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1831  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Re: Our 2910 Single slide on: July 07, 2012, 02:19:52 pm
That is where I keep my mixing spoons, spatulas, aluminum foil and most importantly my corkscrew! Cheer Cheer
Yep.  The place today without that new drawer, those large utensils are under the main fork-n-spoon drawer where it's a struggle to get them out every time.
1832  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Newbie very interested in the 2552... on: July 07, 2012, 11:35:19 am
Our six to eight hour driving days are few and far between.
There you go.  There are big differences in driving situations.  It's all about your vacationing style and circumstance.  Us working with 3 weeks at a time, we start out and end our trips driving 15 or more hours per day, bee-lining across the great plains.  Usually on the way back home we drive 24/7, so shifting my body weight around with the 6-way to extend my drive times is very welcoming.  That will give my wife an extra hour or more of rest before her shift.  Then my bladder will determine when to stop rather than my butt.  Smile

BTW: I agree with Barry-Sue.  The front leather seats are extremely comfortable, much better than most other vehicles with leather interiors, and even home furniture.  We have no regrets with that investment.
1833  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Newbie very interested in the 2552... on: July 06, 2012, 11:07:33 pm
Can the Driver's seat with the power options be made to swivel?  Or do you just order another seat like the passenger swivel chair?  

We ordered the power driver's seat because Bob is 6'3" and I am 5'6".  If I just raise the seat up an inch or and closer to the wheel, we both can see out of the side mirrors without any changes.
You can order either seat to swivel or 6-way power, but not do both swivel and 6-way power.  If getting neither, the seat simply moves forward and backward and the back rest pivots.

You have the same situation as we do with the difference in people height so the power driver seat would be very nice for the reasons I stated higher.  I think you may be right in thinking you won't need to adjust the mirror settings between drivers with the 6-way power driver seat.
1834  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Re: Cloths Chute for 2350. on: July 06, 2012, 05:03:15 pm
Very nice ideas.  Both are great!  Thanks for sharing.
1835  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Re: Our 2910 Single slide on: July 06, 2012, 04:49:29 pm
The slide out basket came from Bed Bath and Beyond,
I'll have to run to BB&B during lunch one day this week.  Thanks again for that information.
I went to BB&B and picked up the 3 compartment tray you have.  They also offered the same size tray with more compartments, but the 3 compartment seems to be more useful.  Now I have one more thing to do.

Thanks again gradygal!
1836  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Newbie very interested in the 2552... on: July 06, 2012, 04:25:55 pm
Hi Zorba, Welcome!

You ask many good questions.  I will try to be brief in my answers.  Remember that we own a 2007 2350 (2007 Ford chassis too), bought new in 2007.

Model 2552 was introdced in 2011 or 2012 so you won't find one older.

Way over-kill to have 2 a/c units, might be beneficial only for zone cooling in the longest of PCs, not the 2552.  With well insulated walls & ceiling, and double pane windows, two a/c units is a waste of money and introduces one more large hole in your roof.

We have cherry cabinets because my wife wanted them.  I do like them, but the interior is darker from them.  Just expect that draw back.

100% agree with double pane windows.  We have them and love them.

Power awning was introduced in 2009 or 2010.  I have the older box awning.  For as often as we use it fully opened, it's fine, though admittedly is some work compared to pushing a button.  What I like about ours is the lack of tracks on the side of our rig.  I see that being it's only good point.

Swivel seat(s) are optional, so are power seats.  My wife and I love our power driver seat and pasenger swivel seat.  The driver seat accomodates my 5'11" body, and her 5'-1" body.  Each can make the seat the height best for them, and also make significant changes while driving.  I love to take advantage of the 6-way adjustments to change my weight distribution to squeeze in an extra hour of drive time.  I would be in torture if I couldn't do that.

With the 3rd seat (the one behind the passenger), the passenger swivel seat is nice having guests when parked.  It does not have the 6-way adjustments, but while driving the passenger can do many other position changes to take care of extended sitting times.  We like our decision on seat stuff.

I wished I thought of 270 degree docking lights when we ordered ours.  I later considered installing them, but dropped the idea because it was too evassive to retro-fit.

Just about everyone thinks differently then me about the ladder and roof rack.  They all like it or love it.  I asked ours be placed inside in pieces, and so it is stored in my basement at home.  5 years and so far I have no regrets, but I do have all the parts in-case I change my mind.

Folding bikes won't fit inside the rear compartment.  The rear hitch you think you won't utilize, you will for a bike rack.

A few PC owners have gotten serious with solar panels up-top, one person did a real nice job of it.  He had the antenna mounted rearward so he could place the panels nicely.

Me being the odd ball, I wished we never had an antenna at all.  With digital technology, and the remote places we travel, we can't utilize it.  We watch movies on DVD and use RV park cable service (the few times we've stayed in RV parks).

