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 on: Today at 09:13:11 am 
Started by aimee - Last post by JWW
Many Thanks to all for the input !
As we have more questions I will post them under a new topic in the general discussion heading.
Happy Motoring

 on: Today at 07:40:28 am 
Started by aimee - Last post by TomHanlon
Mike, is the 50 amp cable a marine style like the 30 amp? Do you have to carry the cable to the side of the PC and hook it, and plug it in to the post? I remember when I had a Winnie with 50 amps the cable was large, heavy and rather hard to coil. I prefer the lighter 30 amp cable I now have. I have blown the 30 amp one time. I wish Phoenix would install an energy manament system like my Winne had, then there would be no worries with 30 amp.

Johnny the full body paint is the best and most important option you can add on. The southern sun can cause the unpainted fiber glass to calk real bad and fast. The paint will almost pay for itself when you go to sell or trade in.

 on: Today at 01:16:19 am 
Started by aimee - Last post by Pax

Regarding the A/C unit. ... We opted for 50 amp service in our 2552, and instead of the second A/C unit we had Kermit replace the standard 13,500 BTU unit with a Coleman Mach 15,000 BTU unit.  It performed really well last summer, including high heat and humidity in Upstate New York, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.  Of course, we ensured the rig was insulated as much as possible and were careful about not leaving doors open, etc.

  - Mike

 on: March 25, 2015, 11:21:27 pm 
Started by Dale and Cindy - Last post by bobojay
Ok 2 time Sprinter owner here. Your owners manual is your best reference for this info. 15k miles or 1 yr from date of first in service, (your purchase date) for your oil. It takes about 13 quarts in the V6 of a special 229.52 European spec 5w-30 or 0w-30 oil. You MUST use this oil to maintain warranty. Mobil 1 is the preferred brand, and it usually has to be ordered if you buy at auto parts stores. It's not a normal stock item. And it's not available at WalMart.
Stick with an OEM brand, (Mercedes, Mann, Hengst), of oil filter as some of the store brands are made in China and have been known to collapse, ruining that $15,000.00 diesel engine, (on your dollar).

If you have a 2015 chassis, I believe you have a 4.75 gallon DEF tank. If you are adding as much as you say, you are not getting it full. It needs to be filled up to get your proper miles and time between refills. You have roughly 500 miles to refill after the DEF light comes on. We get about 5k miles per 2 gallons. We have a 3.2 gallon tank. Idling and slow speed, stop & go use more DEF.

The engine fluid maintenance on a Sprinter is critical to it's life, and the correct fluids have to be used, which are mostly not off the shelf. Sprinters are great vehicles, but are very finicky in their requirements.
If your Sprinter has Continental tires on it, expect about 30k miles for their life, and I suggest you get a front end alignment ASAP for max life. All RV's should get an alignment around 5k miles if bought new because they were aligned at the chassis factory with no weight on them.
If you take your Sprinter to a dealer, be sure you understand what service they will do and if it's something you can do yourself, (DEF, windshield washer fluid, cabin air filter), do it yourself. MB dealers, not all of them now, are notorious for presenting an unknowing owner with $3,4, & 500.00 service bills.

Oh, and one of the big Sprinter no, no's is don't let it idle at it's 790 rpm idle speed for more than necessary as it can cause all kinds of emission related issues requiring a dealer visit. And don't be afraid to drive it hard once in awhile. Don't putter it around...

Any other questions I'll try to help you with them....

 on: March 25, 2015, 07:21:26 pm 
Started by aimee - Last post by JWW
Thank you Ron & Bob for your input. Very much appreciated.
Any feedback on the 2nd A/C option? Does one unit provide adequate cooling in the heat of summer in the high humity we have here in the southeast?
I realize this is relative to the air exchange vs. the cubic footage of the unit, as well as the performance of the insulation of the unit, but nothing beats actual experience.
Our first Class A was a 30 footer, and 1 unit was not enough.
Any other suggestions and or advise regarding  must haves or don't  haves from your experience with P.C.'s will be appreciated.
Happy Motoring

 on: March 25, 2015, 07:10:54 pm 
Started by Dale and Cindy - Last post by Joseph
DEF as I understand it is set at a usage rate of about 2 to 3% of fuel usage. So how often you need to fill will depend on the tank size and how many miles you've driven.  My understanding (which isn't much I might add) is if you run out it will become difficult to start and performance will suffer. Does the manual state to check it every 15,000 miles or to add DEF every 15,000 miles? IE, check your transmission fluid every 5,000 miles and replace and service every 30,000.  No idea if this helps but its all I got.  One other thought, if your using more than what  Mercedes states it requires in DEF it could be something that needs to be adjusted by the dealer.

