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1846  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: reply on: July 30, 2010, 01:50:32 pm
Something alike was discussed on the,i can give someone a link if anybody need it
Oh brother....or should I say "sister Helen".  How many of these posts will you be making across this forum?  Please give it up.  We won't be visiting your website or email you to satisfy your phishing hunger.
1847  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Re: Is Your Hot Water Not Working On 110V? If So, Read This on: July 29, 2010, 08:22:38 am
Obviously your intentions have nothing to do with your comments.  You have been posting the same comments on lots of subject matters on this forum, even though they one-of-a-kind.  Being such a young and product-focussed forum, most subject matters stand alone.

I hope you will investigate this.  It may be some kind of automated phisher.
1848  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Re: Phoenix Cruiser in Phoenix, Arizona on: July 29, 2010, 08:13:40 am
I wondered myself.
1849  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Please visit us on Facebook on: July 28, 2010, 02:25:58 pm
Sorry everyone, but I won't be going there.  I made the mistake of opening a facebook account early this year which consumed so much of my computer time that I had to close my account and say...."Not For Me".  But I hope you all enjoy it!
1850  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Re: A Low Cost Heavy Duty Rear Sway Bar For The Do-It-Yourself-er on: July 20, 2010, 11:35:44 pm
Trudy,  If you don't like the handling under "Less Than Ideal" conditions, then you would appreciate what both front and rear heavy duty sway bars will do for you.  The E450 chassis has sway bars front and back, but they are much weaker than the heavy duty bars from Helwig or Roadmaster.  Helwig bars provide the most bang for the buck.

When done, if you want a better ride yet, consider Bilstein or Koni-RV shocks, and a Safe-T-Plus steering stabilizer.  All in combination and you will have much better control and comfort.  If you tow something, consider adding a rear trac bar to keep the tow from yanking your back end side-to-side..
1851  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: new phoenix 2350 on: July 20, 2010, 11:06:14 am
Wow, it does seem there was a bad batch of those Xantrex inverters.  That is unfortunate, but hopefully gradygal will get permanent resolution at no charge.  You can't place a value on the inconvenience on your trip, but that's life.

Our 2007 PC-2350 has the earlier Tripp-Lite inverter, PC's choice back then.  All I can say about it is "so far so good".  My only complaint about it (if I wanted to find something complain about), when plugged into shore power, the battery charge time is far too long.  An overnight stay in an RV park doesn't bring the batteries up like the secondary charger I use.  If you use RV parks most of the time, you wouldn't notice it, but for dry camping users, my 2000Watt Tripp-Lite is weak in that department for some reason.  I would have thought 2000W would be up to the task.

Phoenix working overtime?  I hope it's because of outstanding orders, not outstanding issues.
1852  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: new phoenix 2350 on: July 19, 2010, 10:37:16 am

Are you sure the inverter needs to be replaced?  Maybe something around it shut it down like a fuse, loose connection, or something.
1853  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: tail wagging the dog on: July 19, 2010, 10:13:26 am
As you referenced me mentioning in other posts, the Henderson rear trak bar eliminates the "Tail Wagging The Dog".
For the E350, Click Here
For the E450, Click Here

On a related note, I am nearing the end of setting up our 2006 Jeep Liberty and 2007-PC2350 for towing using a Roadmaster Falcon-II hitch, and Unified Tow Brake system.  In the past we towed a fun little sports car, but in the interest of adventure, we sold the car and bought the 4x4 Liberty last winter which doubles as my wife's everyday vehicle.  She picked it out and loves that thing.

To see the Roadmaster Tow Bar Bracket I installed on the Liberty, Click Here
To see the Unified Tow Brake system: Click Here

After watching the video along with reviewing alternatives, I decided on the Unified.
The Phoenix Cruiser on the E350 chassis requires model UTB-1000.  I think the E450 would require model UTH-1000.
I completed the tow vehicle portion last night, which was the bulk of the work as seen in the diagram.  The motor home portion remains which appears to be extremely simple by comparison.  I found the installation for the tow vehicle to be quite challenging for me.  I could have whipped through the installation process much faster for the sake of time, but I wanted the installation clean, as invisible as possible, and as trouble-free as possible.
1854  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Replacement driving lights on: July 19, 2010, 09:43:33 am
Call the factory.  They may still have some old stock on-hand.  The driving lights in the fancy front bumper cover was all discontinued when Ford redesigned the front end to resemble a dump truck.
1855  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Ford Radiators on: July 15, 2010, 08:31:51 am
From your description, the mascerator pump itself is a mess.

