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 on: October 25, 2016, 06:17:51 pm 
Started by JoeyD - Last post by dickreid1
Summer 2015
Drivers seat peeling.  The source for the chairs did not respond. Went to the factory where they removed the seat and sent it to be repaired while other work was being done.  Later that day the like-new seat was installed.  No charge. 

Later the Euro chairs also had pealing arms and headrests.  The factory sent replacements; again no charge. I found that it was a pretty good job to do the replacement.  Sorry to say but one of the new replacements is peeling again.

 on: October 25, 2016, 04:46:39 pm 
Started by Michelle Dungan - Last post by 4X4Diversion
You can have a longer bed in the 2351. The 2351 is one foot longer than the 2350 and on the passenger side, that foot can be used to increase size of kitchen, and/or size of corner bed or add a pullout pantry. When we ordered our 2351 we asked for a 80" corner bed with 6 extra inches in kitchen. I think you could ask for a 86" corner bed if you wanted.

 on: October 25, 2016, 04:36:40 pm 
Started by Dave - Last post by Carol
Welcome back, Dave, and I am happy to hear things went so well.  It sounds like you visited some lovely spots and had a very relaxing time.
Nice to see you mention the Escapees SmartWeigh scales in Bushnell, FL.  I weighed my rig there my first winter and was happy I did.  My rear axle was close to max load and I had pounds to spare up front, so it was good to know how to repack and shift weight as much as possible towards the front.  I also measured 10 feet 3 inches in height, which was good to know (I think PC advertises most of their rigs coming in at 10 feet or slightly under).  Escapees has another SmartWeigh station at their park in Livingston, TX.  I highly recommend using this (or someone else's) service for anyone in an RV.  Like you point out, Dave, it affects how much air you should put in your tires and can alert one to points of possible overload.  Again, thanks!

 on: October 25, 2016, 03:41:23 pm 
Started by Michelle Dungan - Last post by rdalton
I have that side window on my 2900, and am not sure that I could live without it at this point.  I REALLY use it when making a left turn and its angled more like 120 deg than 90.  Before flight, it's a priority to raise that blind. 

When searching for an RV, I went up from the idea of a PW or RT mostly because I'm 6-2 tall.  I really like the idea of the smaller PC's, but I feel very cramped in the length of the bed.  Now, I'm afraid that I cannot go smaller than a 2900.  An older 2700 would probably be suffice for me, since my feet can hang off of the bed. Grin


 on: October 25, 2016, 03:34:14 pm 
Started by Dave - Last post by Dave
This years summer trip is over, here's how it went.  We loaded up and left Naples, Fl on the 14th of May.  Our first stop was Bushnel, Fl and the Escapees Rv park to have the four corners of our 2552 weighed, the results:

LF2350.  RF2260

LR4290.  RR4250
Height 10 ft 3 in
 Those numbers and the tire chart advised 65 pounds on all six tires.  On a cool morning (55) I inflated the tires to 70 pounds.  At that pressure the ride was fine and the tires stayed at the appropriate temp during the rest of the trip.  We're 1000 pounds light on the rear axle, not bad although we still took too much stuff.

Next was Clinton Tn (north of Knoxville) for 3 weeks, then up to Shipshewana Indiana for a week.  We visited the factory to say hello to the folks there. Then north to South Haven Mi.. After a few days on to Ludington Mi.  After a week there we went to Traverse Bay RV resort, where we own a site.  Six weeks later we headed back towards the south.  Summerdale Al, just north of Gulf Shores.  After a few days we started out on a trip we had looked forward to, US 98 all the way to just north of Tampa Fl. US 98 goes along the gulf shore and is a really nice drive.. We spent a few days on exploring historic Apalachacola Fl.  The heart of gulf fishing and oyster catching.

US 98 from just south of Tallahassee is a wonderful drive.  Wide, smooth and almost no trucks.  We finally arrive home, after a few more stops, on October 14.

We were out 6 months this time, 5 months last year.  The coach was comfortable and suited us perfectly in space, storage, and all around utility.  Our 2552 is a 2015 model and drives great.  I don't see how it could be improved.

