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 on: August 21, 2016, 02:05:35 pm 
Started by catsaplenty - Last post by HenryJ
There is indeed a lot to consider with your plans for camping out..We had the window awnings on side windows in our just traded in (for a PC) class A.. they were very nice and we loved them. At the plant we saw one used unit that sold when we were there that had the side window awnings you can open. They do offer shade and privacy. The side "solar" blind that is black does help with the heat coming in. We have had our PC now 1 month and that was an easy determination right off when we were camping near the plant. We did get the awning and are pleased with its cover however it is difficult to open.. like you need to tip over that way with your set up so it comes out like it should. May need some assist (don't get your fingers pinched) getting it out and deployed. We have the insulated windows.. they look very nice but still heat comes in. Did not see if individual window awnings were available on these. Might need an outside vendor for that one. We have 3 slides and  the awning will be a nice shade when we are off with the group camping. We can offer shady spot for sharing a tall tale or a tall drink. best wishes on your adventure... Wish the shower water supply inlet was taller in the shower. it is low and annoying... we did ask for and got single handle faucets and love those.  Amazing what you need to think of. I suggested Earl have a list.. he thought it might create some confusion... but I think it might solve a lot of Oh I Wish I had that  after the fact.
On the road home had a lot of comments when we stopped for fuel... lot of people liked the size.
We do too. Looking forward to next trip.  Regards, Patricia

 on: August 21, 2016, 02:05:26 pm 
Started by ragoodsp - Last post by ragoodsp
Glad to hear That I am not  the only "wing nut" out there!!!   Thanks for understanding Ron D.,  Ron G.

 on: August 21, 2016, 01:16:36 pm 
Started by catsaplenty - Last post by jt
We have had the optional window awning on both of our PC's and on earlier motorhomes and travel trailers. They do help somewhat with keeping the interior cooler. They also block your long distance view. For us, however, the main advantage is privacy in close quarters. They block the view into the coach without the need to close both the window and the curtains for privacy.

 on: August 21, 2016, 11:53:53 am 
Started by catsaplenty - Last post by TomHanlon
We had them on a class A. They did help a little with the heat but they made it so dark inside we did not use them very much. They also cut the view so much that I had to lean over to see outside. We have had five motorhomes sine that one and none of them got window shades.

 on: August 21, 2016, 10:20:08 am 
Started by catsaplenty - Last post by catsaplenty
I am in the fun (but expensive) phase where I debate myself on which options I will order.  I will be FT and will spend most of my time in national land camp areas.  Where I need to use the solar power, I will obviously need to park out of the shade and some parts of the county just dont have any shade available in camp.  I was wondering about the awnings on the windows in the living area on the drivers side. I was hoping to find someone here who has those awnings who will share if they are effective for helping with heat. I found a couple of older threads where questions were asked about these awnings but I dont see that anyone answered about whether they help the heat.   It sounded like the awnings were considered more of an asset back when the windows slid open a way to help keep rain out.   Perhaps they offer too little shade to help since the whole side of the RV will be heating up anyhow.  The thread responses did talk about the cab windows- and for those I do plan on getting the Magna Shades.  I also will be getting the insulated windows.  If I didnt really want the slide out, I would see about them adding a full length power awning on that side too!  I appreciate any information if the optional window awnings help, are they a PITA to work with, etc.  Thanks

 on: August 21, 2016, 08:19:55 am 
Started by Pax - Last post by Pax
Ran across this and thought I'd share it for those interested in such things.  National Geographic has provided the USGS topographic maps in pdf format on their website.  Very easy to locate a quad using a map of the US, pull up a pdf and then print.

    - Mike

 on: August 21, 2016, 08:16:34 am 
Started by bookspook - Last post by keelhauler
Yes the switch on the remote is the bypass.

No noise of any kind.

 on: August 21, 2016, 12:02:32 am 
Started by randallandchris - Last post by Joseph
I appreciate Kermit's creativity but wish he would spend sometime playing with new options for PC to utilize the F-550 chassis and a nice 34'  floorplan.  I would be in line for the first one to roll of the line.  

I couldn't agree more, with a Diesel option. Ford has some real torque monsters available now that they offer in there pickups that puts out 925 lbs of torque.  Like to see a 34 footer with a queen bed at a min.

It's going to take something along that line or this will most likely be the last Motorhome I'll own.

 on: August 20, 2016, 09:56:29 pm 
Started by ragoodsp - Last post by ron.dittmer
Oh yes!  Been there, done that with the pump running backwards when replacing my failed Sanicon pump with a Seaflo brand.  My story with all the details about it are HERE.  The wires coming off the macerator do not color-match the ones from the motor home.  I thought, black-to-black and color-to-color is the way it works so I initially wired it up that way.  I quickly learned during my testing that the pump ran backwards.

 on: August 20, 2016, 08:04:57 pm 
Started by ragoodsp - Last post by ragoodsp
A couple of weeks ago I had to replace a broken gray water gate valve and the connecting base on the pump housing.  I disconnected the two wires going to the pump not taking note of which wire went to which connector (black and white coming down and then red and black after the splices going to the pump).   I put everything back together and went out for a couple of weeks of travel.   I came home with a full tank and went to unload and found the macerator did not work!  Motor ran but nothing came out, heard weird sounds coming from the tank.  I discovered that there was suction at the hose end!  The light bulb came on at that time.....I had reversed the two wires resulting in the pump rotating in the wrong direction.  Lesson learned...take note of which colors goes where before disconnecting!  All is A-OK now.  Ron G.

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