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Tennessee to Alaska to California to Tennesee -- five months in a Cruiser

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I'm writing a blog on our "adventure" -- you can read it by going to travelblog.org and searching on "Tellico".  We're leaving on May 29, and driving through Sault Ste Marie, then across Canada on the Trans-Canada Highway and the Alaska Highway.  We'll spend 4-6 weeks in Alaska and return to Canada to spend a couple of weeks driving up the Dempster Highway to the Arctic Ocean.  After that, we'll drive through British Columbia to the Washington and Oregon coasts, hit Yosemite, and head east to Tennessee, hoping to be home by Halloween. 

I welcome suggestions and ideas!



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We did a somewhat similar trip in 2014.  We left Virginia in mid May and returned in late September.  We travelled across and made stops in the Badlands NP, Devils Tower, Yellowstone NP, Glacier NP and crossed over into Canada on the western side of Glacier and up to Yoho, Banff, & Jasper National Parks and then up the Alaskan highway to Alaska.  In Alaska we visited Skagway, Haines via ferry, Valdez, Anchorage, Stewart, & Homer on the Kenai.  From there up to Denali, Fairbanks, town of North Pole, and back south.  We took the Cassiar highway down British Columbia with stops in Steward and Hyder.

A great RV adventure.  We knew our general route and played it by ear by adjusting our campgrounds and stays as desired.  The only reservation made for the entire trip was in Denali NP.  It truly is RV friendly in that there are numerous places to Boondock, provincial parks, BOM, State, and national parks.  I suggest getting the Milepost book for the Alaskan highway and Alaska Camping by Church https://www.amazon.com/Travelers-Guide-Alaskan-Camping-Alaska/dp/0982310110

I would like to do it again but not sure that will happen.  Wish you a safe and enjoyable trip.