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 on: March 26, 2017, 10:29:36 pm 
Started by catsaplenty - Last post by Dynadave
I have always found the people at Phoenix very nice to deal with, in fact I think they are far more reputable and reliable than  most businesses. Unfortunately only one side of the story is being told.

 on: March 26, 2017, 06:24:15 pm 
Started by catsaplenty - Last post by catsaplenty
Ron - I had a stainless steel plate for that wall for them to install which only took a few screws - an item they had helped me get the right measurements for and had given me the internet address for the place to purchase it.  Part of what made it so ridiculous that they put the mirror up!  I actually had this come out further to the front of the lower cabinet for more protection from food splashes.  it still provides some reflection though not as much as the mirror.

And again - for all of you who had a great experience - I am very happy for you.  I think all customers should get what they paid for without needless hassle.

 on: March 26, 2017, 05:35:42 pm 
Started by catsaplenty - Last post by ron.dittmer
May I share my experience with the kitchen mirror adjacent to the stove?

That mirror was offered a year or two after our 2007 model year so we did not have that mirror.  I really liked the idea of having one for the extra lighting and easy-clean surface from food-splash.  I later was able to work out getting a mirror from Phoenix.  I glued it on just as Phoenix instructed, but the dang thing fell off the first time I drove the motor home in the neighborhood.  I had properly prepared the wall and the backside of the mirror, and I glued it with a slight gap to the counter top so any counter top movement while driving would not make contact with the mirror.  I was able to removed the adhesive off the wall with great difficulty and patience without damage to the wall and left enough alone.  I eventually damaged the mirror where I was storing it at home so that is the end of my mirror experience.

I really did appreciate the lighting it offered, reflecting the light from the hood, and it opened up the appearance of the RV's interior.  I loved that mirror if only for a moment.

catsaplenty, I am sorry for your experience, but if I could have told you while you were there, I would have said to have Phoenix put the mirror back on.  It really is a nice feature to long as it stays on the wall.  Smile

 on: March 26, 2017, 05:06:07 pm 
Started by Pax - Last post by jimmer
Good tip on cleaning the blades,  Ron.    Think I'll give that a try.

 on: March 26, 2017, 03:17:14 pm 
Started by catsaplenty - Last post by donc13
I can only relate our own experience with Phoenix.

From beginning to end, Kermit, Earl, Kyle, Carol and everyone else at Phoenix has been a pleasure to deal with.  They were all very friendly, accommodating and honest in their dealings with us.

As to the mirror in the kitchen.  Patti HATES mirrors.  Despises them, until the first time she cleaned it with Windex..FAR easier to clean than a wall or tile!

 on: March 26, 2017, 01:39:44 pm 
Started by catsaplenty - Last post by Janey
Well, that's one unhappy customer out of a bunch of deleriously happy customers. I've had people dis my family doctor, my dentist, the hospital that did my knees, even my dogs vet. I'm not much affected by others opinions other than my own. My experiences with Earl and the gang have been perfect. In fact we're thinking about the 25' model.

Janey (aka princess)

 on: March 26, 2017, 10:39:38 am 
Started by catsaplenty - Last post by catsaplenty
I am here just to complete the story.  It gives me no pleasure to report the story was not the happy ending so many of you thought, and I hoped, it could be.

When Kyle did send some pictures it was immediately clear they had not done the build as it was supposed to be.  First glaring item they had glued in the kitchen mirror when it was not supposed to be there.  PC warns you to make sure if you dont want the mirror to say that up front as it is near impossible to remove.  That lead to conversations and questions about other items they were supposed to do but were not covered in pictures.

They confirmed they did have my specifics in regards to the mirror, the way the cabinet doors were to swing, the pantry, the under bed storage area yeah it was not just one thing they didnt do right.  They accepted it was their fault.  They told me (though it took some push back from me) that they would replace the wall where the mirror was.  They would replace the trim pieces in the wood work where they had created holes etc by putting stuff in wrong.   When I checked back with them to see how it was going and if we were still on schedule then for the pick up, I was told everything was fine. 