Summer totals= 3705 miles,  425 gallons of fuel for an average of 8.81 mpg.  That's adjusted for generator use.

After 17 years of full time in 40 footers we had forgotten how much work is involved in loading and unloading for these trips.  That's the only downer to down sizing.

 on: October 25, 2016, 10:28:04 am 
Started by JoeyD - Last post by ron.dittmer
When we placed our order for a PC back in 2007, the 2007 sales brochure and our rig's documentation said the 2 front captain seats and the barrel chair are leather, not ultra leather, pleather, or called by any other name, just leather.  The barrel chair has since been replaced with a 3rd captain seat that we bought directly from the seat supplier Paul's Seating.  But I strongly doubt that any of our three captain seats have any leather material in them for they don't feel or smell like leather at all, not even on the seating surfaces as is a common practice.  One thing I can say is that none of our three captain seats are flaking yet, maybe because our rig is stored indoors so much.  Or maybe the quality of the vinyl is better.

Regarding the break-down in the vinyl, it seems that China has done it again, selling fabric to RV seat manufactures that has become substandard, a chronic problem with many things the orient manufactures, most notably China.  That is how the industry like reputable toy companies for example, have occasional recalls because of lead in the paint on their toys.  One thing certain, you will not see a recall on your seats.

One thing has me scratching my head over the PC seats.  Why are the fake-leather vinyl seats an up-charge from the cloth?  If I knew back then our three seats would be vinyl, I would likely have gone with cloth seats and save the extra $721 paid.

But our experience with our original cloth dinette cushions was terrible.  The vinyl surfaces are so much better.  And I also have to say that our captain seats are nice looking and very comfortable.  We do like what we long as it doesn't start flaking.

Maybe the problem is something entirely different.  There are three different smooth leathers used in furniture upholstery.
- Full Grain Leather is best and extremely expensive.  It is naturally smooth and 100% pure
- Top Grain Leather is middle of the road.  It is still 100% leather, but it starts out imperfect.  They process it some add a grain on it to cover up the imperfections.
- Bonded Leather is shreds or fibers of leather mixed into non-leather fabric.  This type is very common and affordable.  It is here where you see leather furniture advertised with 15%, 20%, 22% leather.  Just maybe this leather is used in PC seating for it is common for flaking to occur with this type of so-called leather material.

I learned all about furniture leathers a few years ago when ordering a pair of Amish recliners with full grain leather.

 on: October 25, 2016, 09:57:04 am 
Started by JoeyD - Last post by HenryJ
I am shocked to see we may be in for some non wear issues down the road. Our ultra leather class A.. with 2 sofa's in the Florida sun and the seats as well was beautiful at 5 years old when it went down the road with the trade in dealer drivers... No one would have guessed either. Sofa's had endured big dog nails and use. Decent fabric should not give out like this. The fabric does not seem as pliable as other that we had. SO dry less flexible may mean it really dries out... I have the dinette seating which was replaced on our new 29i10 a little over a month ago... will have to look at that more closely. to see what we are facing on front seats and sofa. No matter its not a cheap fix...Wonder if I need slip covers now. Just finished my first 2,000 miles on the gauge hoping have a long ways to go when we are on the road again soon.  Good luck, Patricia

 on: October 25, 2016, 06:22:47 am 
Started by fandj - Last post by fandj
Yes there is an electrical outlet that is in the upper cabinet.  I left a little room to run a cord around the back to plug into the outlet.  We leave a short extension cord connected so power is available outside the cabinet when needed.

I have considered adding an outlet into side of the end table cabinet but with our experience camping so far I am not sure what little convenience it might add is worth the effort.

 on: October 24, 2016, 10:11:51 pm 
Started by fandj - Last post by PawPaw
Isn't there an electrical receptacle on that wall?

 on: October 24, 2016, 05:35:34 am 
Started by fandj - Last post by fandj
Thanks all for your winterizing tips, they were most helpful.  Sad to have to put the PC to bed but hopefully it will only be for a couple months when we hope to head to Florida.

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