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61  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Option on: March 16, 2016, 02:11:13 pm
About the finish of the interior cabinets.

Back in 2007 when ordering our PC, my wife won out.  I wanted the light cabinetry which I believe was maple back then.  But we got my wife's choice, the dark cherry.  With the original florescent lighting, it was very nice, but did lack something.  Since I converted all the interior lighting to warm LED a few years ago, my wife and I agree that the ambiance is much better.  I still would prefer lighter cabinets for a brighter interior in the daytime, but admit the cherry is not bad, just not my idea of "ideal".  My wife still loves her cherry interior.

I believe PC now installs warm LED lighting standard in all their rigs which I assume works great with the dark cherry, as does ours.
62  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: towing. is it worth it for a 24ft? on: March 14, 2016, 01:22:16 pm
We've owned our 2350 for 9 years now.  We go for 3 to 4 weeks at a time and will limit any one camp site to about 3 nights.  We tow a Jeep Liberty (previously a Toyota MR2 Spyder) because our day excursions are not friendly for driving a motor home.  The roads are too primitive, too confining, and not enough parking offered.  One trip we took touring around Lake Michigan towing our Jeep Liberty.  That trip we should have left the Jeep home.  On another trip in the north west, we left the Jeep home but should have taken it.  We learned it is better to take it and not need it, instead of the reverse.  So it always comes along now.

2007 PC 2350 (23'-8" long) with 2006 Jeep Liberty In Tow
63  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: PC on new Ford Transit 350 chassis? on: March 12, 2016, 07:55:02 pm

I don't knock the Sprinter or the Transit framing, but I do have one concern with them.  They need to be perfectly protected with regards to corrosion.  Winter road salt and sea air salt will get inside the box and linger.  If any tiny bit of metal is unprotected, corrosion will begin which then reduces strength.  Those box-welded frames are similar in concept to a uni-body frame of a car, but it carries 11,000 pounds.  If enough corrosion occurs, the frame may deform, then buckle or worse.   The strength of the box frame is more about the shape, instead of both shape and thickness of steel as is with the E-Series.

I am always thinking too hard over the "What If" scenario.
64  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: PC on new Ford Transit 350 chassis? on: March 12, 2016, 12:51:30 pm
Here are my thoughts on pflasch's opening question.

If I was the final decision maker at Phoenix, I would not be offering a Transit (with it's current weight limitations) because the company has a proven track record with it's design and processes.  It doesn't make sense to come up with something totally different that is light enough for the Transit.  Phoenix would need to introduce a totally new construction process AS AN OPTION for just a few of their smallest models.  It does not make financial sense unless the E350 and E450 became unavailable, forcing them to re-evaluate everything.

Now if Ford came up with a heavier duty Transit that is comparable to the Sprinter and E350, that would open opportunity for Phoenix to offer that chassis.  I personally feel a 2350 built on an imaginary Super Duty Transit would be "One Awesome Rig".

If Ford later does not improve upon the Transit enough to carry enough load, and they dropped the E350, but kept the E450, it wouldn't be the worst thing for Phoenix to remove a rear leaf spring or two on each side of an E450 to soften the ride for their smaller models.  Then they could keep everything the same to keep doing what they are so good at.

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to compare the Transit cut-away to the Sprinter cut-away chassis at the Chicago auto show.  There is quite a difference between each and between them and the E350.  One thing certain, I understand much better now why neither of them can have their wheel bases modified like the E350 and E450.  It seems near impossible to precisely cut a hollow thin-metal two-piece-tack-welded box frame, add or remove material to adjust the wheel base, then rejoin the frame.  There would be too much inconsistency in the process, and the material is just too flimsy, like working with flexing sheet metal instead of a thick solid steel frame.

For the curious.....

Getting into the Transit is like getting into a mini-van.  It sits much lower.  Getting into a Sprinter is like climbing into an E-Series.  It sits much higher.

I don't have pictures of the E350 and E450, but they have a nice thick "C" shape frame that is easy to manage for frame adjustments.  The E350 is naturally a little thinner than the E450.

