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Best Campground Ever!

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Best Campground Ever!
« on: March 02, 2010, 01:55:46 pm »
Having just run the gauntlet on line yesterday to get my fall reservations, I thought I'd mention to the forum the best all around campground that my wife and I have ever been to.  This is not, however, for those campers who require shuffleboard or bingo be offered at the facility.  On the Kananaskis Highway south of Banff in the Canadian Rockies is the Mt. Kidd Provincial RV Campground.  It is a heavily forested facility with all types of sites (no hookups to full), a nice camp store, snack bar, bathroom, and hot tub center, and scenery to die for.  It has a river running by it and is overlooked by Mt. Kidd, which frequently has snow on top of it.  It is not a tourist trap like Banff, but is a nature lovers paradise. They are so popular that they open for reservations about 4 times a year for specific periods.  Yesterday they opened up for June 1 through September 7 and had at one time over 3000 people logged on.  There are still periods of time available, although weekends may be a little tough.  The post September 7 periods open up for grabs a couple of months from now.  There is an interactive map on the site that actulally lets you see photos of each of the sites.  The scenery on the Kananaskis Highway coming in from the south is incredible.  There are several climbs up to the 9000 feet area to get through the mountains, but I never had trouble in my prior motorhome while towing. The village of Kananaskis, where a G7 economic conference was once held to get away from protestors, is nearby if you want a nice meal.  Likewise, Banff and Lake Louise are easy day trips.  Anyway, I thought I'd share this with the forum.  We'll be there in our 2551 in late August early September.  Has anyone else been there?