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 on: July 14, 2014, 03:36:32 pm 
Started by Wood Waterstone - Last post by skipper
We have had our 2552 for almost a year and always deploy the levelers if nothing else to stabilize the vehicle.  Even the so called level lots where we park aren't usually level and I like to lift the right side a tiny bit more than the left so the a/c and rain drain to the side we don't spend much time.

Ours aren't auto level and it takes some practice to figure out which buttons to push and how long.  In fact, I'm still practicing!  We have bubble levels in the kitchen and my wife tells me when we are level.  I find the indicator lights on the unit that tell you when you are level can be off quite a bit.  And like someone else said, the up arrow means move the vehicle up, not lift the leveler up.  I need to cut some wood pieces to put under the pads when we park on loose gravel or dirt because we sink in a little over a weekend.

The levelers will completely lift the front end off the ground which should help in the event I ever have a front flat.  I understand if the levelers won't respond after being deployed, you can drive off of them.  I've never tried it and I wouldn't want to.   I think they are a very worthwhile accessory.  Mark

 on: July 14, 2014, 01:27:32 pm 
Started by BuffaloRose - Last post by NHWanderlust
Dont miss the popovers at the Jordon Pond house.

 on: July 14, 2014, 01:15:45 pm 
Started by Carol - Last post by ron.dittmer
I see the factory did the 3 drawer galley that I originated here:,1751.0.html
I wonder if you are pioneering it for them because I will tell you right now that their method for holding your drawers shut will NOT, and I mean ABSOLUTELTY NOT keep the drawers closed.  When conditions are right, they will pop open and smash through the built-in drawer glide stops and end up on the floor.  I tried a number of experiments from those roller closures you mentioned, to a very strong 5 double magnet per drawer method.  Nothing short of a true latch will keep the drawers closed when conditions are worst.  I thought I had it licked with 5 double magnets per drawer, until we were well into our trip in Glacier NP, taking a jolting hair-pin turn to the right.  The extreme jolt and centrifugal force opened the drawers fast as bullets and they all ended up on the floor.  The first time it happened, only the top drawer opened and held.  The second time in another location, all 3 drawers ended up on the floor with the drawer glides broken.  We finished the trip with dinette cushions wedged in place to prevent it again.  What a big pain.  Fortunately we were doing that only the last week of our 4 week trip.

I advise you do this, a very cheap and simple non-intrusive insurance policy.

Buy child safety latches for those three drawers, the kind that allow you to open the drawer a couple inches for you to push the latch aside to open the drawer to it's fullest.  Even if you don't install them, have them in a tool box in the rig so you could install them during a trip.  Hopefully when it happens the first time (and it will happen) your built-in glide stops won't break on you, avoiding ball bearings all over the floor.

Maybe our problem was putting to much heavy stuff as seen in that post of mine, but that was our goal to begin with, placing all kitchen things in the kitchen.

I see in your picture, the factory was able to place that heater vent inside the kick board below the bottom drawer.  That is great.  Hopefully they will apply that to all galley cabinets in the future.


 on: July 14, 2014, 12:50:37 pm 
Started by Carol - Last post by ron.dittmer
2 Words....I'm Jealous!

 on: July 14, 2014, 12:32:06 pm 
Started by LRS - Last post by ron.dittmer
I started that thread with a question on simply changing florescent to LED bulbs.  It seems the best method for me personally is to change out the fixtures.  But I did not yet make up my mind.  There is substantial cost to either method whether modifying the fixtures or changing them.

