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Heads' Up - A few deeply-discounted deals being announced tomorrow

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Y'all know I like to tell you before I send the e-mails out to the masses...tomorrow we are announcing some deeply-discounted special offers.

1. There've been a couple of cancellations from customers who are forfeiting their deposits.  These units are ready to go today, and Phoenix is willing to apply their deposit to the actual purchasers.  You'll have to call Stuart 1-877-754-8535 to get specifics on which floor plans they are, but I think he has photos of them.

2. If you want a custom unit, Phoenix has purchased a limited number of Sprinter and Ford chassis at discounts, and they're willing to pass the discount straight along to the buyer.   These numbers are very limited.  They will be first come, first served.  I don't have any details about them, and the e-mail response will be heavy to this e-mail, so again you need to call Stuart if you're interested.

3. The used inventory is down to almost nothing, and the used market is as strong as it's been in years, so Phoenix is paying top dollar for trades.  Don't be afraid to take one of the above deals because you think you can't make it work with your trade.  Call Stuart.