One of my main regrets is not getting the leather dinette seating.  Our cloth makes sliding in and out from the dinette a bit of a chore.  We got leather everywhere else, thinking the cloth would be a nice accent as seen here.  It does accent nicely but surely not worth the hassle.  The leather wipes up nicely too.  Not so with cloth.

Ask PC-USA if they will custom build a 2552 on an F450 diesel pickup chassis.  They may do it for you at a minimal charge over cost.  They are one of the few RV manufactures who are positioned to do such special requests.  That is how the 2552 and the 4x4 option both came to be.  Somebody asked if they would be willing to do it for them.
1837  Main Forum / General Discussion / RV (as an industry) Quality Re: Introduce Yourself! on: July 05, 2012, 10:43:40 am
You summed it up very well Jerry.
1838  Main Forum / General Discussion / RV (as an industry) Quality Re: Introduce Yourself! on: July 04, 2012, 09:29:23 pm
My wife and I had commented to a salesman on the overall lack of quality we were seeing in a particular manufacturers RV we were looking at.  He made a comment to the effect that these were homes on wheels, subject to a lot of motion and we could expect some problems.
Actually that salesman's is speaking "truth" by me.  Just imagine a regular house with aluminum siding being shaken as much as a motor home does over the years, a not so rediculous comparison, especially when the entry level motor homes are constructed nearly the same way.  Some manufactures have gotten better over the years, even a few lower end models have replaced RV aluminum siding with single sheets of flat-stock fiberglass, and the 2x2 lumbered walls & roofs made with steel and/or aluminum joists & rafters.  Kitchen cabinets are kitchen cabinets, made no different from what I can tell.  Low grade cabinets in an entry level motor home compare to the same low grade house cabinets.

With that said, our PC is holding up extremely well including cabinets & their doors and all the rest, most importantly outdoor related.  And I think most other PC owners here will have similar stories with higher mileage rigs.  I don't recall needng to tighten up anything yet in the 17,000 miles we've driven.  Oh wait, I did have to replace some screws that hold the entry door frame to the wall.  I even shared my experience HERE.  This is why RVers always carry a tool box, usually over-stuffed with tools and repair supplies combined.
1839  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Leaving today to pick up our new baby! on: July 04, 2012, 08:42:33 am
Ditto from me.

You'll have some questions, so be sure to ask them all to whoever there is helping you there, I assume Stuart.  And the questions that come up later, ask them right here.  We can help you through most of them.

I am slowly becoming obsolete to provide help for new purchases given that our rig is 5 years old now, but many here have newer rigs with identical appliances & electronics, and they are great at helping on-line.

On your way back home, take note how your little 2100 handles.  If it is all over the road with every passing truck, requiring you to counter-steer a number of times to keep it in between the lines and settle it back down to go straight again, report back with the details.  There is always something that can be done to take care of it.  Some models have more handling issues than others.  It will be interesting to hear what you experience as we don't have many members here with a new 2100.

Regardless of how it handles, once back home schedule a wheel alignment at your local truck & RV suspension shop.  Every motor home regardless of brand needs one when new, and PCs are no exception.  You must get an alignment with the rig loaded as if on a trip with all your stuff, a full tank of gas and propane, a full fresh water tank, and empty waste tanks, and if you can, place weights behind the driver and passenger seats to simulate yourselves.  The added weight and position of it greatly affects the alignment so you want it aligned with the most common load distribution.  I learned that from my local RV/truck/bus/emergency vehicle suspension shop.

Enjoy your new home-on-wheels.
1840  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Parts For Sale & Wanted - Post Your RV Items & Wanted Items Here on: July 03, 2012, 10:09:18 am
For Sale
Paypal required for payment (ask which email address to paypal to)

- $15 shipping included, (2 for $25) NEW 15" 11 LED 12V Outdoor Light Strip

- $15 shipping included, (2 for $25), NEW Porch Light, white, does not have the extra on/off switch

 - $15 for 2 with shipping, NEW foldout cup holders, brown plastic works with the cherry interior
Gray is shown, but they are brown.

- $75 shipping NOT included, USED Sagemint Green leather barrel chair in perfect like-new condition, no pets, no smokers.  Removed 2 years ago, rarely sat in
Shipping weight is 38.5 pounds including shipping carton.  Carton measures 25" x 25" x 29".  Use this data to determine your shipping cost from area code 60118 to you.
Pictures and details, CLICK HERE


- Good used next-to-the-stove mirror from someone near me who took theirs off because they didn't like it.  I live in West Dundee, IL and work in Schaumburg, IL.  Shipping seems too risky for a mirror, so I am looking for a local sale.
This is the mirror next to the stove.

Dinette Bench Seat Cushions In Gray or Green Leather.  A mix of gray and green would also be of interest.
Leather seat base cushions are more important than seat backs, but both are desired.

