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 on: Today at 09:01:50 pm 
Started by gl1500 - Last post by Bruce and Sharon
During the first year that we owned our 2552 the Samsung unit started giving us problems.  We talked to Kermit at the factory and he correctly guessed that the problem was the unit itself.  He sent us a replacement unit and it works fine.
--Bruce and Sharon

 on: Today at 07:53:49 pm 
Started by gl1500 - Last post by gl1500
My stereo says "hello" when turned on and then the readout goes to the word "protection" twice and then turns off.  Spoke to Samsung and as little as I could understand him, he said bad cable to the TV.. Worked fine one day ago and after some rough freeway in Calif. it refuses to do anything but stated above.  I disconnected all cables except power and speakers figuring I would eliminate all external feeds in and out and would use only the CD play only.  Same problem.  Anybody have this experience?  I am guessing something in the box broke.  Tried to look up on Samsung web site but it says no such model exists.  Must be really old to not exist on their site.  This is a 2014 coach.

 on: Today at 07:33:50 pm 
Started by SpiderWebb - Last post by BuffaloRose
We downsized from a 30 foot class A because we hated the hassle of towing but neither were we happy moving about and sight seeing in our 30 footer without towing.  Just takes too much space to pull over, especially in crowded areas.  Many times we wanted to pull over to see a view but just couldn't park. Many nfs, NP or state parks limit size to 27 feet or less. We briefly owned a 27 footer b+ that could not comfortably park in some small downtown areas, i.e., st augustine Florida, Jackson hole, Yellowstone and the list goes on.  We are VERY happy with our 2350.  We can pull off on the roadside very easily.  We did rent a car for last years trip to Acadia.  The roads and traffic in the park we not conducive for driving in even the 24 footer.  There are sacrifices on every motor home choice.  You give up something to get something.  Oh yes, we rarely worry about stopping at macdonalds for a quick lunch.  Most places can accommodate our 24 footer, even dairy queen😀

 on: Today at 05:43:09 pm 
Started by SpiderWebb - Last post by Doneworking
The questions you ask are the very reasons why we own a 2350, the just a foot smaller model to the 2351.  Candidly, I can't personally imagine trying to hassle 31 feet of motor home in not many but most of the places we go, including national parks, BLM, NF, etc.  And pulling over to view something would be just a bridge too far for me in anything that long.  Others may share a very different opinion and experience, but we own a smallish Class C because of all those considerations.  AND, I certainly can't imagine doing that kind of exploring without a towed vehicle with a 31 footer.  Just our experience and opinion.


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Started by SpiderWebb - Last post by SpiderWebb
Happy Thanksgiving.  We are soon to be first time RV owners and weve landed on Phoenix Cruiser for many reasons including this helpful forum.  Ive been monitoring the PC forum for the past 6-8 months so I feel like I know a number of you!  I looked at past threads but didnt find this topic.  Here is our dilemma.  Our initial focus was on the 2351 (25 ft.) for the drivability and maneuverability, etc.  We then briefly considered the 2552 but after visiting PC in Elkhart we lit up on the 3100 (31 ft.) as it checked all of our boxes for both needs and wants (livability, storage, fixed dinette & sofa, larger bathroom, etc.).  Note, it will only be the two of us and our purpose for the RV is to explore the US and Canada with an emphasis on National Parks.  Most trips will be 2 weeks with a few longer trips that could take us out 3-4 weeks.  We are not interested in towing a vehicle so this would be both our traveling residence as well as our primary means of transportation.  I could see us on rare occasion renting a car in certain situations (i.e. in larger cities, etc.) but that would be the exception.  So the question of the day is generally would the additional 6 feet in length of the 3100 present challenges often and/or significant enough in terms of:  1. parking in towns; 2. driving in towns and/or National Parks; 3. parking in turn-outs for viewing scenery, etc.; 4. parking in tighter spaces in RV campgrounds to compel us to reconsider the 2351 and its shorter length?  Knowing this is somewhat subjective, we appreciate all opinions and perspectives particularly those who have gone from 25 ft. to 31 ft. RVs or the other way around, or those who own either of these two models. Thanks for your consideration.     Steve

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Started by Billyidol - Last post by jt
We are in Reno, not too close to you but if you ever travel north we would be happy to show you our 2014 2350. It has no slide out and was special ordered with two Euro chairs and a pocket table instead of a dinette or the standard table--we think it is great! It is our second 2350, we had a 2006 with a slide out but our new one is much better for us. We will probably be in the Las  Vegas area or maybe northern Arizona next March or April and could possibly meet you in that area.

 on: Today at 10:58:20 am 
Started by ron.dittmer - Last post by ron.dittmer
Great improvements, can you send details?
On which improvement?

 on: Today at 10:39:49 am 
Started by Billyidol - Last post by ron.dittmer
Hi John,

Happy Thanksgiving to you and all the rest of the PC family!

Back in 2007, we went from a tiny 1983 Toyota Mirage to the 2350.  Eight years so far and it is a constant reminder we made the right choice.

Like Paul, we tow for increased mobility.  Our tow is a 2006 Jeep Liberty.  If we were full timing like you plan, I would think towing another vehicle would help with your full-time needs.  As long as your tow and stuff inside it doesn't exceed 5000 pounds, it becomes a multi-functional tow.  It gets you around where you are staying using much less fuel, and you can store stuff in it too.

Some might say, if you are going to tow another vehicle, why not buy a bigger motor home to live in full time.  That is another consideration.  But the 2350 with a tow vehicle is easy to get around in our national parks, monuments and the kind without issues.

This is something I always imagined for someone full timing alone and determined not to tow anything.  Consider special ordering a 2100 with the dinette changed to a day bed with made-for-day bed back rest cushions for day comfort.  Toss the cushions into the cab area for bedtime.  This way you have a couch and a permanent bed all in the same space.  The factory can make the day bed structure to utilize the space underneath it to improve the storage there with improved inside and outside access.  Make sure to request a memory foam mattress for it.  Also have the factory install cabinets instead of the couch, maybe with a writing desk for a place to sit at, maybe mount the TV on that wall, surely an area for additional storage.  You can be creative.  If the window on that wall is in the way, just have the factory delete, shift, or install a smaller one.  The factory is so good about such modifications without gouging you over such changes.

Here is the 2100 floor plan, shown with the optional slide out.  If floor space means nothing to you, get the no-slide for a clean wall to work with for the custom cabinetry and such.  If storage was king, just make that wardrobe cabinet across the entire wall, then shelve some of the inside with cubies or whatever.  Mix it up to meet your storage needs.  If you plan to carry "heavy", maybe consider the E450 chassis instead of the E350.

Just tossing out ideas that are inside this head of mine.  

 on: Today at 10:37:03 am 
Started by ron.dittmer - Last post by Robert G.
Great improvements, can you send details?

 on: Today at 08:42:29 am 
Started by Billyidol - Last post by Doneworking
I can't help you because I live half a country away from you!  But, I can tell you this:   we moved from a Roadtrek 210P to a PC 2350 and love the extra room. 

We feel like we are in a suite compared to a small room.   We do miss our RT for maneuverability and parking.  We have to tow to have a run around vehicle.  We find the 2350 great for the two of us for extended trips, but miss the Roadtrek for day trips.  If you are going to full time, some do it in Roadtreks but the 2350 would be perfect for someone that doesn't mind a smaller rig and all its benefits.   Personally, if we didn't need all the junk for boondocking and extended stays we would take a close look at the 2100 PC.  It looks like a Roadtrek on steroids. 


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