When I arrived to pick it up nothing more was said about the repairs.  But in fact they had not replaced the wall nor the wood trim.  They had tried to cover up holes with more of the tape they use to make it look like it is the real wood.  Apparently they thought I was just too stupid to notice.  When I told Earl how I felt about them not doing what they agreed to and not even having the guts to tell me, his comment was that he thought what they did looked OK.

So no I am not at all happy with the people and their meaningless promises.  I do not believe that I should have patched items in my new RV that are there just because they got their part of the process wrong.  But once you arrive for pick up, you are at a disadvantage where would you go while they tear it all apart, even if you could make them do what they had two weeks to do and chose not to.  What about getting back to work.  And for me that after I got to the pickup to learn my father had gone into the hospital which affects whether I can stand and fight.  (Thankfully that part ended well.)

To the gentlemen who have had such good rapport with Earl, I am happy for you that your builds went so well.  I suspect the difference in experience comes back to a basic issue in how some groups are treated.  Yes they can go out of their way to accommodate when they want to.  Or like me I can spend lots of money to travel there, for a date they picked, and then find at the end of the day I cannot get a test drive being told that it drives fine.  Then when they were in PA, and could have done something special like delayed their departure by an hour so I could drive it there (having forked over the $5000 deposit) they instead made me go to the expense of another trip to come to Elkhart JUST for the test drive of the same coach they had in PA. 

I put up with this because I loved the feel of the living area of the PC that much.  Because I hope and pray that it is built and will perform over time as well as so many of you have indicated.  But I can not in any way excuse or understand this type of treatment of a customer, the lack of attention to the order they accepted and mostly to the lack of integrity shown by the falsehoods I was told.  Dont patronize this little lady deal with me honestly.

To those looking at a PC I would say make sure everything is in writing. Dont be put off by them being too busy at shows, etc. Instead keep on them to get the answers you need.  If you are having items done differently, get an agreement to have pictures done as the items are put together.  Mostly you need to decide how hard you can and will push back if you find they did not do what they promised. If they find it easy to treat any customer less than honestly, they can do it to any of you in matters big or small.

For now I will try to put this behind me, to try to get past my disappointment in my patches, hope that the service end of the business is far more reliable, and hope to just enjoy the future with my RV and meeting some of you folks out there on the road.

 on: March 26, 2017, 09:41:55 am 
Started by jatrax - Last post by ron.dittmer
Whether a Liberty or other button-controlled vehicle, being an electronic push button, make sure it stays in neutral when the engine is shut off and the steering wheel is unlocked for towing.  Who knows how it was designed.
For the Liberty the information came from a number of people who have been towing them for years, so I feel comfortable that the system used there works.

For other brands / models, yes, the owner manual is the only source to trust when buying.
Great!  It sounds like the 2nd gen Liberty will tow well.

 on: March 26, 2017, 09:24:25 am 
Started by Pax - Last post by ron.dittmer
I believe the factory size Ford E-Series wiper blade length is 20".  If you want to use a longer blade to clean more glass, you risk having the wiper blade skip or squeak across the windshield.  The spring in the wiper arm presses the blade to the windshield only so hard.  My experience with low-end wiper blades even at the proper length, some are fine but some skip or squeak.  Maybe you can get by with longer Rain-X Quantum blades.

If you want to extend the life of your old blades instead of replacing them, you can do what the used-car-lot people do.  Clean the blades with lacquer thinner and observe how much oxidized rubber is removed.  Use one clean lacquer-soaked tissue with every wipe.  If the blades are not too far gone, they will work fine again.  Understandably so, vehicles kept outside all the time will surely go through wiper blades much faster than garage-kept vehicles.

Our garage-kept 2014 Nissan Altima has special blades that cost a lot.  The car is 3.5 years old now yet still has it's original blades because I have cleaned them once so far that way.  Eventually I will need to buy new blades, but I seem to be doubling their life with that trick.

 on: March 26, 2017, 08:41:31 am 
Started by jatrax - Last post by 2 Frazzled
We spotted one in a yard on the western side of South Mountain near Hagerstown, MD. Our GPS told us the little back roads were the way to go and though we were skeptical, it was right... AND it took us right past a Phoenix we didn't know was living 20 minutes from where we're staying. If you are on the forum and want to meet other owners, drop us a line. 

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