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 on: December 01, 2017, 01:05:21 pm 
Started by garmp - Last post by Cropduster
Planning to use your generator during the winter?  If so, consider changing to a lower weight oil.  The oil weight determined by your local temperatures.  As was noted by others, periodic operation of the generator is the recommendation of the manufacturer.   

At the local auto store I found a very inexpensive thermometer which included an outside sensor.  Easy to hide the wiring along interior molding.  Used velcro to affix the thermometer to a shelf board, where it is easy to view.  One AAA battery needed, which last for years.   Thermometer can be set to sound an alarm at 32f. 

You can give yourself a bit of a temperature edge with your water heater if you use mailing envelopes as insulation.  Cheap, available, and can be sized to fit.  (Remember to remove before using the water heater).  Note attached image.

 on: December 01, 2017, 12:11:14 am 
Started by biglegmax - Last post by jatrax
I have never seen a motor home on a flat bed truck
Ron, that is how how the LTV units are delivered to our local dealer.  Of course they are on Sprinters so maybe a little lighter.  I am not sure how they get them off, I've seen them in the parking lot on the flat bed but never stopped to watch.  I was told they can only order (or receive) in lots of two as that is how many go on a truck.

 on: November 30, 2017, 11:20:26 pm 
Started by biglegmax - Last post by ron.dittmer
Like others had mentioned, Kermit's son often did the deliveries.  I heard he would often tow his own vehicle for the return trip.

I have never seen a motor home on a flat bed truck, not sure it is even possible without the use of a loading dock.  I would be very concerned of the on/off approach if using a ramp, dragging the back of the PC getting it on the flat bed.  For that reason along with all the other good reasons mentioned by other replies, I strongly vote for flying out to Phoenix and driving the rig home yourself.  Or have jatrax do it for you.  Or someone else you trust.

Heck, depending on the month, even I might be interested.  I live 3 hours from the factory.  I'd have to rent a car to get there, drive your rig home to you, then fly home to O'Hare airport.  Being semi-retired now, I might be available and interested depending on the $.

Ron Dittmer

 on: November 30, 2017, 08:59:47 pm 
Started by biglegmax - Last post by biglegmax
Yes I have asked. They have made it clear that the drivers are not employed by Phoenix, they will line drivers up though. The truck transport info is still coming. I'm doing my own research, I have friends who transport vehicles across the country a lot, it sounds like its no big deal, we will see.

 on: November 30, 2017, 07:33:54 pm 
Started by biglegmax - Last post by ron-n-toni
Kermits son was delivering units for the past several years. Don't know if he still does it after the buyout or not. We have purchased two new units and have always picked up at the factory. On one, we had paint problems and PC put us up in a nearby motel (free) while the problems was taken care of. And it always fun to wander around the factory looking at units under construction.

 on: November 30, 2017, 07:21:27 pm 
Started by biglegmax - Last post by jatrax
I get the feeling that there is no more in house delivery. That would have been a good option to have
Have you asked the factory about getting it delivered?

 on: November 30, 2017, 06:39:58 pm 
Started by biglegmax - Last post by biglegmax
Thanks for all the feedback. I get the feeling that there is no more in house delivery. That would have been a good option to have someone well versed with the unit and able to give you a factory like introduction upon arrival. The coach systems don't scare me much, but the idea of buying a NEW unit and not having it function properly due to poor quality control would not make me very happy(maybe POSTAL would be a better word). If we don't pick it up ourselves  I will most likely have an independent RV inspection service take a look and make recommendations before it leaves Elkhart.
I'm still waiting for truck transport information, hopefully someone has gone this route before and will comment.


 on: November 30, 2017, 04:32:39 pm 
Started by Two Hams in a Can - Last post by bhgareau
Another way we found to isolate the entry gaps is to intentionally drive on dusty dirt roads and look for areas where the dust is intruding into cabinets and other areas. Early on after delivery my DW nearly blew a gasket when all the clean items she stored in the cabinet under the sink in the kitchen area were coated with dust. As you noted we also found gaps around different pipes that went thru the floor. I spent an hour or so with a can of expanding foam sealing the gaps. Problem solved. We reported the issue and our solution to the plant.

 on: November 30, 2017, 01:00:30 pm 
Started by Two Hams in a Can - Last post by Two Hams in a Can
"Fawkes" is all set up for the Chicagoland winter; and during my weekly spot check, lo and behold. . .mouse droppings.  From the size it was a very small field mouse (as opposed to a larger gray house mouse).  Traps caught five after two weeks of setting them out.  The weather cleared temperature wise several days ago, and in order to find the way they were getting in we turned on all the lights in Fawkes and opened every cabinet, closet and other access areas.  I crawled under the PC and saw light bleed coming from the round opening where the fresh water tank drain goes through.  There was no coping or other attempt at covering, resulting in a 1/4" crescent shaped opening where the tube protruded.  I stuffed a bit of coarse steel wool into the opening and viola!  No more light bleed except through the semi-opaque drain tube; and, after a week, no more mice in the traps.   ThumbsUp  Easy schmeezy except for returning this 74 year old back to the upright in the driveway.    Cheers

 on: November 30, 2017, 12:54:31 pm 
Started by biglegmax - Last post by HenryJ
Delivery was in house person and someone familiar with the unit. Mostly Kermits son. How it is handled now will have to be determined to see if you feel at ease with the changes that are sure to come. Price varies by distance. When we were at the red roof Inn we shared the place with many RV travel trailer delivery folks. Constantly on the move. But they were not part of the PC delivery group which was not a publicly outsourced group. We drove up with our tow car and dog and stayed till our unit was ready.  We had  a need for accurate information which was not available by e mail. Long story. Old news now.

Showing up gets you info you need and your drive out may show you early on if you have anything to be addressed. It's all a learning experience.

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