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Chassis protection

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Chassis protection
« on: January 25, 2013, 10:07:35 am »
There has been some discussion surrounding chassis rust protection.  Here in NH we use a lot of raod salt, etc and of course the vehicles can take a beating ( I never take my PC out when the roads are salty).  I spoke with several plow truck operators and their vehicles take a huge beating with salt and they need to protect everything as much as possible.   Several of them advised me to use a relativley new product called Fluid Film (CA manafacturer), they claim it is the best product they have ever used that  actually stands up  against the elements unlike penetrating oils that wash off fast.    This product coats steel and last for a very long time, it goes on clear, does not hurt rubber parts, is not sticky  like undercoating, is not influenced by caustic agents, and does not penetrate.  I just saw where WD-40 has a new product as well called Long Term Corrosion Protection,  I am sure it is most likly the same product.   Both products are not cheap at approx. $10.00 per small can.  I did the entire under side of my 3100 with three cans.  The chassis has a very nice low shine to it.  Fluid Film is not a rust inhibiter,  it just protects what ever it goes onto so the sooner you can get it on a new coach the better.  The product should protect well over 1 year before needing to be re-applied or I am sure longer if it is not exposed to harsh elements.   Take a look at the product.   Thanks
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