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Author Topic: TIRE COVER PAINT REPAIR  (Read 840 times)
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« on: March 23, 2013, 09:36:58 pm »

At the very top of the tire cover my paint (green)  started to peel off.  It continued to expand.  A complete paint repaitof the cover  would be expensive.  The cover was a solid green but on either side of the back it was white.  After much thought i tried something that worked well.

I took the cover off and sanded the peeling paint.  It covered a good 6 inches.  Next I sprayed with a grey undercoat.  I was able to tape about 1/2 way down to line up with the white. I took the cover off a number of times to make sure the tape was a good line and match with the white. Above the line was sanded lightly with 400 wet /dry papper.  The can of matching white spray was about $7 at a local auto store.  Just the common Ford truck white. Paint number is on the door. I carefully sprayed the top part of cover white.  I put the cover on and the white line across the back all match.  Looks great and cost pennies.

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