Here is the Sprinter.  Note the two piece box frame with a mid-point flange on the inside and outside where they get tack welded and glued together.

Here is the Transit.  It's box frame is a "U" with a flat stock top tack-welded and glued much in the same manner as the Sprinter.

65  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Problems with auxiliary 12 volt plug in on: March 11, 2016, 09:29:29 pm
As I recall with our 2007 E350 chassis, the 12V outlet higher up, the one with the square boot/cover, is a low wattage outlet.  Using the cigarette lighter or other high power device in that upper outlet will blow it's fuse.  The lower outlet handles much more power as observed by much much (much) heavier gauge wires to it.  I tapped into the lower outlet to power the extra 12V outlets I installed in the cup holder area.

frecklestweety, If you are at your wits-end trying to find the blown fuse for the dash board square-covered 12V outlet, one by one, remove, inspect, and re-insert each fuse until you find the one that is broken inside.  I suspect it has a lower number like 10 or less.  Do the same in back for your PC-installed 12V outlet above the passenger seat.  I wonder if your GPS is a power hog which is blowing the low amp fuses.  I would dedicate it's use to the lower cigarette lighter which offers much more power, even though it is in your way of shifting gears.  It is for that very reason why I added the two extra outlets into the front of the cup holder unit.  I wanted the wires away from the gear shift lever and off the surface of the cup holder.

Here are the outlets in discussion seen on our rig.  You can also see the two extra outlets I added in the cup holder.

66  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Just introducing myself on: March 07, 2016, 05:17:17 pm
replaced rough chip board bed deck with very smooth splinter-free maple plywood

Ron, I asked Earl to make the change today and he said they made that change for everyone about 2 years.  So PC has installed another of the Ron dreams for perfection.

I am either a blessing or a curse to that place in Elkhart.  shrug
67  Main Forum / Polls / Re: Favorite model ( if money was not an object) on: March 07, 2016, 11:03:13 am
I LOVE our 2350........My only complaint is I'd like more Windows that open.
I always thought the current day great looking flush mount top hinged windows prevent a nice breeze from flowing through the cabin.  I would think if it was important enough to a new buyer, they could order the slider windows that were installed on earlier model years.
68  Main Forum / Polls / Re: Length of Camping Trip on: March 07, 2016, 09:29:11 am
DJM (mciai2000),

Speaking of cramped quarters, how about a family of four in a 17 foot long motor home for 3 weeks at a time?

When we became parents at the age of 25, we bought THIS motor home brand new for $12,225 in late 1983.  We would go on trips for 2 or 3 weeks at a time.  Only one 2 week trip was taken leaving our two boys with Grandma & Grandpa.  When we sold that motor home 24 years later in 2007 to buy our PC-2350, the boys then men, were terribly upset to hear of it.  Fast forward to today, our sons now 32 & 27, talk about those trips with such fond memories.

We did something right in life.

As you can imagine, just the two of us in our 2350 is a palace compared to that Mirage, probably the main reason why we don't care about a slide's what we upgraded from  Smile
69  Main Forum / Polls / Re: Favorite model ( if money was not an object) on: March 07, 2016, 08:54:56 am
If something terrible happened to our 2007 2350, I would replace it with a 2351 with our same dinette and no-slide out, assuming the 2351 will fit in our garage of which I think so.  I would have the factory mount the furnace on the driver side like we have today.  For the galley, I love the 6 wide drawers and larger counter they are now offering on 2351s.  I'd want any left-over space used to make the rear corner bed longer.  As for the extra length on the driver side, I would make the closet that much bigger adding a second closet door.  Behind that extra door would be all shelving.  The existing closet where clothes are hung, I would raise the bottom to add a 4" deep drawer lined with felt for all my wife's little things.  That 4" drawer would not be seen until opening the closet door.  I know my wife would really love such a drawer, and that seems the ideal place for one.
70  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Just introducing myself on: March 06, 2016, 05:11:40 am
Ron, thanks for the idea on the bed frame.  I didn't know that the wood was that rough, that doesn't sound like it would be good for the mattress as well.  I'm going to call Earl on Monday to ask for the birch plywood to be added to our rig.

