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General Discussion / Re: Firestone Ride-rite air bag helper springs
« Last post by CalCruiser on Today at 04:37:45 pm »
If you have leveling jacks maybe check if the suspension will extend any further than 33-34 with with zero weight on the springs??
General Discussion / Re: Rear wheel covers rotating
« Last post by CalCruiser on Today at 04:07:14 pm »
Ford owners   can solve this issue by switching to  the Wheel Masters  brand wheel liners that fasten to the wheel studs.  http://www.wheelmasters.com/wheeliners.html
General Discussion / Re: Rear wheel covers rotating
« Last post by GHS on Today at 09:27:10 am »
Same rotating problem and lost caps on my 2910T. I use 2 big zip ties on them now. Almost 4000 miles this year so far with them still in place.
General Discussion / Re: Steering stabilizer
« Last post by GHS on Today at 09:22:46 am »
I had the stabilizer added to our 2910T before picking it up last year primarily as a safety feature in case of a blowout. Back in the late 70's I witnessed an accident from a left front blowout that caused the MH to drift to the center median and run off between the gap between the north south bridges on I-75 south and impact on the street below. It looked as if a bomb had exploded inside. If I remember correctly both grandparent didn't survive but the children did. After that dirt berms were added to block those overpass gaps but even if they had been in place it would still have been a horrendous accident. I still have wandering issues from vehicles passing at a higher rate of speed and wind gusts but otherwise the steering is much improved over the previous 10+ years of of class C's I have used and owned. I really don't like Ford's twin i beam front suspension because it seems more sensitive (just my opinion) to body roll but the lower overall body height of the 2910T has virtually eliminated that issue which was drastic on my last 31 ft C. (Still feels like there is a rubber band somewhere in there compared to my duramax pickup steering)  I'm basically a GM person but this 2017 E450 PC chassis with the 6 speed trans (18 in longer WB) is the best  handling and towing (with stock components) one I've used in the last 10 years. But, If one fills up the water tank more than half full the steering will be affected. I've tried it both ways. It is not as bad as my last C but just a little uncomfortable when full. A full tank is only used when we are boondocking (which is most of the time but usually the one to three day trips are a shorter distance).

General Discussion / PC Solar Panal Option
« Last post by JDeane on Today at 07:10:23 am »
If anyone has gotten the Solar Panel Option from PC please give me the details on what came with the option ( Individual parts included ) and how you like it. I am thinking of visiting PC in Elkhart to have this option added to our coach. Thanks in advance
General Discussion / Re: Problems with Spare Wheel Cover Latch
« Last post by Ron Dittmer on Today at 06:49:04 am »
If you think your mounting tube is defective, measure it and tell Phoenix about it.  If truly defective, they will likely mail you a good mounting tube, all painted up and ready to bolt on, free of charge.  If it turns out to be the length of the threaded rod that the lever rides along, they should be able to take care of that for you in some manner.   Don't feel you have to accept something that was never right to begin with.  Phoenix is determined to put out a quality product.  They are very happy to help in making it right, even if it takes a second attempt on a few that slipped past them.
General Discussion / Re: Rear wheel covers rotating
« Last post by Two Hams in a Can on Today at 06:36:41 am »
Hey GARMP, I'm getting ready to put these on my Sprinter  http://yourtireshopsupply.com/product/7193/dl1spfr-chrome-duallyvalve-with-front-stems-dl1spfr  and I called my local Discount Tire Shop and got the best price on their 4 star out of 5 work.  We still use cable ties to hold the wheel covers in place.  The link should get you to the model that fits your Ford.   :)(:
General Discussion / Re: Problems with Spare Wheel Cover Latch
« Last post by Allyson Smith on Today at 12:11:47 am »
We've been off to the coast for a few days, so I am slow to return to this topic. Thanks to everyone for your replies.   We do understand the mechanism and I should have mentioned it was very difficult to get the cover off to begin with; that was our first clue. I think the center pole with the groove in it is not long enough for the mechanism from the cover to engage. I even taped my phone with a video going, and a few head lamps inside it to see what on earth was going on. The resulting movie was extremely dim (probably because the phone's camera was adjusted for full sunlight) , but you could tell that the latching mechanism on the cover never quite reached far enough to latch. I'm thinking that it needs to stick out about 3/4 of an inch more than it currently does. The distance can probably be figured out by by putting a few spacers where the whole thing attaches to the RV. We'll see. At any rate, one needs to figure out the exact distance that is needed before it can have any permanent fix. I can see this is a great concept, but I'm convinced ours is defective. :-( --Thanks again everyone. Allyson
General Discussion / Re: Firestone Ride-rite air bag helper springs
« Last post by BlueBlaze on June 16, 2018, 08:21:21 pm »
I did some more testing this week, after driving it around some.  I added air in 10 lb increments, while measuring for a change at the tow hitch.  This time I found some change, but it seems to be more because of where I measured it than anything else (it still measured about 33" at the wheel well).

Starting with an empty coach, no water in the tank, and zero psi, it measured 14.0".  Every 10 lbs added about 1/8", up to a max of 100 psi and 15.5.  30 psi (the minimum allowed) was 14-3/8".  The maximum lift was only 1-1/2".

So then I filled the water tank (to add 382 lbs on the back wall) and tried again.

At zero PSI, it measured 13-5/8"  (3/8" of sag).  It still added about 1/8" for every 10 psi until I reached the maximum 100 lbs and 15-1/8".  So the maximum change was still 1-1/2".  (I know those numbers don't add up to exactly 1/8" per 10 lbs, but it's close).

Bottom line -- I simply didn't get any improvement worth the $400 I spent.  However I can say that at 40 lbs, it did level the coach to the same height without water, so I guess the bags did what they're supposed to do (just not what I hoped they would do).

I double-checked the installation and could find no errors.  The springs appear to be stock, but I'm not sure I could tell if they weren't.

The kit is Firestone W217602061.  Maybe there is a different kit that would give a better result.  But in any case, I would definitely recommend against wasting your money on this kit if you are looking for improved ground clearance on a 2350 coach.  Maybe it would be worth it on a coach with a longer overhang than the 2350's 8 ft, since the leverage effect would increase the rise.
General Discussion / Re: Florida meet-up
« Last post by Thomas4854 on June 16, 2018, 01:16:14 pm »
 wavecow wavecow Too funny!
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