What year is your rig?  Is the mascerator pump covered under any kind of warranty?  How much is a new one?
1856  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: new phoenix 2350 on: July 14, 2010, 04:34:54 pm
when we divide our total miles by the total gallons, we get 14.27 mpg.
Could you elaborate over how many miles and gallons that figure was based upon?  Also, what was your typical practiced open road cruising speed?  What were you towing, if anything, during your trip?

I understand about the generator consuming some fuel as we too have the same influence.

For comparison, on our maiden voyage in 2007, here are the mpg figures with our 2007 PC-2350 with E350-V10

- generator run time 3.3 hours (not compensated for in the calculation)
- typical open road cruising speed between 65 & 75 mph
- towed a 2200 pound car 100% of the time
- miles driven - 5039
- gasoline consumed - 528.9 gallons
Fuel Average - 9.53 mpg
1857  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: new phoenix 2350 on: July 14, 2010, 12:21:11 am
Congrats Hivey sailer!

You ordered the latest version of our 2007 2350 on the Ford E350.  We too have the fixed dinette with no slide-out and my wife and I are both extremely pleased with that decision.  You will greatly appreciate the extra storage from the benches as well as the huge over-head cabinets.  The dinette itself is also quite nice.  The table is a good size for two and plenty of space for the meal and extras as well.  Not so if the dinette was in a slide-out.

Here are other things we had the factory do for us with our 2350 and we loved the results.

1) We had the factory mount the subwoofer for the stereo in the front-most dinette bench, as far from the bed as possible.  That sub box is typically mounted under the bed in the outdoor storage compartment.  Relocating the subwoofer greatly improved the ever-precious outdoor storage compartment space.  It also allows one person to sleep better if the other stays up to watch TV.

2) We had the ladder and roof rack NOT mounted to the motor home at all, but rather had the factory place that stuff inside in pieces.  I felt them ugly, flimsey, and dangerous to use.  The ladder gets in the way of opening the rear storage, and they both add many holes into the rear cap and roof.  The parts are stored at home, in-case I ever change my mind.  Three years later and I have no regrets.  I use a free standing ladder to clean the roof of the RV.

3) I highly advise to GET the thermal pane window option.  They make a huge improvement for a comfortable quiet night sleep.  They are warm in cold weather, and cool in hot weather.  You will be sleeping next to two huge windows.  Single panes will radiate outside temps, but the thermals will not.  They also make the RV much more quiet on the open road as well as in noissy camp grounds.  Passing trucks are so much less a noise irritation.  In campgrounds at night, crying children in the tent next door are no issue.  Being "Slide-Free" with thermal windows, your RV will be like sleeping in a Thermos bottle.  Ours retains the heat well on cold nights.  We camped a few times at high altitude in the summertime where temps would get down into the 40s.  Our furnace ran only 3 times overnight.

4) Get the leather dinette bench seats, not the cloth like we did.  The cloth prevents us from easily sliding in and out, and the material wrinkles & bunches up from sliding across the seat bottoms.  I recently priced leather bench seats from Phoenix USA, but my wife doesn't want to spend the $400 plus shipping.  So I'll be wineing about them forever.

5) Get the undocumented color matching dinette window awning.  It's great.  It cools down the RV from the heat of the sun and allows the window to be open on a rainy day.

6) Get the 14' main awning, not the 12'.  Our 14' covers completely over our bedroom window which benefits the same as the dinette awning.  Our box awning can also be partially opened a foot or so for protection from rain on a calm day, allowing us to open the kitchen and bedroom windows without fully deploying the awning.  We do that a lot.  I assume the newer motorized awnings can also do that.

