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 on: Today at 04:34:59 pm 
Started by Bruce and Sharon - Last post by RKS
I could be mistaken but I thought on one of Earls how to videos he talked about a manual override ability. In rushing a winterization once on the road I stupidly pulled one of the tank valves instead of the sewer hose connection valve and it ended up with the internal gears out of synch.  I was able to disassemble the valve and get the gears back to where they belong, but it wasn't fun.
Best of luck.

 on: Today at 04:02:58 pm 
Started by jatrax - Last post by KB9OMH
Jatrax, I carry two of the chairs from Target, I put them in the back storage area where the hoses and power cable were stored, put them in the driver side compartment next to the generator. took out the hooks, and put the two chairs there, you have to slide them around a little but they will fit.


 on: Today at 03:40:35 pm 
Started by magnumiii - Last post by Two Hams in a Can
Thanks Don. I have had the Schrader valve tool in my tool box for years. As for the new extensions, I'm having them done properly at PPL Houston since my infirmaties keep me away from most things mechanical. I'm thinking of mailing the braided things back to the so called fleet repair shop that put them on with succinct instructions.  Cheers

 on: Today at 03:25:21 pm 
Started by Bruce and Sharon - Last post by ron.dittmer
This may be the ultimate solution to the incident....redundant switches controlling those two valves from inside.  I wish I could blend our tanks from inside the motor home.

 on: Today at 02:52:29 pm 
Started by Bruce and Sharon - Last post by Carol
Wow, that's some bad luck.  I'm glad you are OK, though!
When I broke my macerator, the electric valves still worked.  I was wondering if I could bypass them and do everything manually, though, so I called Phoenix and spoke to Kermit.  He said it would be possible to pull those valves on the black and gray tanks manually but it would be really hard and you could possibly damage the motor in the electric valve system.  Besides, I would have to crawl way far underneath to get to one of them.  So, basically, is there any way you can at least repair the part that got damaged that affects the electric valves?  I hadn't realized it, but it is a separate device from the Sanicon system even though they occupy the same compartment.  If you can't and you absolutely have to manually dump before getting somewhere where they can fix things, then, yes, you can pull those valves out yourself if you are strong and desperate enough.
Good luck!

 on: Today at 02:17:14 pm 
Started by Bruce and Sharon - Last post by Bruce and Sharon
Can the electrically operated dump valves be opened manually?  We had a rear tire blowout that wiped out the Sanicon system and switches to open the valves. 

We made it to our intended campground and plan to stay here two days before going home.  Would like to use the manual dump method to empty the tanks, but I cannot seem to open the valve manually.


 on: Today at 08:00:09 am 
Started by Joseph - Last post by HenryJ
We down sized from an Allegro Bus Class A. It had king sized bed and a great deal of storage. I am sure there were things we carted all over the place that never came out till We did the off load to trade in when we ordered the P C 2910T . The storage space is considerably less. The kitchen cabinets are a giant negative. Hard to arrange things in. We have a sofa bed that has a stow away stuff drawer so we have more than most. It is a big assist. At present we have just barely 2500 miles since we picked it up last end of July. We had several hiccups. we tow our 2015 4 door jeep still. Not sure how it will be going up and down hills. Short on power it appears is 31 ft. We now have some things in the back of the jeep that we carried in some compartment. We have not carried my folding bike but it could probably make the back end of the jeep. In about 3 weeks or so we will do an adventure to see some folks where the flat lands end. And our real test will begin. Space wise it is adequate. I finally installed the toilet paper holder and the hand  towel bar. And resorted all interior spaces so things are better there. Now need to do this change out at home and down size there too. I like some of the places we can go with this unit b. And the curiosity by folks on the road remains it does look nice. You cannot open some outside doors and move the slide outs on this one so beware. There are no warning labels. we have 3 slide extensions. Good luck on the change out. I like reg fuel now don't need truck stop fueling. And we can get in and out to refuel at some car stations. With tow car still takes thinking about the maneuvering.
We do have some complaints. I use a GPS that plugs in and keep the built in on Cam (camera) it is hard to see from drivers seat. Needs different angle to be viewable. And no Alt on ignition so means no use of radio (and satellite) when not  in running mode... and no fix from PC for that . It can be fixed we hear but a big job and $ .

 on: April 28, 2017, 11:58:19 pm 
Started by Bill G - Last post by jfcaramagno is a site that provides information by VIN.  shrug

 on: April 28, 2017, 09:25:01 pm 
Started by Joseph - Last post by PawPaw
paw paw, so I assume the 38 foot was a diesel pusher? Interesting that you'd prefer the 5th wheel , I wasn't expecting that.  Is it the truck you miss?
It was not a diesel pusher. It was a front engine diesel: an Allegro Bay with a Cummins diesel and Allison transmission on a Freightliner MC chassis. It was a rough riding rig without an air suspension.

I miss the entire 5th wheel rig. It was easier to drive and get in and out of camp grounds and fuel stations. I could fuel up with the 18 wheelers and with the 5th wheel pivot point, it was easier to maneuver in a campground.

With a MH, I have it, plus a tow vehicle, plus a PU.  Also, the noise level was a lot less in the cab of the PU verses the MH.

 on: April 28, 2017, 09:22:31 pm 
Started by magnumiii - Last post by donc13
We are on the road headed toward Houston with two slow leaking dually tires as a result of a bungled valve extension job by an allegedly reputable fleet shop. I asked for solid metal extensions and got braided steel ones.  Needless to say those were not paid for. We are stopping at PPL RV in Houston to have either Borg or Wheel Master valves installed (not sure what they have in stock).  Then our Tire Traker TPMS should be happy...I know I will! ThumbsUp.   Cheers

Make SURE the schrader valve core is in tight.  Any bicycle valve tool (at Walmart for $3) will work.   Also, the the extensions are tightly on the valve stems.

When you put on the solid valve stems, again... Make sure the schrader valve cores in them are tight.

The only problem I have ever had with valve extensions (braided steel) is a loose schrader core.  Came that way from the factory.

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