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Author Topic: Working from the PC  (Read 976 times)
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« on: February 08, 2013, 12:12:07 pm »

We will be ordering a PC 2552 next week. YAY!
We plan to live and work in it so cell phone and Internet access are very important. I researched satellite Internet and decided against it.
We use Verizon and currently have 2 Android 4G cell phones and 2 laptops. I plan to add a 4G hotspot MiFi device as our wireless router.
So we need to purchase a cell phone booster. I did some research, found Wilson Electonics, and talked to a salesman there.
It looks like their SOHO 60 cell phone booster will do the trick. (FYI, SOHO stands for small office-home office.) Current model only supports 3G but salesman said 4G model will be out in a few months.
Required equipment:
   Outside antenna
   RG58U thinnet cable (coaxial cable connecting antenna to signal booster)
   Signal booster with power adapter
   Short cable (from signal booster to inside antenna not sure if its also RG58U cable)
   Inside antenna
Some questions for anyone that has done something like this or seen it done:
   What type of outside antenna should I use? Salesman suggested trucker/RV antenna.
   Where should I mount outside antenna? Salesman suggested front of RV but I was thinking more toward the back.
   Where should I install signal booster? My preference is in one of the front cabinets over the cab.
   How much separation should I allow between outside and inside antennas? Install guide says 20 feet but salesman says booster can be adjusted for less separation.
   Will signal booster work if I am outside RV? Wed like to be able to use our laptops and cell phones while sitting outside the RV (under or near the awning).
My current thoughts are to ask Phoenix to mount the outside antenna towards the back of the RV and run the cable to one of the front cabinets. We would then and mount the signal booster and inside antenna in one of the front cabinets.
One other issue is that we want to be able to power the signal booster when we are driving and when we are boondocking so we may need an outlet that runs off the truck battery. Anyone know where those outlets are on the 2552? Does anyone know of any issues adding an outlet in the cabinet where the signal booster is mounted? Am I correct in thinking that the standard electrical outlets in the RV use shore power when available but automatically use the house batteries when there is no shore power so they will work when boondocking? If yes, do they also work while driving?
Wed like to buy the outside antenna and cable and provide it to PC so they can install the antenna and run the cable for us. Has anyone had them do that? If so, is there anything else we need to consider?

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« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2013, 01:14:37 pm »

Since your PC is built to order they can do anything you want. Work through Stuart.
I made all sorts of changes in my 2552 and had a solar array system & a EMS system supplied to them and they installed it. I had my TV antenna mounted in the back to allow for more room for solar arrays up front.

The 1800 w inverter can be left on or turned on when you have no 110v pwer. It supplies Bath, kitchen & outdoor outlets. I had them add an outlet in my slideout.

12v outlets. They run from batteries under kitchen sink to whereever you want but must be sized to carry the cuurent. If long runs they must be at least #10 wire. Just decide where you need the power outlets and see what Stuart can do for you. They want to please.

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