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 on: November 28, 2016, 07:51:05 am 
Started by Sandyc - Last post by Pax
Also, some cars do not have keys....

And, some dealers do not know which of their vehicles can or cannot be towed.  I had to educate one.

   - Mike

 on: November 28, 2016, 07:34:13 am 
Started by Michelle Dungan - Last post by 2 Frazzled
I forgot to mention that we did consider the length of the 2552 and some of the road restrictions out west. While we know we can't go on ALL the roads, it is our intent to drop the tow vehicle and drive separately on a some of them that don't allow trailers or that have 30' restrictions. Some of those restrictions only apply to a short section of road so we'll unhook, drive separate, and hook back up.

 on: November 28, 2016, 12:05:21 am 
Started by Michelle Dungan - Last post by Michelle Dungan
Gail, thanks, and the same back to you and many others.  Who knows?  For where we like to go, if we felt we could continue to climb into the cabover bed of a Provan Tiger Bengal or certain popup slide-in campers, or the overhead bed of a Sportsmobile for another decade, anything's possible.  And those all meet any vehicle length limits.

 on: November 27, 2016, 08:45:42 pm 
Started by Sandyc - Last post by jatrax
Can I tow any vehicle with standard transmission.
Short answer is "maybe".

You cannot make a blanket statement like that.  Some you can, some you cannot, some you can with restrictions.  Read your owners manual or do a search online for "towing behind RV" and you will get a lot of good info.

 on: November 27, 2016, 07:38:38 pm 
Started by Bill G - Last post by Polish Prince
We ordered 2 Maxx Air fans on our modified 2351, one for the bathroom and one for the kitchen.  The bathroom fan couldn't be ungraded because of the space available next to the shower skylight, so we have both the fantastic and the Maxx Air.  We like the Maxx Air because the cover allows use during a light rain.  We also upgraded the Maxx Air to the remote control unit.  We like that because we can adjust the vent from bed without getting out of bed.  Overall so far the Maxx Air seems to be the more versatile unit, with the vent cover, more speeds and ability to run it when the vent is closed.

 on: November 27, 2016, 05:34:39 pm 
Started by Sandyc - Last post by Michelle Dungan
Right.  Key-in and turned on far enough to keep steering from locking, which is often far enough to send some power to starter solenoid without actually engaging starter, power to accessories that might include running the HVAC fan eternally on low speed, electric fuel pump, etc.  So, yes, read your manual carefully, as it should state how far to turn the key, whether fuses have tobe removed, and whether flat or ANY towing, including with dollies, is even feasible.

 on: November 27, 2016, 12:55:51 pm 
Started by fandj - Last post by catsaplenty
Thank you for that update.  i am having two solar panels done at the factory.  Thank you so much for your post on this subject and for answering questions.  Sounds like I need to send a change order to Earl!

 on: November 27, 2016, 10:49:24 am 
Started by fandj - Last post by fandj
Catsaplenty,  I have not considered adding insulation to the Maxxair.  We have not experienced any below freezing nights so far.  On a previous unit that had a Fantastic fan I did use a heavy cloth to block out light on a trip to Alaska.  I just attached it at the bottom of the unit using something similar to Velcro.  I think something like that could be done to the Maxxair.  If more thermal insulation was needed one could use Reflectix either by itself or in conjunction with the cloth.  One of the advantages to the Maxxair is it can be used when closed which helps circulate the heat which a cover would negate this option.

I have two 160 watt solar panels which the factory installed just behind the AC, one on each side.  If desired in the future there is room to add two more similar size panels along the sides in front of the AC.  I have not measured but I would expect more shading potential from the Fantastic unit and secondary cover.  I have not noticed any significant shading because of the Maxxair installation.

If you are considering a solar panel install, the two 160 watt panels match up very well with the two 6 volt 230 amp hour batteries PC installs.  With the panels connected in parallel if one panel is fully or partially shaded from foliage or whatever and the other is not then the full sun panel can still produce without being affected by the other panel.  We have been impressed with the performance our system as it has allowed us to spend several nights in campgrounds without hookups and without the need to run the generator.

 on: November 27, 2016, 10:28:15 am 
Started by Sandyc - Last post by randallandchris
If dinghy towing, i.e. without a car dolly and using baseplate and towbar, need to consider the steering wheel lock if present and maybe leave the key in and pull a fuse.  Also must add taillights or adapt existing lighting.

 on: November 27, 2016, 10:07:09 am 
Started by fandj - Last post by catsaplenty
fandj - have you found it as easy to add insulation inside the Maxx Air when cold weather hits?  The look of the lower closed profile seems like it would be a plus for travel.  Looks like the fan warranty is the same for both companies so that is not an issue.   I appreciate your comments on the 10 speeds and the noise levels.

My new unit is about to head down the production line and I am making myself crazy trying to be sure I have considered all the options and made the 'best' decisions.  I keep trying to absorb all the options I see folks choosing for their units - probably making Earl crazy - and myself.

Since I am not sure what all the placements are on the roof I will have to rely on the PC crew from some input too - where the solar panels will be and whether the tail on the Maxx Air deluxe creates a problem vs. if the height of the Maxx Air cover over the Fantastic fan would shade the panels, etc.

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