Here are my cloth bench seats today.

Here is my gray and green interior today.
1841  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Parts For Sale & Wanted - Barrel Chair & Mirror on: July 02, 2012, 03:29:37 pm
....but parts should be OK I think.
If anything changes, just let me know, ok?  I don't want to do things here that go against policy, whatever that is or may change to some day.
1842  Main Forum / General Discussion / Parts For Sale & Wanted - Post Your RV Items & Wanted Items Here on: July 02, 2012, 09:58:02 am
I hope this is okay Aimee.  If not, just kill this thread.

Without a "Parts For Sale & Wanted" section, how about we all use this thread as a posting board.

Each member please post and edit it as things change for you.  Do NOT multi-post to keep all your stuff together.

If interested in something or have something to offer to a specific member, send a private message to them directly to keep the over-all thread condensed.

I hope this takes off.

I know some of you have removed your coffee maker, upgraded your stereo, changed your center console, replaced all your cabinet hardware, changed out your faucets.  Stuff like this can be posted.
1843  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Re: Our 2910 Single slide on: July 02, 2012, 09:15:06 am
The slide out basket came from Bed Bath and Beyond,
I'll have to run to BB&B during lunch one day this week.  Thanks again for that information.
1844  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Can I walk on the roof of my Cruiser on: July 02, 2012, 09:09:08 am
Since my wife weighs half of what I do, should I send her up on the roof twice as often as I go up there instead ? ! ? ! ? rolling on the floor
I like your logic.  If only I could convince my half-pint wife to do it for me.  rolling on the floor
1845  Main Forum / General Discussion / RV (as an industry) Quality Re: Introduce Yourself! on: July 01, 2012, 11:22:29 pm
Hi Dave (and Peg),

Main question gas or diesel?

Boy this topic has seen many miles on many forums, this because it is a very good question.  I can only offer a personal opinion.

When it comes to economics, I feel chassis selection depends on how many miles a motor home gets driven annually.  We own a 2007 PC-2350, built on a 2007 E350-V10.  With 17,000 miles today, we average 3500 miles per year.  Doing the math, we spend roughly $400 more on fuel per year than if we owned a Sprinter.  Considering elevated annual maintenance costs of a Sprinter, the extra expense of $400 is reduced to at least $300, likely more.  So people like us dont drive enough to justify the added cost to purchase and own a Sprinter.

Regarding trade-in and resale, it seems linear.  You spent $12,000 more and get back that difference when reselling the rig.  Nothing gained, nothing lost.  There is the love & comfort factor with the Mercedes motor home, of which some people simply feel better about.  But that does not sell a used Phoenix Cruiser 2350 on a Sprinter any easier given the higher price tag to go with it.

Dave, you already know much of this.  I am simply confirming your thoughts.  The only thing I question is your fuel economy figures.  My E350 (not towing) averages just over 10 mpg, and just over 9 mpg when towing our 4300 pound Jeep Liberty.  This with top speeds near 70 mph.  We dont travel 55 mph given our limited vacation time.  People who track their Sprinter-V6 diesel 2350s have noted averaging around 14 mpg when not towing.  That is a 40% improvement.  I think people who say they get 18 mpg are taking snap shots of a days journey across the Great Plains.  Not trip averaging.  If I am incorrect, then I appologize, someone please correct me.  My E350 not towing will get 13 mpg doing 55 mph on the flats with no head wind, but that does not represent reality.

There are many debates on which chassis (E350 or Sprinter) is better suited for the task of motor-homing, and I wont go there in this post.  I will say that its all about trade-offs.  Each has pros & cons.

We tow the Jeep Liberty on all our vacations, usually 3 weeks at a time.  This is another reason why the motor home has fewer driven miles.  The places we go, mainly to national parks & monuments, the motor home would be difficult or impossible to park at some scenic pull-offs and trail heads.  Also, the 4x4 of the Liberty is used on day trips where a motor could never go.  Its really nice to leave home at the campsite, all setup waiting for our return.  We just keep a cooler in the Jeep and enjoy our extreme mobility.  If we find a day excursion better to have the RV with us, then we leave the Jeep at the campsite.  Places like Disney World is real nice to have the motor home waiting in the lot, a place to rest mid-day.

As far as PC quality is concerned, you won't find anyone here with a bad thing to say about that.  With that said there is no such thing as a "perfect" motor home made by anyone, and I think anyone who has owned any type of RV would agree.  PCs are designed & engineered quite well to take the punishment of the road, and workmanship is ranked high.  There is also something to say about general size.  The smaller, the stronger.  A small cardboard box is stronger than a big cardboard box made of the same cardboard.  It's the law of nature.  PC's are made lower and narrower than most other brands which helps in it's strength and integrity.
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