Also with a smaller Diesel they may not require the oil changed before 15,000 due to its under much less of a load than a 500 HP big rig and it also probably holds 15 quarts?  Now if it were me, when ever you do get around to changing it be that at 8,000 or 15,000 I would send an oil sample into blackstone labs. They can tell you how the engine is breaking in and how the oil is holding up to determine if you can continue to go 15,000 miles or if you should change earlier. Its, 25 bucks for a basic test and 35 if you want viscosity test as well.  For the cost of a couple tests you'll know exactly where you need to be regardless of what the book says you can go to.

 on: March 25, 2015, 07:00:18 pm 
Started by Dale and Cindy - Last post by Dale and Cindy
We took delivery of our brand new 2015 Diesel Sprinter PC2350 on October 15, 2014.

We currently have 7,800+ miles on our beloved PC.  I was thinking that we were probably very close to needing to have the oil changed (even my mechanic said that diesel trucks should have their oil changed between 7K and 8K miles); but, our Sprinter Maintenance Booklet says that our first oil change is at 15,000 miles.  REALLY!!!!

Does anyone have a maintenance schedule, or know where I can obtain a Sprinter maintenance schedule, for things like oil & filter changes, coolant, air filter, fuel filter, etc.. 

Also, we are very perplexed that our Sprinter Maintenance Booklet states "Check and add DEF every 15,000 Miles".   REALLY?   We have added DEF twice since we have owned our PC because we got a indicator light on our dashboard's "multifunctional display" that said we needed to add DEF.  This display for adding DEF appears every 3,500 miles. So we added the DEF; and the light went out.   So why does our Maintenance Booklet state to check DEF every 15,000 miles when it is needed every 3,500 miles?  I am so confused.

So I guess we should believe our dashboard displays and just get the maintenance required when a "light" appears?  I'm not too comfortable with this "dashboard" method and would prefer a maintenance schedule so we can be proactive and get the oil changed before our next "three month trip".
How can we be proactive with making sure we are performing the required maintenance when we have to rely on "dashboard lights".  I want to know ahead of time when maintenance is due, not when the dashboard says it is due.   OK, maybe I'm weird.

 on: March 25, 2015, 06:15:34 pm 
Started by bobojay - Last post by Joseph

[/quote]I would imagine this to be true, but as the tooling gets worn and demand drops, those two factors in combination could prematurely end E350/E450 cut-away production.  It seems the motor home industry could revert back to the 70's, forced to offer smaller B+/C rigs than currently offered..

I'm not so sure going smaller is a bad thing. Its one of the reasons I went with the PC. Everywhere I go I see monster rigs. In most cases its hard for me to imagine they are really needed by most. That aside we have ways of justifying why we do things.  At the last campground we hit on our way back from Canada we were the smallest unit there. Every rv there was over 36 feet. One 5th wheel was a 38 footer with 5 slides. Beautiful but HUGE. I was the runt of the litter and kind of liked it.

 on: March 25, 2015, 05:57:29 pm 
Started by bobojay - Last post by Joseph
The Lincoln town car is an example of how things can change. They were going to stop production of this model and announced the last years production for any company wanting them. However the Livery services went nuts. Ford motor CEO Alan Mulally and the BOD's were convinced, they shut down production for one year, moved the line and updated the tooling.  One never knows!

The F series has some perks, one being they can use the higher performance V10 or a Power stroke Diesel. The Diesel wouldn't be as loud in the F series so that's a plus as well for Diesel fans. It also has drawbacks, one being length. With the F series the over all length changes on all models of any brand using it.

 on: March 25, 2015, 05:29:37 pm 
Started by bhgareau - Last post by bhgareau
I contacted Kermit who quickly pointed me in the right direction. It ended up being a blown fuse up front where the Phoenix installed accessories tie into the Ford electrical system. Replaced the fuse and all is well.

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