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31  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Flip Up Counter issue on: August 07, 2016, 10:45:11 pm
We love having the composite type counter on the flip up as we do a lot of cooking and dish washing inside and we would have probably destroyed the wooden one by now.
Our wood flip-up counter is now 9 years old.  My wife does a lot of cooking and me lots of dish washing.  The wood surface is always wet from the time the chef starts to the time the clean-up crew finishes.  I had thought the wood surface would not hold up well at all, but it still could pass as brand new.  As far as placing a hot pot directly on it, we have never done that because we fear the heat could damage it.  So we place a silicone trivet on it first.
32  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Radio install on new 2910 works only w ignition ON on: August 07, 2016, 10:40:41 pm
Dinette table is booth... so table attached under the window with annoying leg in way. We do not have a sofa table...I did not mention, we had some moisture come into the cabinet above the dinette when we were stopped for a couple of days at twin lake fish camp, Baxter , tn. (catfish farm) its nearest camp site to a couple of friends we wanted to see... and storm came and we got a surprise. We are parked indoors now so we have time to figure out whats seeping.. may need silicone at screw holes to seal.. will see what we find. When we catch up on Dr and such.

You think you have an annoying table leg in the way?  I wished we had what you have.  We have the older design of two posts in the middle of the table, not that one on the end of the table.

Regarding water leakage around the slide out, A strong and steady horizontal wind-driven rain will sneak under the slide out awning and find it's way inside.  The seals around the perimeter can hold back only so much direct rain too.  That applies to every slide out from every RV manufacture.

It is also possible that you did not notice any water inside until after you brought in your slide out.  Water can sit on the top and sides, so when you bring it in, some water comes in for the ride.

A strong wind-driven rain is surely an exception to the rule.
33  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Radio install on new 2910 works only w ignition ON on: August 06, 2016, 07:51:26 am
Welcome Aboard from me too!

Could you also elaborate more on the issues you are having with your dinette?  Was it built wrong, or is it simply too small for you?
34  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Flip Up Counter issue on: August 05, 2016, 03:37:08 pm
Can you place it in your oven at home to a very low setting?  Once removed with the adhesive still gooey, stick the two back together and let cool.  Then add a screw in each corner to prevent it from happening again.

I realize the counter-top material is not very thick so you'll need to be extremely careful how deep to drill your pilot holes.  Most drill presses have drill-stops making them the best tool of choice.  
35  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: LED light problems on: August 05, 2016, 02:57:59 am
Present your LED light troubles to Phoenix.  They may sell you identical replacement light fixtures at a reasonable price including shipping.  They seem to offer their PC owners many different replacement parts at better prices than we can buy from retailers, Amazon, and Ebay.  Call Phoenix at 574-266-2020.
36  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Are there any other 4X4 Cruiser owners on here? on: August 05, 2016, 02:49:27 am
I believe the clear film Diamond Shield has come standard on every PC for a while now.  Maybe Phoenix changed suppliers, but the product is functionally the same.

I really don't see the need for a leading edge plastic hood protector when the clear film does the job well.  I would shy away from the black protector if drilling into the frame of the hood is required like was done on my wife's Liberty.  I think the installation did more harm than the protector does good as rust is now forming around the drilled holes.

Our 2007 E350 chassis has a fiberglass hood so no worries about rust with our PC hood, but I think the 2008-2016 hood is steel.  Am I right?
37  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Anyone Else With This Stove Related Problem? on: August 04, 2016, 01:07:50 pm
I just ordered a new label and a pair of knobs from a woman named Alex 937-526-2767 at JS Marketing.  They take Paypal or credit card.

Label part number 56388
Knob part number 56380 (2 required)
$22 including shipping for the 3 pieces

I had ordered two sets for $40 but she could not fill the order because she just ran out of knobs so I bought her last 3 of the 4 I asked for, paying $34.  I suppose you could back-order them.

Here is the label.

Here is one knob.

