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 on: January 19, 2016, 10:19:17 pm 
Started by Dingman - Last post by Joe R
I would have been on the road today, But a friend of mine past away so I am going to his wake and service tomorrow afternoon. Planning on leaving Thursday morning, I had a route all planed out going south to Hagerstown Md. then going through west Virginia, Kentucky, Tenn., And heading west on I40. Just my luck All winter in the north east there was no snow. Now there is a big storm brewing and headed up the Ohio valley to the north east Friday and Saturday, and I would be driving right though it. Now I have to plan on taking I80 in Wilkes Barre and head west from there to St Louis then head south. Looking at the weather forecasts for the big city's along I80 it looks like I'll skirt the storm. Hope to get to Quartzsite before all the vendors leave.

 on: January 18, 2016, 03:06:27 pm 
Started by KatLin - Last post by KatLin
Thanks, Carol for bumping us up to the top!  And Thanks to Paul and Gail for their advice.  It's good to know that the couch  in the newer 2100s is more comfortable.  We have tried the split reclining couch and found them very comfortable, but after talking to Earl he said they will fit in any model except the 2100.  We have put in a call to Kermit at the factory to get pricing on a replacement tri-fold couch with memory foam. So we are hopeful of a good outcome.  We live in NW PA and the Elkhart factory is only 5-1/2 hours away. Thanks again and we'll keep you posted.

 on: January 17, 2016, 08:09:47 pm 
Started by KatLin - Last post by Gail Staton
Welcome KatLin,

We have a 2013 2100 with an Electric Tri Fold Sofa in Ultra leather.   We are quite comfortable sleeping on  it with just our Travasak  and have never felt any metal ridges or bars.  I think they used memory foam in our sofa/bed.

I would suggest contacting the factory as Paul mentioned.   They would be the best place to have information on your 2002 and quote you a price to replace yours.

I hope you resolve the issue as you seem to have tried all I could suggest.

Glad you like the 2100 otherwise.   We do too.


 on: January 17, 2016, 06:52:21 pm 
Started by KatLin - Last post by Doneworking
Hi, KatLin and welcome.  I cannot answer your specific question, but I can sympathize with you!  We had a 2003 Gulfstream BT Cruiser with a couch that sounds just about like yours and I can remember the problem of sleeping on it.  

I might suggest you call Phoenix at the factory and talk to them about this matter.  They have an excellent reputation for customer service and could probably tell you the changes in the couches back then compared to now on that specific model of coach.  I don't know how far you are from Elkhart, Indiana but I notice you live in Pennsylvania so it may not be an unreasonable distance if you live in the western part of the state.  It might, after talking to the factory, be worth the trip to go over to the factory and actually try out the newer model couches.  

In our model 2013 model 2350 we have a great sofa that is really twin recliners (almost) that electrically articulate to a flat position for sleeping and it is really comfortable.   So, if they use the same thing in the 2100 series now, it would be much better than your jackknife  I am sure.   The schematic online shows a trifold couch and I assume it would be much better and improved from years ago.   Just call the factory and visit with them and see what you can find out.  


 on: January 17, 2016, 05:52:58 pm 
Started by KatLin - Last post by Carol
Hi KatLin--
Just wanted to welcome you to the forum, though I can't personally answer your question.  At least this will bump your question back up to today's date and maybe someone will come along and find it who does have an answer.  Good luck!

 on: January 16, 2016, 05:23:18 pm 
Started by KatLin - Last post by KatLin
Hello All,

We are new to the forum and have a question.  We have been lurking for a few months.

We have a 2002 PC 2100 that we are very happy with except for the comfort of the jackknife sofa.  We have read on this forum that a couple people have replaced their sofas, but that was in larger models.  Even in pictures of the newer 2100 model on the PC website, the sofa, does not look that comfortable in the sleeping position. Does anyone know if it is?  If it is comfortable, then maybe we can talk to the factory about replacing it.
Right now, we have a 2 memory foam topper that we fold up with the couch with our travasack on top of it, but we still have to put backpacking style air mattresses under that to make it so that we dont feel the metal ridges of the couch.
Does anyone have personal experience replacing the 54 x 74 jackknife on the 2100 with something that is comfortable for sleeping?  We appreciate any responses.


 on: January 14, 2016, 05:06:15 pm 
Started by ron-n-toni - Last post by JimInVA

I'm hoping that your maiden adventure in your new 2351 is going well.  I'd love to hear your early thoughts on the configuration you've chosen.  As I'm sure that time is racing by and you'll have to be back home before you know it, hold any response that you'd care to make until it is most convenient for you.  Again, hope you're having a great time in your travels!


 on: January 14, 2016, 04:59:39 pm 
Started by Dingman - Last post by rbt2
Stop by the Quartzite Yacht Club. Purchase a membership that includes a certificate, wallet card, tee shirt, hat and boat flag.  Fun place to visit.  Plan to visit Q in mid Feb.

 on: January 14, 2016, 04:30:44 pm 
Started by Dingman - Last post by jfcaramagno
Ah, it's a small trailer. Of course that will easily carry a Goldwing without overloading the hitch. Go for it.

 on: January 14, 2016, 01:05:21 pm 
Started by Dingman - Last post by JimInVA
Joe R...

I think this might be a better link to what I think you were referring to...


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