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Referral for Roadmaster Brake - D Brake

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Referral for Roadmaster Brake - D Brake
« on: June 29, 2012, 07:56:36 am »
While i was evaluating my Toad braking system, i met the owner of D Brake at an RV show. In fact, i met him through a recommendation from the Roadmaster sales person -- which as i will explain was a bit unusual.

I found out hat D-Brake is the manufacture of the Road Master braking system -- they do look identical. However the D-Brake owner noted that his system included the latest update in their technology that was not yet added to the RoadMaster system.

I later contacted the D Brake owner and disused its functions -- though i later choose SMI duo instead of D Brake.

This may help some of you, if you have a D Brake system and refer another owner to them, they will give you a $200 referral fee.

Here is the information he provided to me on the program. 

"Our refer a friend program is designed to reward our customers who like our product and recommend it to their friends. When a friend purchases the brake, they simply tell us " ______ told us about the Pro-Brake" and after your friend completes their 30 day money back guarantee period on our brake, we send you a check for $200. 

That's our basic premise behind the referral, however we have had people split the difference with their friend / give it as a rebate to their friend, it's really up to you what happens with the rebate.
I have attached our promotional post cards (dated 2011, but we are continuing the offer for 2012). If you have any questions, please let me know.
Russell Creed
D-Brake LLC
New Britain, CT
(p)860 826 4096
(f)860 224 8762

Greg Matthews