7) We got the full body paint job which has made it so very easy to wash and keep the RV looking clean.  Our old RV had the white raw gel coat fiberglass.  What a hopeless case to keep it looking clean as the RV aged.

8) Look for my post in the Tips & Tricks section of this website, called "Improvements and enhancements".  You will find it useful.

9) You can see the fixed dinette you ordered in the "Pictures" section.  There are only two posts so it is very easy to find it.

10) Some people got the undocumented closet & desk in place of the barrel chair we have.  We like our barrel chair, but maybe you'd like the closet better.  The desk is utilized by the passenger seat swiveled 180 degrees.

11) If you plan to do a lot of dry camping (no hook-ups) like we do in remote areas, I advise to consider investing in the expensive diesel generator.  Propane is precious when dry camping, and the propane generator will eat it up.  If in remote areas, getting propane can be a challenge.  No propane means no fridge, no stove, no hot water, no furnace, no genertaor which means no a/c, no 110v, then soon becomes dead batteries.  If you run out of propane, the entire RV quickly becomes dead.

If you are an RV-Park person, then the popular lower priced propane generator is no issue for the few times you use it.

12) We mixed interior colors, getting a sagemint green interior, but requested gray leather captain chairs to break-up the monotiny inside and color coordinate with the gray exterior paint job.  My wife loved doing that.

You can see much of what I discussed by visiting my fliker site by clicking on this link.

ADDING: I am partial to the Ford-V10 chassis over the Sprinter.
The Sprinter provides roughly a 25% improvement in fuel economy over the Ford, if the Ford is driven and loaded the same.  The Sprinter has a more comfortable driver compartment with improved leg room.  But it has a down side as well.
- inflated purchase price by a whole lot
- much less horse power than the Ford-V10
- limited loading of people, water, gear, etc.
- limited towing ability
- limited mechanical service shops
- it comes with a propane generator or you spend much more on a diesel generator
- diesel fuel costs more than regular gasoline
- a narrower rear axle which decreases stability
- the Sprinter diesel engine is not allowed to idle for extended periods which is detrimental when you need a/c but there are generator restrictions or you have generator or roof a/c failure.  The Ford-V10 idles quiet and will pump out very cold dash a/c far into the 2350 cabin very effectively (I think even better and more quiet than the roof a/c), and you can safely idle the Ford-V10 until it runs out of gas.  BTW: At idle, the V10 uses the same amount of fuel as the generator, so you have an economical a/c backup plan, especially valuable if you have pets or health issues.
- there are numerous aftermarket economical upgrades available for the Ford chassis to improve handling
1858  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Ford Radiators on: July 13, 2010, 11:37:53 pm
Wow, glad to read Ford is being so good about a recently expired 3 year warranty.

About your Sani-Con.  Is the mascerator pump itself dripping or is it dripping somewhere else in the plumbing there?  If the pump leaks, I wonder why.  The valves for both tanks closed properly should prevent that from happening, right?
1859  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Step extends/retracts by itself on: July 08, 2010, 07:21:27 pm
I could not imagine the step surviving a 250 pound person jumping down the 7-9" to it without something going wrong.  I am 180 pounds and I step down gently to assure nothing with the step mechanizm deforms.  It seems a bit weak to me as most RV steps are.

Make sure the support arms or anything else is not bent.  If they are, make them right.  I would think everything needs to be put back to normal if you have any chance of the step working reliably.
1860  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Inverter Tick Tock after emergency start ? on: July 08, 2010, 10:40:26 am
It sounds like the inverter was trying to reset itself after the power surge when starting the engine.  If it does not do it anymore, I would think all is well.  If it happens again, turn off the inverter using the switch on the inverter itself.  That is done by removing the double hindges on the access door.  I seem to recall, when I turn off, then on my 2007 inverter, it makes that tick tock sound once, maybe twice.

If you do not have small children, I suggest you consider removing the double hinges to the inverter's access panel and install a door latch like I did.  There seems to be a need once in a while to turn off the inverter that way, and your condition could be one of those times.  If we later have little grand kids traveling with us, I plan to install a child safety latch, like is commonly used at home.
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