Here is the thread:,1789.0.html

 on: July 14, 2014, 10:24:29 am 
Started by Sparky - Last post by Sparky
  good info again,,, we are hauling furniture so not worried about  the weight so much,,,when I pick up the furniture in Dallas I am going to have to back the trailer or take it off the hitch.. figure I can un-hitch and man handle the trailer ( I hope).. other wise should not be to much backing up... :)dread the 2500 miles to Portland but will be worth it to finally get rid of this junk haha thanks again  and like I said earlier were heading to Alaska after that so sort of killing two birds  d(&&** kids hehe

 on: July 14, 2014, 10:10:53 am 
Started by Sparky - Last post by racephoto
Haha....the name is Gail and you're very welcome.  I have never towed anything ever so was pretty phobic about doing it.  I was dreading going to the Uhaul place and trying to back up to the trailer to hook up.  When I got there, the lot was so crowded I didn't know what to do, just parked right in front of the door.  It turned out to be a non issue, they brought the trailer to me using a little dolly that went under the hitch.  Awesome.  While the 5x8 trailer has a 4-wire connection, it fits that 5 wire adapter as well.  The 5th wire is for trailers with a brake controller, according to the Uhaul guy, so it's good to buy that one & then you can tow either one.  I couldn't see the trailer in the mirrors at all.  I drove from northern VA to Panama City FL.....left at 8:30PM on the 4th of July & got there on the 6th.  Spent the nights at Cracker Barrels in Roanoke, VA & Columbus GA, plus took an afternoon siesta at the SC Welcome Center.  Thankfully we had a couple cool nights. 

I did have to slam on the brakes once when someone cut me off.  I definitely knew the trailer was there then.  As I said, I am pretty sure I overloaded the trailer though.  I had 10 cases of wine in there.  :-)  I did try to weigh everything while loading but the scale died halfway through so I just had to hope for the best.

 on: July 14, 2014, 10:06:03 am 
Started by ColoRockiesFan - Last post by Sparky
Good points Ron,    We also had a RT 210 and have had no problem with storage, was the main reason we bought the 2350 was the additional room,,, we have the dinette and I store our bikes under it..     I think if anything I would go with a hitch carrier, lots of post on those. Were going back to Alaska next Spring and I'm not worried at all about storage.

 on: July 14, 2014, 09:40:23 am 
Started by Sparky - Last post by Sparky
Thanks Ron good advice
 think I feel fairly confident about taking the small U-Haul,, just a pain in the rear(no pun intended) hehe
Racephot???? do you have a name???   very good post and tks for the post,,, copied and put in a folder for the trip    also hope your not SLAMMING on the brakes,,, want matter if your towing or not hahah... kidding,,, realize your talking about slowing down I hope

 on: July 14, 2014, 09:35:07 am 
Started by ColoRockiesFan - Last post by ron.dittmer
My reply is for those considering special ordering a new 2350 or 2450.

Our older 2007 2350 without a slide out seems to offer much more outdoor storage than any current-day 2350 with or without a slide out.  Our under-bed outdoor storage (shown below) is quite large.  I think both my wife and myself can fit inside it together.  We should try that and have our son take a picture.  LOL   We did have our subwoofer mounted under the front dinette bench which helped.  The subwoofer is typically mounted under the bed for consistency with units that don't have a dinette.

Design changes since 2007, improved the handling of the rig and later accommodating the fridge in the slide out.  But they came at the sacrifice to outdoor storage detailed here.
- furnace with ductwork moved from under fridge to under bed
- fresh water tank was over rear bumper, turned 90 degrees and moved forward (our tank is behind the left dark wood wall in the pic)
- step-down area of storage compartment changed to a drawer

I believe the furnace had to be relocated out from under the fridge because the bathroom and main-room ductwork we have could not move as the fridge moved with the slide out.  Having the fresh water tank turned 90 degrees made the outdoor storage compartment very shallow.  Relocating the furnace with ductwork under the bed, lost more outdoor storage yet.

I wonder if one could custom order a new 2350 today without a slide out but with the setup of a 2007.  If I reordered our rig today, I would request that.  Actually I would request that in a 2450 along with the larger bed to have even more outdoor storage.  I would also request my 3-drawer galley as Carol has done with her 2450.

I am just sharing ideas for people like myself with uncommon thinking of a no-slide preference.  I am not trying to be a critic at all here, so  please don't take it that way.

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