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The Road Conditions Finally Caught Up With Us

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The Road Conditions Finally Caught Up With Us
« on: July 05, 2012, 11:16:10 pm »
We made a 3000+ mile 3 week round trip to Pennsylvania and back sans PC and were very glad we were not in it. Road conditions were pretty much down hill from the last time we made that trip, worst being Oklahoma and Indiana, but "good" states were only marginally better.  We knew that road conditions were on the wane particularly since the Feds can't seem to disburse the funding necessary.  The good news is that having advertised the PC for sale for about 7 weeks with sporadic calls and no offers we had a spate of "gotta see it now" calls while on the road.  The first showing when back home resulted in an offer but no earnest money and a waffle job the next day.  Second showing resulted in: what will it take to make this happen type of offer and cash to back it up.  First looker showed up about 20 minutes into the discussion and went home crying.  I never reduced my asking price after the first week and only by $500 then.  We completed the deal today for the PC and toad; funny that he never really said he wanted the Vitara just showed up with a CC for what I had quoted for both.  I had both for 2 years and 364 days, one day short of 3 years and about the cheapest ownership possible for the two units. We had some very nice trips in that 3 years for costs of about $10K difference between purchase price and selling price of both.  Most loss on the Vitara, bought the PC for $50K and sold for $47K.  The people that bought the combo are super people and will make a nice addition to the PC community although you may never hear from them because he is non-computer oriented.
To the 3 that looked and "wanted" the unit the things that attracted me, attracted them, and the PC virtually "SOLD" itself. Cudos to PC staff you make one hell of a unit with great layouts, engineering, construction and quality control.

Thanks for the memories and Adios,

L. G.

Not through traveling just going with better rough ride equipment.