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 on: September 18, 2016, 08:49:43 pm 
Started by BandD - Last post by BandD
Hi Folks,

We've had a time with our Honda FIT's battery.  I added a 12V DC line from the Cruiser's battery through the umbilical cord to the FIT, then from the umbilical socket on the FIT to the battery, through a fuse.  The intent was to power the GPS and other accessories in the FIT from the Cruiser, while towing, leaving the FIT's battery relatively unloaded.

The current problem is that, when we arrive someplace for the night, unless we unplug the umbilical when, the FIT battery is dead in the morning.  Diane had the idea to disconnect the umbilical when we arrive.  This prevents the dead battery while sitting in camp.

What seems to happen is that, when we arrive, we turn off the Cruiser's engine, leaving the umbilical plugged in to both the FIT and the Cruiser.  Then somehow, the Cruiser sucks current from the FIT's battery through that extra 12V line we added to the umbilical.

Some company makes a battery charger that will trickle the toad's battery, powered by a  line to the Cruiser, just like we have.  But, I don't want to add equipment (and cost) to the towing rig if I can avoid it.  I think a diode, which will allow current to flow TO the FIT's battery, but not FROM it would work.

Has anybody had such a problem?  How did you solve it?

Tanks in Advance!

 on: September 18, 2016, 08:37:45 pm 
Started by randallandchris - Last post by Joseph
keelhauler, thank you,,

 on: September 18, 2016, 08:08:15 pm 
Started by RheaNL - Last post by TomHanlon
In the cabinet over the copilot seat is the tv antenna connection. There is a button that turns on the antenna power boost and a red light. When using cable, you want the power/light to be off, otherwise you get a fuzzy picture. It is best to leave it off when not using the antenna to save battery power.

 on: September 18, 2016, 08:00:51 pm 
Started by RheaNL - Last post by HenryJ
We hve a power booster on the roof rather than the run up and hit the tree's arms... And that means there is a button we indeed have to turn off to let cable connection take charge. It seems to work. So far nothing special by any of the tv reception.. That is why I was hoping that the Sirius radio could be used but it is wired funny and that is not an option till we spend the day at Ford and make a financial input to get it all straightened out.
Hope you find the secret... May offer us all the key to better reception.  regards Patrici

 on: September 18, 2016, 07:45:10 pm 
Started by Rosy Phoenix - Last post by Rosy Phoenix
I have a 2004 Phoenix cruiser model 2550 (no longer available)! It has a rear bath, kitchen with fixed dinette, and it is wonderful except..... There is a "bedroom" between the galley and the rear bath, but instead of the present twin bed arrangement, there is a queen size (kinda) electric sofa that converts to a bed in the slide out . The problems with this are: 1. The sofa fabric is old and tired and worn as a couch, and very uncomfortable as a bed. 2. When in the bed position, it is only 72" long, so husband doesn't fit well, lol. 3. Also, it folds out as 4 cushions, one of which is stapled to the slide out wall, making it impossible to use any kind of sheets.

So, wondered if anyone else has dealt with this issue? We bought a memory foam topper, but it must be rolled up and moved to "close" the bed when the slide comes in. Additionally had a minor hick-up when we lost battery power and could not hand-crank the slide in because the electric bed cannot be manually folded. I know this is a long post, but know that somewhere out there is a seasoned cruiser with an answer. We will probably remove the thing, ditch the small joke motor that SLOWLY folds the bed (fingers crossed) and start over. The good news is that There are no vents or ductwork or obstacles under this area! THANK YOU!

 on: September 18, 2016, 07:08:58 pm 
Started by RheaNL - Last post by 2 Frazzled
I know someone will come in with a better explanation but my recollection is that there is a button next to the red light that has to be pushed to switch from TV to cable. Have you remembered that (we seldom do since we seldom hook to cable)? That is in addition to the on screen selections for cable that you probably already ran through.

 on: September 18, 2016, 07:00:39 pm 
Started by RheaNL - Last post by RheaNL
We are rarely in a regular RV park with cable TV. When we were in the past, plugged the cable in and it worked fine.
We are in California and have not been able to get it to work effectively. We will  get a couple channels and they are fuzzy.  Have checked all the connection we can see without removing TV or opening walls with no luck.  Decided a new cable might be the solution.  Just tried that with no luck.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks, Nicki

 on: September 18, 2016, 05:13:21 pm 
Started by gradygal - Last post by gradygal

The box the camera came in from PC says, model VCB-RV3MHWi Rear Vision Camera.


 on: September 18, 2016, 04:15:33 pm 
Started by gradygal - Last post by ron.dittmer
We lost the sound on our 2007 Zone Defense back-up camera system a number of years ago.  It was so nice to have sound to get quiet verbal commands from my wife when pulling late into a campsite at night.  I can't locate the microphone in back anywhere, and nobody at Phoenix or Zone Defense could tell me either.  I was hoping to clean the mic hole of bugs or something to get sound again.

If anyone with sound knows where the mic is and has a solution, I would love to hear about it.

 on: September 18, 2016, 09:31:09 am 
Started by Gail Staton - Last post by Gail Staton
We have not solved the slide rattle, yet.

Apparently the 2100's have a different slide situation than the larger units.     The only time we see the side of the slide and the support brackets is outside when we have the slide extended.  No part of the slide mechanism is visible from behind the driver's seat when it is retracted.  Everything is concealed and no way to insert foam to quiet the rattle.   I guess that is why Kermit said to back it off slightly after bringing it in all the way.   

I have sent the manufacturer an email but haven't heard from them.

Any other 2100 owners with a noisy slide?

Thanks for all your suggestions.

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