Those ideas are why we all are on the forum.  Thanks again.
Ha, ha, you can thank Mike (Pax) for bringing it up.  Smile  Yes the mattress has a thin cheap fabric on the underside (ours does anyway) and it always snagged on the rough chip board.  I suppose it helps to keep the mattress in place, but many of the floor plans have the mattress wedged in nice and tight, especially after adding the fitted sheet and all.  So the smooth hardwood plywood is surely nice to have.  I installed smooth on both sides to also benefit the ceiling of our outdoor storage compartment.
71  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Just introducing myself on: March 05, 2016, 11:34:04 am
Mike (Pax)

Reading through your list had me breaking a little smile for I had done some of the same with our rig shortly after we bought it.

- replaced rough chip board bed deck with very smooth splinter-free maple plywood
- added a shelf in our one and only shirt closet (bought matching shelving from Home Depot back then)
- Replaced wet acid batteries with maintenance-free AGMs (but at the same time, switching from 2-12v in parallel, to 2-6v in series)

I also like your other things wished and done.  ThumbsUp  I have my own list HERE of things done but some of them apply only to our 2007 era model.

One thing in particular, new member Byron brought up in another post about LED string lighting which had me going back in my head...I wished our rig had patio lights that operate on two different switches.
switch #1 - turn on a pair of patio lights, one light located as is today, the other located at the other end of the main awning
switch #2 - turn on 3 other patio lights, one in the back, and two on the driver side.
Because we camp most often in primitive areas, having the ability to light up the entire area around the rig would be so very useful.  It would also help when backing into a tight site late at night, missing tree trunks, rocks, etc.  Unfortunately, adding lights on a completed rig, cannot be cleanly done so I dropped the idea.  I'll have to give that some more thought again.  Maybe I can add an easier one here or there.

ADDING:  Hey, after I posted this reply, I just read another reply elsewhere from Polish Prince.  He's got the same idea planned for his rig not yet built.  ThumbsUp
72  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Just introducing myself on: March 05, 2016, 01:18:15 am
Welcome Byron from me too.

When looking over the PCs on-hand, keep in mind that there is some flexibility if you wished something was a little different.  It's not like a car where they come standard with some things, then add more options.  PC-USA is great at helping their rig fit you best, as long as it can be done.  For example, if a bed is too short or too narrow, or too low or too high, or too soft or too hard, ask if something can be done about it.  As long as you are special ordering a rig, they can consider such requests.  They are not as keen about tearing up a finished rig.  Oh wait, you are getting a Quigley......special ordering.  ThumbsUp

If ordering a rig for just yourself, you might consider a twin bed model with one of the beds replaced with something more useful to you.  Maybe more cabinetry, maybe a desk, whatever suits your fancy.  If done a certain way, maybe it can be done to easily convert back to twin beds if worried about resale.
73  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: A few questions before I do a factory tour on: March 05, 2016, 01:10:11 am
We have only the single porch light.  I wished there was an easy way to add a second porch light at the rear of the awning for that would eliminate the glare and terrible shadows.  An LED light bar I seen recently on the latest PCs might resolve the problem, so I too am curious how effective they are.  It would seem an easy installation, worth doing if very effective.
74  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Leak in Sani-Con hose on: March 04, 2016, 01:08:12 pm
Here is our 2007 Sanicon setup.  There are minor differences, a few worth noting.
- we have what appears to be a gray colored plastic grommet protecting the hose from the fiberglass pass-thru hole
- our hose is much shorter because our pump sticks out further, apparently the practice back in 2007.
I really like Paul-Doneworking's solution for owners who have that long hose at the pump......easy, cheap, and reliable.  ThumbsUp  Those are the best solutions.
75  Main Forum / General Discussion / Re: Half Body Paint on: March 04, 2016, 12:51:30 pm
As durable as the unpainted gel coat fiberglass is, it will eventually get a chalky/flat finish which is impossible to restore and difficult to keep clean.  I learned that with our first motor home here.  It did take many years though.  Because we keep our RVs so long, 24 years with the Mirage, 9 so far with the PC, it is why we went with the full body paint on our PC.
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