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 on: October 09, 2017, 01:56:43 pm 
Started by RheaNL - Last post by JackD
Thanks Patricia for the wishes -- yes, there goes the kids inheritance!!!
All the best,

 on: October 09, 2017, 12:36:47 pm 
Started by Wilson - Last post by CalCruiser
Thanks for the tip. I have been using the Oxygenics shower head too and just  now ordered those  Niagara 0.5 gpm faucet aerators . Even if you don't boondock often  it's  much easier to come and go without always  hooking up the sewer hose if  you don't have a towed to "adventure anywhere". DW also likes the increased shower pressure .

 on: October 09, 2017, 10:56:58 am 
Started by Telecom - Last post by jatrax
I got mine weighed at two different CAT scales and neither would do all four corners, only the axles.  However, in Oregon they leave the weigh station scales on all the time and there is one located only a few miles from home.  I stopped by on a Sunday afternoon and with a little help from my copilot found it quite easy to get all four corners.

You might check to see if your state scales are left on and whether they permit use when they are not operating.

 on: October 09, 2017, 10:30:46 am 
Started by aimee - Last post by aimee
VIN: 1FDXE45S89DA15185

Year: 2010

Model: 3100 PC

Mileage: 34,500 miles



2010 Phoenix Cruiser model 3100
Mileage= 34500
Options: Luxury Package, Weingard in motion satellite receiver, 50 amp service with 2 air conditioners, HWH leveling jacks, full body paint.
Price: $57500
Condition: excellent throughout
Special note: I have replaced the sofa/air bed with dual theater/recliner seating. Included are all original like new components to easily convert back to the full dinette and sofa.

Asking Price: $54,500

Contact:  David Klee , tele 352-804-8717 ,email:

 on: October 09, 2017, 09:43:07 am 
Started by dickreid1 - Last post by Denny & Barb
John, I simply ran coax's to the dash wherever I could hide them the best. Once under dash , went towards door leaving a bit of slack and exited the cables through the door where mirror is mounted to door. I will try a pic for ya.

 on: October 09, 2017, 09:28:50 am 
Started by Telecom - Last post by ragoodsp
You can/could weigh each side of your coach separately and get the four corner weights.  The issue with most Cat scales that I have seen is they have like a ten inch curb along the sides so you can not easily straddle.  best on luck

 on: October 09, 2017, 08:27:55 am 
Started by WillLloyd - Last post by ron.dittmer
To all with the old crank-up antenna....

In your picture here, the rubber boot for the wire at the bottom of the picture can work itself loose.  Check annually to make sure it is mounted properly, or caulk it in place so it will never work itself loose.

I have the same antenna and that same ugly mess on my otherwise beautiful B+ cap.   Cry

 on: October 09, 2017, 08:14:41 am 
Started by Telecom - Last post by keelhauler
Most scales only do front & back. I hope to find one to do all 4.
Those are axel ratings not tire ratings. You put more air pressure into the tires, tire load vs air pressure charts are available on line.

 on: October 09, 2017, 08:05:36 am 
Started by ron.dittmer - Last post by ron.dittmer
I was on the roof cleaning our PC from our recent trip out west.  When washing the Dometic a/c unit, I noticed one of the 4 special screws that mount the cover was missing.  The other 3 needed a bit more tightening.

I advise to check them once a year or two depending on how much you use your PC and a/c unit.  I assume they work them self loose from the vibration.

These are the special screws, but my a/c unit requires only 4 of them.
Camping World sells them HERE.  Part number of a pack of 8 as pictured is 3310724.004
Price including shipping for me was $12.27

 on: October 09, 2017, 08:00:46 am 
Started by ron.dittmer - Last post by ron.dittmer
There is one thing you will want to check for on your E350 or E450, something that will rob power and reduce your fuel economy.  It is a very easy mistake for a mechanic to reassemble incorrectly, and it is very easy for you to inspect for.

Make sure the large black flat engine air inlet piece is assembled over the radiator properly.  It is the piece that the oval air inlet from the air filter snaps into.  In cleaning out a dead bird from my a/c condenser, I had to remove that large black plastic piece, held in with 4 plastic push-pins.  If the back-side hidden hinged plastic part is positioned incorrectly when installing it, air through the air filter to the engine's throttle body is severely restricted.

There was a recall around 2010 concerning that piece.  Apparently a Ford line worker misunderstood it too.  I can easily see a good mechanic making the same mistake.  I almost did it myself had I not previously known of the problem.

To check is extremely easy, takes all of about 5 seconds.  Just grab the oval engine air inlet to the air filter, give a jerk upward to unsnap it and continue pivoting upward.  Then look in the hole it was snapped into.  If you see a black plastic obstruction, you need to take that large piece out and swing the hinged plastic piece on the back side of it in the opposite direction, then reassemble.

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