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No we do not pull a toad.   I did use the TST sensors when I had a small pull type camper and was able to operate without the repeater.  I would suggest contacting the TPMS tech support group for their suggestion if a repeater would be required for a toad.
thanks very much for the information its a great help in deciding what to do.

Do you have a towed vehicle with the tst system and if so did you need the repeater to get the signal enhanced from the towed vehicle.

thanks again
Yes those completely replace the PC supplied valves and extenders.  I think I paid a tire shop $40 to install the new Borg valves and rebalance the tires.

Camping World sometimes has the Borg valves on sale or they did a year or more ago.  If I recall correctly I paid $70 to CW for the kit to do the 4 rear wheels.
Seems to be a pretty common problem which would be easy enough to fix at the start of a new unit.  Thanks for your comments.
I did just look at the Borg dually units before...am i correct that these actually replace the tire stems so must be put on by a tire company removing the tires to install these units?
I struggled with the braided extenders provided by Phoenix.  With my portable air compressor it was difficult to add air and to also check pressure with the digital gauge I preferred.  I also had a slow leak in one of them.  I replaced the rear tire valves with Borg Dually valves http://yourtireshopsupply.com/product/273/dl1fc-chrome-duallyvalve-dl1fc

I also have TST pressure and temp monitors which I have been pleased with.  Running on tires with inadequate pressure is a sure way to tire failure which could lead to a loss of vehicle control.  The replacement valves and monitors have provided the convenience of knowing pressure when I start the day and continuously thereafter.  Not cheap but worth it to me for the extra layer of confidence they provide.
General Discussion / four way water valve
« Last post by lamovitz on June 09, 2018, 06:58:45 pm »
I have gone thru several of these water valves as they have failed and the result is the water tank keeps filling and overflows.  Kermit sent me new valves and said to be sure to turn off the water pressure when changing the settings.  I have done this but it looks like once again the valve has failed so the water tank is filling when attached to city water.  I was going to add a manual turn off valve under the bed to the line coming in to the water tank but seems to me the valve should work properly.  Has anyone else had this issue and resolved it?

thanks much.
General Discussion / TV HDMI connections....front overhead TV
« Last post by lamovitz on June 09, 2018, 06:55:14 pm »
With changes in watching tv we are no longer using satellite but are going to a roku for internet streaming tv shows.  As such the problem in our 2910T (2015) is that there is one hdmi coming from the front tv thru the right front cabinet and to the dvd player.  You are unable to use the dvd player streaming functions without a wired internet signal (the tv is not internet ready).  So I have taken that hdmi and plugged into a roku player and it works great.  However that means taking out the dvd player or switching back and forth.  It would be great to run another hdmi cable from the back of the tv so that both the roku and dvd player are always available.  The problem is how do you access the back of the tv (which does have a second hdmi input) as the tv is fixed to the front.  I see in the right cabinet next to the tv three screws to i assume open the side panel and gain access to running another hdmi.  However i read a post that those three screws actually hold the tv in place along with three screws in the left cabinet.  Does anyone know how to get access safely to the other hdmi input on the tv.
We have a 2910T about 3 years old and overall love the unit.  One problem i have had several times is a leaky tire valve.  This seems to be not unusual with the braided extenders but I have been unable to figure how to put on solid metal extenders to actually be able to access the inner dually tires.  Over the three years i have probably had three leaky extenders.  I have seen the very small metal extenders with various angles but this does not seem to help accessing the inner back tires.  So I am back with the braided extenders on all four rear tires.  Does anyone have a specific solution to this?

Secondarily i was considering a tpms (tire pressure monitoring system) to put on the rv and the towed vehicle. EEZ Tire TPMS seems to get great reviews and possibly Tire Minder A1A.  I would be interested in hearing from anyone using such systems and what they think of them as they are pricey.  Also I am not sure how well they will work if at all with the rear tire extenders.  I am concerned this may add too much weight and/or cause problems with the extenders.

General Discussion / Re: Firestone Ride-rite air bag helper springs
« Last post by BlueBlaze on June 09, 2018, 06:32:29 pm »
my 2350 measured  32.5"  at 40psi

Blue Blaze - if  your 2008  measured 33.0" at zero psi maybe the previous owner replaced the springs or added a leaf to fix the sag.

I guess that's a possibility, but it still sagged or I wouldn't be looking for a fix.  Whatever it is, apparently it's just my rig, or maybe the kit I used wasn't correct for a 350.  The part number on the box seems correct, but if the only difference between the e-350 and the kit for a standard econoline van is the size of the bag, there's no way I would know the difference if Amazon swapped it on me. Maybe I got someone else's return. 
General Discussion / Re: Introduce Yourself!
« Last post by jatrax on June 09, 2018, 10:41:51 am »
Iím gathering that this type of MH canít be insulated like the big boys ? How many owners went with liquid springs? And some thoughts on it, an other nite I read post after post about lighting, is there still an issue with new ones ?
Welcome SEAYALL!
May I suggest you post questions in a new thread?  This thread is already very long and not everyone reads it.  Asking a question in the general discussion section is usually the best way to get multiple answers.
Not sure about the insulation but I think it is 1.25" foam.  Which might or might not be the same as the "big boys".

My 2017 has all LED lights and I find them good enough.  Some light threads have been about changing out older lights, some threads from folks who find the current ones too bright.  I wish there was a way to add a dimmer to them but other than that I would much rather have too bright than too dim.

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