, 2012, 11:35:19 am
Our six to eight hour driving days are few and far between.
There you go.  There are big differences in driving situations.  It's all about your vacationing style and circumstance.  Us working with 3 weeks at a time, we start out and end our trips driving 15 or more hours per day, bee-lining across the great plains.  Usually on the way back home we drive 24/7, so shifting my body weight around with the 6-way to extend my drive times is very welcoming.  That will give my wife an extra hour or more of rest before her shift.  Then my bladder will determine when to stop rather than my butt.  Smile

BTW: I agree with Barry-Sue.  The front leather seats are extremely comfortable, much better than most other vehicles with leather interiors, and even home furniture.  We have no regrets with that investment.
1811  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Newbie very interested in the 2552... on: July 06, 2012, 11:07:33 pm
Can the Driver's seat with the power options be made to swivel?  Or do you just order another seat like the passenger swivel chair?  

We ordered the power driver's seat because Bob is 6'3" and I am 5'6".  If I just raise the seat up an inch or and closer to the wheel, we both can see out of the side mirrors without any changes.
You can order either seat to swivel or 6-way power, but not do both swivel and 6-way power.  If getting neither, the seat simply moves forward and backward and the back rest pivots.

You have the same situation as we do with the difference in people height so the power driver seat would be very nice for the reasons I stated higher.  I think you may be right in thinking you won't need to adjust the mirror settings between drivers with the 6-way power driver seat.
1812  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Re: Cloths Chute for 2350. on: July 06, 2012, 05:03:15 pm
Very nice ideas.  Both are great!  Thanks for sharing.
1813  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Re: Our 2910 Single slide on: July 06, 2012, 04:49:29 pm
The slide out basket came from Bed Bath and Beyond,
I'll have to run to BB&B during lunch one day this week.  Thanks again for that information.
I went to BB&B and picked up the 3 compartment tray you have.  They also offered the same size tray with more compartments, but the 3 compartment seems to be more useful.  Now I have one more thing to do.

Thanks again gradygal!
1814  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Newbie very interested in the 2552... on: July 06, 2012, 04:25:55 pm
Hi Zorba, Welcome!

You ask many good questions.  I will try to be brief in my answers.  Remember that we own a 2007 2350 (2007 Ford chassis too), bought new in 2007.

Model 2552 was introdced in 2011 or 2012 so you won't find one older.

Way over-kill to have 2 a/c units, might be beneficial only for zone cooling in the longest of PCs, not the 2552.  With well insulated walls & ceiling, and double pane windows, two a/c units is a waste of money and introduces one more large hole in your roof.

We have cherry cabinets because my wife wanted them.  I do like them, but the interior is darker from them.  Just expect that draw back.

100% agree with double pane windows.  We have them and love them.

Power awning was introduced in 2009 or 2010.  I have the older box awning.  For as often as we use it fully opened, it's fine, though admittedly is some work compared to pushing a button.  What I like about ours is the lack of tracks on the side of our rig.  I see that being it's only good point.

Swivel seat(s) are optional, so are power seats.  My wife and I love our power driver seat and pasenger swivel seat.  The driver seat accomodates my 5'11" body, and her 5'-1" body.  Each can make the seat the height best for them, and also make significant changes while driving.  I love to take advantage of the 6-way adjustments to change my weight distribution to squeeze in an extra hour of drive time.  I would be in torture if I couldn't do that.

With the 3rd seat (the one behind the passenger), the passenger swivel seat is nice having guests when parked.  It does not have the 6-way adjustments, but while driving the passenger can do many other position changes to take care of extended sitting times.  We like our decision on seat stuff.

I wished I thought of 270 degree docking lights when we ordered ours.  I later considered installing them, but dropped the idea because it was too evassive to retro-fit.

Just about everyone thinks differently then me about the ladder and roof rack.  They all like it or love it.  I asked ours be placed inside in pieces, and so it is stored in my basement at home.  5 years and so far I have no regrets, but I do have all the parts in-case I change my mind.

Folding bikes won't fit inside the rear compartment.  The rear hitch you think you won't utilize, you will for a bike rack.

A few PC owners have gotten serious with solar panels up-top, one person did a real nice job of it.  He had the antenna mounted rearward so he could place the panels nicely.

Me being the odd ball, I wished we never had an antenna at all.  With digital technology, and the remote places we travel, we can't utilize it.  We watch movies on DVD and use RV park cable service (the few times we've stayed in RV parks).

One of my main regrets is not getting the leather dinette seating.  Our cloth makes sliding in and out from the dinette a bit of a chore.  We got leather everywhere else, thinking the cloth would be a nice accent as seen here.  It does accent nicely but surely not worth the hassle.  The leather wipes up nicely too.  Not so with cloth.

Ask PC-USA if they will custom build a 2552 on an F450 diesel pickup chassis.  They may do it for you at a minimal charge over cost.  They are one of the few RV manufactures who are positioned to do such special requests.  That is how the 2552 and the 4x4 option both came to be.  Somebody asked if they would be willing to do it for them.
1815  Main Forum / General Discussion / RV (as an industry) Quality Re: Introduce Yourself! on: July 05, 2012, 10:43:40 am
You summed it up very well Jerry.
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