I am thinking of coming up with a heat shield to set in place to protect the knobs when Irene pulls out that big griddle.
38  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Ford Emissions Recall 15E05 on: August 04, 2016, 10:47:16 am
Ah......Thank you Barry-Sue!
39  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Ford Emissions Recall 15E05 on: August 04, 2016, 10:16:54 am
Does anyone know which model years are affected by the recall?  I went on Ford's website and input my VIN and it stated there are no recalls.  But I still wonder maybe I will get recalled given our 2007 is technically identical or extremely close to a new 2016.
40  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Dinette redo and final allure vinyl flooring on: July 30, 2016, 09:58:53 pm
"VERY" Professionally done!  ThumbsUp
Nice job Rosy and hubby!
41  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Cracked shower pan on 2350 on: July 28, 2016, 04:53:08 pm
We just had our shower pan replaced in our 2013 2350. it was an expensive repair. We are heading out for our first trip since the repair I'm now concerned about it cracking again!  
It's interesting to read others commenting on this.

I wonder how that pan is supported these days?  On a 2007 slide show on how a PC is built, I see a picture of roughly a 1 inch thick Styrofoam sheet under the pan.  That foam naturally gives a little.
42  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Solar panel on 2550 on: July 28, 2016, 04:47:28 pm
Hi Rosy Phoenix,

Your solar panel was most likely added some time after your PC left the factory.  I imagine any solar panel on a 2004 model year would have been added by an independent dealer as a dealer-installed option, or by a previous owner.  

The factory did not offer a solar panel as an option back then, at least not offered to us in 2007.  The factory started selling directly to the general public around 2009 and as I recall, solar panels came later as an undocumented option, handled on a per-request basis.  So the solar panel you have on your roof is a hit-or-miss with regards to commonality with other PC owners.

43  Main Forum / Tips and Tricks / Re: Handling US mail on an extended trip on: July 27, 2016, 09:27:52 am
We lived in a fairly rural area where everyone knew their mail carrier and post office staff by first name.  Our carrier told us to do what Barry-Sue mentioned.  We were hesitant at first but no problems occurred.   Our carriers sorted their own mail and disposed of the weekly circulars with our permission.   That did cut down on the amount they had to hold.

I certainly understand  larger city post offices might have to adhere to the 30 day limit but may have an alternative suggestion.

You make a very good point Gail.  Some post offices and/or carriers can be very accommodating.  It is surely worth asking the question.
44  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: WATER OVERFLOW? on: July 26, 2016, 06:40:05 pm
Ron you might want to watch the video. Earl explains it.
Got it Tom...Thanks!  Earl talks about it 28:30 minutes into the video.  That is quite a nice feature.

I know in the past, a few PC owners had trouble with the check valve on either end, not sealing properly.  When on city water, the check valve at the on-board pump would leak, overfilling the fresh water tank.  When using on-board water, the check valve at the city water connection would seep.  I have been fortunate so far not to have either check valve get stuck yet, but figure my luck will eventually run out.

This newer method seems to eliminate that issue along with the additional filling convenience. ThumbsUp
45  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Bilstein Shocks on: July 26, 2016, 12:36:03 pm
I went with Koni FSD shocks. What I would like to do is get two like units, one with Bilsreins about
AND one with Konis , and have a "ride off"  Wonder if you could tell any difference.  shrug
That would be so cool.

I have the other Koni RV shocks, the red ones that adjust from soft to heavy duty.  Ours are set to "Heavy Duty".  I've evaluated our suspension stiffness when Irene is driving on the interstate highway.  I've laid flat on my back on the floor with my head right over the rear axle and "feel" the road.  Doing that, I feel every little road imperfection.  I considered adjusting the shocks to an intermediate setting for a softer ride, but my local RV suspension shop did not recommend it because it would sacrifice handling which is my main beef to begin with.  Our shocks work great for handling, but that adds stiffness which means a harsher ride.  The Koni-FSDs seem to offer a solution for that.

Like you say ron-n-toni, it would be great to perform such an experiment on identical rigs with identical tire inflation and compare.
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